People of Darke Co., Ohio

Jefferson.....Band.....Famous.....Union.....Coppess.....Pioneers 1874.....WWI Casualties

Ft Jefferson School Record, January 1870

contributed by Linda Reigel

John Baker                Wm Ault                 Ellen Eubank
Louis Fitzgerald          Edison Schlechty        ida Wolf
George Fitzgerald         George Allen            --?-- Kersner(??)
Thomas Fitzgerald         Elias Allen             Saie Huddle
Calvin North              Nancy Aten              Alma Stiles
John North                Peter Denise            Kate Hartman
Peter Denise              James Buchanan          Mary Fitzgerald
Jacob Gottshall           Hannah Denis
Luther Woolfe             Loisa(?) Powdn          Linden Knick
Jerome Woolfe             Aldina Powden           Frank Lease
Wm. Michael               Sally Matchett          Joseph Eubank
Gephson Matchett          Emma Baum               Willis Schlecty
Alonzo Matchett           Cora Baum               Edison Shlechty
Wm. Hathaway              Lilie Baum              Chas Schlechty
Elmer Mote                Agnes Steinmetz         Orville Viets
George Hood               Sarah Steinmetz         Lu.... Voiets
Alferd Hawkins            Mary Allen              Schulyer Viets
Wilard Thomas             Hattie Petit            Thomas Fitzgerald
Oblere (Elberle?) Thomas  Eliza Coombes           Scot Fitzgerald
Eddie Devilbliss          Anna Stiles             Douglas Hartman
Samuel Devilbliss         Capitola Viets          Valdinham(?) Hartman
Simon Keckler             Katie Denise            Christian Hartman
Wm Keckler                Ellen Hartman           Jas Lundy
Wm hartman                Angline Eubanks         Silas Ludy
L.D. Hartman              Flora Eubanks           Elmer Ludy
C.L.  Hartman             Jane Eubanks            Andrew Henninger
Wm Fitzgerald             Mary Fitzgerald         George Henninger
Frank Coombes             Nancy Denise            George Hood
Charles Coombes           Catherine Hartman       Elmer Matchett
Wm Coombes                Mary Good               Harry Wilwon
Henderson Pettit          Sarah Good              James Huddle
Thomas Coombes            Nancy Allen             Wm. Vance
Wm Leas                   Elise Worth             jacob Shumaker
Frank Leas                ...Steinmetz            Hiram Shumaker
James B. Stiles           L... Thomas             Alonzo Shumaker
Orville Viets             Caroline Hartman        John Shumaker
Solomon Good              Sarah Eubank            charles Shumaker
Isaac Good                                        Wm Huddle
Cornelius Coombs       FIRST QUARTER              Eddie Huddle
Willis Schlechty          Anna Mossey             Gepson Matchett
Josiah Eubank             Lillie Baum             Alonzo Matchett
James Ludah               Mary Baum
Cyrus Ludah               Clora Eubank
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The following articles were contributed by Carolyn Frazee of Arcanum, OH, from a box of clippings. The articles probably appeared in the Greenville Daily Advocate.

Silver Coronet Band

"Silver Cornet Band--back in 1884, Greenville boasted of a Citizens' Silver Cornet Band, which, according to newspaper accounts, was in much demand at community celebrations in this area. The band members were...Howard KOLP, E. M. HALL, Pat VOKLE, Don (Baldy) JOHNSON, M. H. PINIARD, Hugh WALSH, Dr. A. J. MARLING, James KOLP, John DEARDOURFF, Major HARTER--drum major, John FRYBARGER, Tyler SHEPHERD, Tip KING, Conrad (Cooney) STEINHILBER and Charles MADER."

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Favorite Sons & Daughters

No date; does come from the Greenville Daily Advocate. No author.

  • General Charles M. ANDERSON: Ohio representative in U.S. Congress and builder of the Anderson block in downtown Greenville.

  • Harry BLACK: Inventor of low-down binder and a railway switch. Native of Preble County, BLACK spent many of his last days in Greenville.

  • W. A. BROWNE Sr.: Founder of The Daily Advocate in 1893. Co-founder with William LINN of The Democratic Advocate in 1883.

  • W. D. BRUMBAUGH: Local attorney and philanthropist who aided many local projects with financial support.

  • George CALDERWOOD: Wrote 'The Darke County Boy' column for the Greenville Courier. Lectured nationwide in cause of temperance.

  • Fred D. and Maud COPPOCK: Supported many civic projects financially and donated much of the area now part of the City Park. He was founder of Greenville Gravel Co. which grew into American Aggregates Corporation, world's largest producer of sand and gravel. Company did work on present traffic circle at no cost to city. He was hailed as 'Mr. Greenville' at circle dedication.

  • Del DAWES: Rose to high level postion with Burlington Railroad.

  • W. T. FITZGERALD: Ohio representative is U.S. Congress.

  • Norman FOSTER: Son of Foster HOEFFER. Actor who married Claudette COLBERT.

  • Harvey GARBER: Ohio representative in U.S. Congress.

  • Frank GAUVEY: Became chief of detectives for Pennsylvania Railway.

  • Orla E. HARRISON: Prominent lawyer and one-time assistant U.S. Attorney General.

  • Foster HOEFFER: Chief clerk for the superintendent of Pennsylvania Railway.

  • Charles DEARDOURFF: One of first public relations men for MGM Pictures. Started about 1918. First picture he worked on was Rudolph Valentino's 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.'

  • David DEARDOURFF Sr.: City editor of The Daily Advocate for 33 years.

  • Clarence JOBES: Perfected a successful player-piano.

  • Worley KERLIN: Became professor at Syracuse University.

  • William V. KELLY: President of American Foundries Co.

  • Katherine KLINGER: Became head of art department for Los Angeles Public Schools.

  • Kenneth Bill KLINGER: Worked in art department of Cleveland Plain-Dealer for more than 30 years. Did daily art feature called 'The History of Cleveland.'

  • John Riley KNOX: Founder of Beta Theta Pi, national social fraternity at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1839. Also prominent member of Darke County Bar. Grandfather of Zachary LANSDOWNE.

  • John T. LECKLIDER: Teacher, lawyer and early mayor of Greenville. Graduated from Wittenberg College. Became prominent Indianapolis attorney, world traveler and poet who published complete volume of poems.

  • George LINN: son of William LINN, who founded The Democratic Advocate with W. A. BROWNE Sr. George LINN was founder and publisher of LINN'S Weekly Stamp News, a worldwide publications.

  • Ed and Hershel LOHMAN: Known worldwide for skill as grinders of telescopic lenses. 'Astronomical Telescopes' offered through their shop at 201 W. Main, next to LOHMAN & Sons Carriage Repairing at 201-205 W. Main.

  • Eugene MACLEAN: Noted journalist, managing editor of the Washington Post.

  • J. P. MACLEAN: Author of many books on archaelogy, history, religion and biographies. Organized Universalist Church here in 1895.

  • Frank MCCAULEY: Professor at University of Illinois.

  • Forest ROSSER: Railroading veteran who rose to be general manager of Erie Railroad Company.

  • Enoch Beery SEITZ: Taught at Greenville High School from 1872 to 1879. Primary interest was mathematics. Contributed solutions to problems in best mathematical magazines published in U.S. and England. In March 1880 elected to London Mathematical Society, only the fifth American so honored. Died in 1883 in Kirksville, MO.

  • Will STEPHENS: Became governor of California.

  • Abraham STUDEBAKER: Early settler in area. Furnished meat for soldiers at Fort Greene Ville during War of 1812 and received land in return. Early county commissioner. Helped bring railroad to Greenville. Brother of ancestors of Studebaker Wagon Works and automobile manufacturers.

  • Gladys SWARTZ: Invalid for 27 years, chosen mother of year in 1955 by International Mailbag Club.

  • James and Sylvester SWOPE: Music composers whose hit parade included 'Mosquito Parade' and 'Donkey Laugh.' Sylvester was leader of orchestras in Birmingham, Ala., in 1890 and after the theatre season furnished music for 'watering places.' Brothers played at Madison Square Garden in July 1896 and their composition, 'The Mouse and The Clock,' was played nightly at the Garden in 1905. 'Mosquito Parade' sold 180,000 copies by January 1902 and SWOPES received $4000 check from New York music house as partial royalties.

  • Frank WHITE: Invented the perforated music roll.

  • Frazer WILSON: One of the founders of the old Greenville Historical Society, now incorporated in Darke County Historical Society. Author of many books and articles on local and state history, especially on city and Treaty of Greene Ville.

  • Martin WOGAMAN: Local artist. Taught at Dayton Art Institute. His painting of Col. Bill Fulton hangs in Garst Museum.
  • Notable ommissions from this list are Lowell THOMAS and Phoebe MOSEY (aka Annie OAKLEY)

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    Union City School 1920

    ...from a message by Billy J. Baker...

    "This picture was taken in 1920.
    Third grade - Union City Ohio School
    Miss Felicia Zumbrum - teacher."
    BANNON, Eugene
    BENNET, Ralph
    BIGGLEMAN, Clarence
    BOBIER, Willie
    BOLEN, Beth
    CRABBS, Thelma
    CROUSE, Opal
    DETEMORE, Dorotha
    FRYMAN, Beatrice
    HINKLE, Thelma
    HUNTWORK, Avis
    HUNTWORK, Vernie
    KENDALL, Willie
    LONGFELLOW, George
    MALOY, Mary
    OSWALT, Kermit
    PORTER, Elsie
    RECK, Doris
    RESOR, Gertrude
    ROYER, Lucy
    STAMBAUGH, Orville
    TEMPLE, Kenneth
    WEIMER, Doris
    WELCH , Alva
    WILSON, Dorothy Dean
    WOODBURY, Leonard

    Written later on the back of the picture:
    "B. Fryman died in 1926. W. Kendall died in 1922."

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    Carolyn Frazee sent the following to the Darke Co. LIST:

    "A bit of OLD DCO history from one of those school souvenir booklets given to children years ago."

    Coppess School

    Special District No. 3
    Jackson Twp, Darke County, Ohio

    Elsie HUFFER, Teacher



    School Officers

    Oscar Strait, Pres., John ARMSTRONG, Clerk, M. L. BANTA, Emanuel CONRAD, Geo. RUSS, Jesse POLING, Sub Director
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    Darke County Pioneers Association 1874

    Roll of Pioneers of Darke County Pioneer Assoc. in 1874
    Arnold, Henry           Jay, Wesley
    Arnold, Noah            Jay, Laurinda
    Arnold, George          Johns, John L.
    Arnold, John C.         Johns, Jeremiah
    Arnold, Mary            Judy, David P.
    Arnold, William         Ketring, John
    Allen, William          King, John
    Albright, Philip        Knox, John R.
    Bishop, Maria           Kerr, H.C.
    Brown, R.M.             Lecklider, Wm.
    Bechtolt, Eleanor       Lecklider, Ezra
    Brown, Alanson          Lecklider, Geo. C.
    Boyer, Cyrus            Lecklider, Maria
    Briney, Christopher     Lynch, Dr. E.
    Brady, Asa              Lynch, Mary
    Bechtolt, Samuel        Ladd, Lucy L.
    Bodle, A.T.             Lott, Louis B.
    Bodle, Mrs. C.M.H.      Larrimore, Martha
    Brandon, James R.       La Mott, Allen
    Baker, S.C.             La Mott, Mary Ann
    Baker, Hannah           Mark, John
    Byram, Lewis            Morton, Reynolds
    Bryson, Joseph          Mendenhall, S.T.
    Brady, J.M.             Martin, John
    Brown, David            Martin, Robert
    Beam, Adam              Mote, Dilman
    Beam, G.W.              Martin, Gideon
    Bryson, Morris          Matchett, Chas. G.
    Bryson, Mary A.C.       McCune, T.H.
    Brady, Phoebe           McNeil, John M.
    Bishop, Wm. F.          Martin, Mrs. Robert
    Cox, Israel             More, Mrs. Dilman
    Cloyd, James            Mills, Louisa S.
    Craig, David            Mark, Catherine B.
    Calderwood, H.R.        Miller, George D.
    Calderwood, J.R.        Miller, Elizabeth
    Cole, Joseph, Jr.       McGee, Wash. G.
    Culbertson, Sarah       Martin, William
    Chenoweth, T.F.         Morningstar, W.H.
    Craig, Mary Jane        McClure, John
    Calkins, Charles        McClure, Rebecca
    Clawson, Aaron          Matchett, W.H.
    Clawson, Rachel         Marquith, James
    Chenoweth, Christena    McCune, T.H.
    Craig, Ruhamer          Martin, Mahlon
    Denice, Turnice         Mills, Harrod
    Downing, Jason          Martin, Robert
    Drill, Daniel           Oliver, Tabitha
    Earhart, G.W.           Pixler, Margaret B.
    Emerson, H.W.           Piqua, Wm. Scott
    Elston, Joshiah D.      Perry, O.C.
    Funk, Isaas             Phillips, Joseph
    Funk, Mrs. E.A.         Parrent, William
    Funk, Catherine         Parrent, Hannah
    Fleming, Aaron          Ross, Mrs. Rebecca
    Fleming, Rachel         Rush, Asa
    Fisher, Elizabeth       Rush, Lemuel
    Frizzell, J.W.          Robinson, S.N.
    Froebe, Philip          Riffle, David
    Froebe, Elizabeth       Riffle, Mrs. Mary
    Gilbert, J.G.           Ross, Robert S.
    Gilbert, Nancy          Reigel, Daniel
    Gard, Dr. I.N.          Reigel, Lydia A.
    Garver, James           Ritenour, Michael
    Horner, John G.         Ritenour, Catherine
    Harter, Rebecca         Ross, Elias
    Hiller, Aaron           Rush, Jane
    Hiller, John S.         Sturgley, H.J.
    Hiller, John V.         Starn, Nancy
    Hart, Jane              Studebaker, Jane
    Hall, J.W.              Stahl, John
    Hall, Mrs. Sarah        Snell, Henry
    Hine, Samuel            Snell, Mary
    House, Harry            Stokely, Thomas
    Hart, Dennis            Stokely, Mrs. Sarah
    Hunter, D.D.            Sharp, C.M.
    Hunter, Hannah          Scribner, Sarah
    Harter, David           Shade, Enos C.
    Hagerman, John          Turpin, Wm. S.
    Hamer, T.H.             Turpin, T.P.
    Hiller, Mrs. Ellen      Tilman, Henry
    Harper, W.S.            Weaver, Peter
    Harper, Delilah         Woods, Jesse
    Hamilton, F.T.          Winner, John L.
    House, Jane             Wintermote, Jane
    Hamilton, Phoebe        Wintermote, Lewis
    House, Alice            Wortley, A.L.
    House, Tracy            Wharry, John
    Harter, Joshiah         Westfall, John
    Jaqua, Judson           Young, William R.
    Jaqua, Mrs.             Young, Lucinda
                Zimmerman, H.
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    Transcribed by Gina Reasoner -
    ...from HISTORY OF OHIO, The American Historical Society, Inc., 1925 Vol. I


    Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker is reported to have said that the real heroes of the World war were those who made the supreme sacrifice, who gave their lives in the service of their country. To this class belong more than 6,500 of the khaki-clad boys of Ohio, who won the golden star in the greatest of all the wars of history and in the supreme effort to win a peace, which we fondly trust shall be perpetual.

    *Killed in action
    +Died of wounds
    #Died as result of accident
    Where no mark is used the soldier died of disease.

    ARY, Estle H.*, Ansonia, Nov. 10, 1918
    BOZE, Frank H., New Weston, Oct. 15, 1918
    BROCK, Krupple T., Ithaca, May 20, 1918
    BROWN, William, Greenville, June 27, 1918
    BUSSARD, Hollie*, Greenville, Oct. 16, 1918
    BYERS, John C.*, Arcanum, Nov. 6, 1918
    BYRME, Claude V., Union City, Sept. 30, 1918
    COTTRELL, Frk. M.*, Greenville, Oct. 9, 1918
    DULL, Merle H., Arcanum, Oct. 6, 1918
    EATON, Edward L, Osgood, Jan. 11, 1919
    FARST, Leroy*, Greenville, Oct. 8, 1918
    FIDLER, Lawrence C.*, Yorkshire, Oct. 6, 1918
    FINK, Frank, Greenville, Oct. 25, 1918
    FINNARN, Leo, Greenville, Oct. 17, 1918
    FOURMAN, Orville E.*, Greenville, Sept. 13, 1918
    FROEBE, John H.*, Greenville, Nov. 7, 1918
    GOFFENA, Bernard, Versailles, April 21, 1919
    HERSEY, Paul J., Greenville, Oct. 19, 1918
    KOTHMAN, Leo B., New Weston, Oct. 29, 1918
    LUDY, Chance*, Arcanum, Nov. 9, 1918
    LUTZ, Deo, Greenville, Dec. 1, 1918
    MAINES, William R., Greenville, Dec. 9, 1918
    MANGEN, Raymond L., Yorkshire, Oct. 13, 1918
    McMAHON, Abraham*, New Weston, Oct. 8, 1918
    McQUAY, Pearl A., Arcanum, Sept. 30, 1918
    MILLER, Frank M.*, New Weston, Oct. 11, 1918
    ODA, Harvey, Arcanum, Sept. 19, 1918
    OCHRTMAN, Elmer C., Versailles, Oct. 2, 1918
    RATCLIFFE, Debver T.*, Greenville, Oct. 31, 1918
    ROBERTS, Chalmer, New Madison, May 15, 1918
    SHUFF, Basil F., Arcanum, Jan. 11, 1918
    SHULTZ, Alva, Ansonia, Oct. 9, 1918
    SHULTZ, Clarence W.*, Greenville, Oct. 11, 1918
    SIGERFOOS, Edward, Greenville, Oct. 7, 1918
    SIMISON, Ernest R., Rossburg, Oct. 5, 1918
    SWADER, Russell H., Arcanum, Oct. 6, 1918
    WINN, Charles C., Ansonia, Oct. 19, 1918
    WISE, Elmo C.+, Greenville, Oct. 14, 1918
    WOGOMAN, William, Greenville, April 7, 1918

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