School Souvenirs, Darke Co., Ohio

[Ithaca School Attendance 1889-93] [Ithaca School 1918]
[Mississinawa Twp 1899] [Monroe Twp 1906]

Contributed by Don Davis


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This was a School listing from my grandmother Hannah Wiles.
Public School
Sub-District No. 8

Mississinawa Township, Darke County, Ohio


Compliments of
H. A. Danzeisen, Techer
F. C Swallow, Director
Geo. F. Heckman, A. C. Ault
Local members.

Next Page lists the following students:
  William Smith                    Frances White
  Willie Collins                   Orpha Brock
  Rolla Hindsley                   Anna M. Collins
  Cleveland Johnson                Edith Labig
  George Smith                     Minnie Mote
  Lee Wiles                        Anna Overla
  Arthur Smith                     Maggie Manzey
  Everett Wiles                    Alice Swallow
  Ira labig                        Elsie Isenbarger
  Walter Grim                      Murl Lowe
  Emma Kaffenberger                Lola Funk
  Lydia Hardman                    John Wiles
  Russell Brock                    Gertie Ault
  Willie Franklin                  Zelpha Ault
  Eugene Funk                      Minnie Heckman
  Arden Labig                      Nora Manzey
  Jacob Smith                      Minta Labig
  Albert Kaffenberger              Addie Swallow
  Vernal Lowe                      Daisy Reichard
  Edward Wiles                     Callie Swallow
  Marion Wiles                     Lizzie Kaffenberger
  Hanna Wiles                      Mollie Smith
  Bessie Reichard

Contributed by Jane Torres of Bloomington, IN


This information is from an old, small school booklet from the Burnice Public School, District No. 1, Monroe Twp., Darke Co., Ohio: Jennie O. MILLER, Teacher. Year was 1906.
  Nina FLORY                     Robert McCUE
  Sarah ODA                      Eva NETZLEY
  Roy NETZLEY                    Chester NETZLEY
  Walter BESECKER                Sylvan FLORY
  Cora NORRIS                    Elmer RICHTER
  Charlie ODA                    Edna NORRIS
  Jessie NORRIS                  Harley BORTS
  Ralph YOUNG                    Clyde LOWERY
  Delbert YOUNG                  Sylva NORRIS
  Blaine FLORY                   Angy ODA
  Alva BESECKER                  Mytle BLACK
  Ray NETZLEY                    Eddie NETZLEY
  Pearl RICHTER                  Oscar McCUE
  Clark NETZLEY                  Ora BRUMBAUG
  Gertrude McCUE
  Ethel McCUE                  School Board:
  Harry NETZLEY                  Daniel FLORY
  Claud LUTZ                     Adam SHAFFER
  Mary McCUE                     Henry MYRE
  Albert NETZLEY                 E. E. CONDON
  Melville RICHTER               Charles KLEPPINGER

Carolyn Frazee of Arcanum, OH, contributed this:


These names are from a book purchased at an auction. The book is called "Complete School Register of Ithaca School, Twin Tp., Darke Co., Albert Beakler, Teacher".

The book is a record of attendance. The recording of same runs across both pages. Some pages have ages, some do not. Also some children on same page have ages and others do not. I did not find the ages always too close on the ones in my family; ages even change in this book.

The first two pages are the # One Term beginning Sept. 16th, 1889, ending Mch. 11th, 1890. The first set of names are the girls: the second set are the boys.

 1. Miriam Ritz               age 18
 2. Jennie McClain            age 16
 3. Lula Frazee               age 15
 4. Leala? Fasig              age 13
 5. Annie Barkcuff?           age 16
 6. Gracie Wieland            age 11
 7. Susie Ridenour            age 11
 8. Mynta? McClain            age 12
 9. Cora Shilt                age 11
10. Dellie Troxel             age 14
11. Alice May                 age 15
12. Jessie Heath              age 20
13  Izora Plyes
14. Eva Wert
15. Julia Creeger
16. Lucy Brenbarger
17. Daisy Shilt

 1. Herbie Thatcher
 2. Silvan Baker              age 12
 3. Charley Huffer            age 12
 4. Willlie Single            age 12
 5. Ora May                   age 13
 6. Willie Fasig              age 15
 7. Lee Frazee                age 14
 8. Charlie Etzler            age 14
 9. William Pyles             age 16
10. Harley Colville           age 17
11. Edward Colville           age 14
12. Charles Williams
13. Willie Wert
14. Omer Holms
15. Earl Colville
16. Edgar Rookstool
17. Andy Pyles
18. Bertie Brenbarger
19. Frank Thatcher

**End of that term

Term Two beginning Sept. 16th 1889 to Mch. 11th 1890. Will not copy all but can read some of the names better and may be able to get correct spelling.

Myrta McClain
Leah Fasig
Annie Barckuff

On Jan. 31st, 1890 appparently did not have school because of the funeral of Joseph Colville. This is written in the line for that day.

Term beginning Sept 15, 1890. New names added to record:

Adelia Thatcher
Versa Caywood
Dora Lyons
Lena Black
James Cromwell
Harry Single

No new names until Term beginning Sept 14th, 1891:

Ethel Rookstool
Christa Robins
Fourthie McCowan?
George Williams

The next 2 sets of 2 pages are divided into 3 segments; A Grade, B Grade, and C Grade. There are no ages. Boys and girls are in all 3 segments. The date of this Term is Sept. 12, 1892 ending Mch. 8, 1893. Albert Beakler, Teacher.

A Grade:

Myrta McClain, Gracie Weiland, Susie Ridenour, Alice May, Minnie Marshal, William Pyles, Silvan Baker, Charles Huffer, George Williams, Willie Single, Lee Frazee

B Grade:

Andy Pyles, James Cromwell, Earl Colville, Edward Rookstool, Harry Single, Julia Creeger, Hattie Cloyd, Ethel Rookstool, Adelia Thatcher, Versa Caywood, Fourth McConaha, Leah Fasig.

C Grade:

Harry Brock, Willie Brock, Harry Peirce, Archie Hamilton, Johny Reed, Charley Williams, Dorsey Schaar, Bertie Marshall, Jessie Troxell, Clifford Colville, Celia Frazee, Addie Pyles, Hattie Shilt, Erta Colville, Mattie Matchett, Bertie Brenbarger

The next term beginning Sept. 25, 1893, teacher is P. W. Byers. The students listed now in alphabetical order: Will list here only new names added to the above:

Clarence Boliew, Hattie Creager, Earl Grubbs, Charles Pitman, Lula Pitman, Edgar Rookstool.

During Dec. of this term Clifford and Erta Colville were absent due to "sickness and death of their mother". Earl Grubbs moved in Nov.

For the next term to the end of the school year the name of Roy Weiland was added.

Now have come to what appears to be a summary of attendance and scholarship although no grades are listed, only ages and days present. The date backs up to previous information. Boys are listed 1st, then girls on next page.


Brenbarger, Bertie            age 12
Baker, Silvan                 age 12
Colville, Harley              age 17
Colville, Edward              age 14
Colville, Earl                age 11
Etzler, Charley               age 15
Frazee, Lee                   age 14
Fasig, Willie                 age 16
Holmes, Omer                  age 15
Huffer, Charley               age 12
May, Ora                      age 13
Pyles, William                age 16
Pyles, Andy                   age 13
Rookstool, Edgar              age 11
Single, Willie                age 12
Thatcher, Frank               age 18 or 19?
Thatcher, Herbert             age 14
Wert, Willie                  age 15
Williams, Chas.               age 19


Barckuff, Annie               age 16
Brenbarger, Lucy              age 11
Creeger, Julia                age 11
Fasig, Leah                   age 13
Frazee, Lula                  age 16
Heath, Jessie                 age 20
McClain, Jennie               age 17
McClain, Myrta                age 12
May, Alice                    age 15
Pyles, Izora                  age 14
Ridenour, Susie               age 12
Shilt, Cora                   age 14
Troxell, Dellie               age 15
Weiland, Gracie               age 11
Wert, Eva                     age 18
Ritz, Miriam                  age 18

Again the summary of attendance: Term beginning Sept 15, 1890 to Mar. 12, 1891:

Boys list: only 1 new one

James Cromwell                age 11

Girls list: 6 new

Lena Black                    age 14
Versa Caywood                 age 13
Dora Lyons                    age 14
Alice May                     age 16
Daisy Shilt                   age 13
Adelia Thatcher               age 12

Term beginning Sept. 14, 1891 to Mar.8, 1892:

Boys list: 1 new

George Williams               age 14

Girls list: 1 new

Christie Robins               age 10

Term beginning Sept. 12, 1892 to Mar. 8, 1893: Children divided into Class A, B, C. Will give name with age following:

Class A:

Myrta McClain-16, Susie Ridenour-15, Gracie Wieland-15, William Pyles-19, Silvan Baker-15, Charles Huffer-16, George Williams-16, William Single-16, Lee Frazee-17

Class B:

Andy Pyles-15, James Cromwell-13, Earl Colville-15, Edward Rookstool-15, Harry Single-13, Julia Creeger-14, Hallie Cloyd-15, Ethel Rookstool-13, Adelia Thatcher-14, Versa Caywood-13, Fourtha McConaha-14, Leah Fasig-17, Bertie Brenbarger-15

Class C:

Harry Brock-12, Willie Brock-14, Harry Pierce-14, Archie Hamilton-13, Johny Reed-11, Charley Williams-12, Dorsey Scharr-13, Cliffie Colville-15, Jessie Troxell-15, Celia Frazee-12, Addie Pyles-14, Hattie Shilt-11

Term beginning Sept. 25, 1893 to May 1, 1894: Will add only new ones:

Clarence Bolieu-16, Estie Colville-14, Hattie Creager-14, Mattie Machet-13(the ordinary way of spelling the last name around here is Machette, so Machet might be wrong here), Johnie Pyles-10, Harry Pierce-14, Charles Pitman-13, Lula Pitman-15, Edgar Rookstool-16, Roy Weiland-11, Earl Grubbs-15

The only teachers listed in this book have been Albert Beckler and P. W. Byers.

Contibuted to the LIST by Cin Sopko of Cleveland, OH.


... from a School Souvenir in 1918 Ithaca School District # 7 Twin Twp

        V T McEowen  Teacher             Wm. Single   President
        J K Bliss    SUPT                L D Frazee   CLERK

         Chas Huffer    Frank Thatcher    Theodore Hendrickson


       Hester Huffer                    Guy Pyles
       Hazel Kolling                    Versie Hendrickson
       Margaret Furlong                 Helen Willimss
       Lawrence Odell                   Olive Swank
       Waldo Frazee                     Pauline Frazee
       Goldia Sease                     Hazel Bunger
       Blanche Frazee                   Martha Grubbs
       Mary Cromwell                    Roma Kolling
       George Hendrickson               Mildred Cromwell
       Matthew Huffer                   Lulu Brenbarger
       Beulah Burke                     Violet Nesmith
       Mildred Peden

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