Shook's Chapel, Darke Co., OH

Michael Reck of Riverside, OH, contributed this from an undated newspaper clipping in his recently deceased grandmother's collection:



Located two miles north and two miles east of Rossburg, is now undergoing repairs and will soon make a different appearance. From an old record I copy the following account of this society:

"The society was organized about the year 1843 under the pastorate of Rev. Alexander Harmount. The meetings were held in the old schoolhouse. The members were: Peter Shook and wife, Davidson Birt and wife, Harmon Shook and wife, Elijah Shook and wife, Thomas Sutton and wife, John Rose and wife, Hopkin Rose and wife, Adam Harness and wife, John Gibson and wife, John Kimble and wife, and F.S. Supinger. The school house stood near the present site of the M.E. Church, where in 1847 a log church was erected, followed in 1867 by the present church. It then belonged to the Ft. Recovery circuit, since to Ansonia, Hillgrove, Versailles, Dawn, Wabash and now again to Dawn, where we hope it may rest."

Such is the record and such the hope expressed, but it now belongs to Rossburg Charge, and, thanks be to God, is showing unmistakable signs of life and growth.

Membership of Shook's Chapel Society

Birt, Frank M.          Birt, Matilda           Birt, Osie
Blakely, Thomas         Blakely, Sarah          Burns, Isaac N.
Burns, Elizabeth        Davenport, John         Davenport, Melvina
Davenport, William      Davenport, Anna         Davenport, ______
Davenport, ______       Eby, Theodore           Eby, Martha
Eby, Howard             Eby, Mollie             Ensley, Mrs. M.
Gibson, Nancy           Hathaway, Jennie        Jeffries, Arthur
Levitt, Lorena          McKibben, Albert        McKibben, Louisa
McKibben, Harry         McKibben, Grace         McKibben, Walter
McKibben, Earnest       McKibben, Clara         Michael, Sarah J.
Rummell, P.O.           Sebring, John           Sebring, Hannah
Sebring, Chas. A.       Sebring, Emma           Sebring, James
Sebring, Laura          Shook, Abel             Shook, Anna
Shook, Mollie           Shook, Elijah           Shook, ______
Shook, Louisa           Shook, Mary             Shook, Charles
Shook, Stella           Sneary, Emma            Smith, Solomon
Smith, Blanche S.       Smith, Benjamin         Shook, Josie
Sebring, Josie          Supinger, S.L.          Supinger, Mary
Supinger, Rachel        Supinger, William       Supinger, Lucinda
Supinger, F. Newton     Supinger, Stella        Supinger, Robt. L.
Wagner, Frank           Wagner, Alice

Shook's Chapel Society - Official Board

Leaders: S. Supinger and Albert McKibben

Trustees: T.O. Eby, A.M. Shook, Albert McKibben, Lonnie Shiverdecker, S.L. Supinger, John Sebring, John Davenport and F.M. Birt.

Parsonage Trustees: T.O. Eby and William Davenport

Auxiliary to Parsonage Trustees: Mrs. T.O. Eby, Mrs. William Davenport, and Mrs. Albert McKibben.Stewards: T.O. Eby and William Davenport

Estimating Committee: T.O. Eby and William Davenport

Sunday School Committee: L. Shiverdecker, Everett Birt, S.L. Supinger, Albert McKibben, Mrs. E.O. Eby, Susie Davenport, Blanche Smith, and Grace McKibben.

Music Committee: Everett Birt, Susie Davenport, Thos. Dickey, A.M. Shook, Blanche Smith, and L. Shiverdecker.

Missions & Benevolences: Walter McKibben, Susie Davenport, Sarah Michael. and Blanche Smith.

PROBATIONERS - Shook's Chapel Society

Birt, May               Shook, Archibald        Michael, Wm.
Michael, Chas.          Shook, Oscar            Armstrong, Grace
Birt, Mrs. J. T.        Dickey, Thos.

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