Monroe Township Land Deeds

The following information was contributed by Lori Fortner. It was an EXCELL file converted to HTML and there -might- have been some errors in the conversion. In looking at the data, I am not certain that all the land descriptions are always correct so please take them as approximate locations and verify with the original deed records at the Darke Co. Court House. The symbol "@" is used to indicate "acres". "Cor." probably means "corner". All lands described below were in Range 4E, Township 7N, Section 32 which section is in Montroe Township in the souteasten corner of Darke Co. Lori's interest was in the Andrew SHULTZ family and you should contact her if you also have connections to that family.

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Grantor Grantee Date Description Bk Pg
Estabrook, Warren Barrou, Hanna M. 3/6/1850 SW SE U 385
Schnorf, Peter & wife Borklous, Hendrick 4/2/1829 S W SW R or P 241
Shafer, Henry jr. Bortel, Joseph 3/11/1855 20@ in E NE cor. NE F1 354
Snyder, John & wife Brown, David 12/4/1848 SE SE R1 290
Boken, Hendrick Brown, Jacob 12/27/1858 S W SW I1 340
Williamson, Joseph & wife Brown, Joseph 1/19/1847 30@ off N end N SE D1 572
Schnorf, Samuel P. Brown, Joseph 9/12/1859 S W1/4 SW I1 341
Govenor of Ohio Cathcort, David 5/20/1835 W NE & NE 1/4 NE SE E1 477
Cathcort, David Cloppert, John 3/4/1847 W NE & NE NE I or J? 225
Shultz, Andrew & Wife Cloppert, John 1/26/1852 S E NE G1 3
Earley, Henry H. & Wife Cook, John 12/27/1858 40@ in N pt N SE H1 326
Sheffel, Herman & Wife Cook, John 12/27/1858 10@ in N pt N NE H1 322
Williamson, E.A. & wife Earle, Henry? 3/22/1855 30@ off N end N SE E1 116
Sheffel, Herman & Wife Early, Henry 6/13/1857 10@ off N SE H1 280
Smither, Wm Eastabrook, Warren 1/14/1834 SW SE D1 561
Borrou, Louis and H. M. Gable, Philip 5/13/1857 SW SE V 238
Gable, Philip & wife Keller, Henry 10/24/1859 SW SE I1 504
Governor of Ohio Kipplinger, George 5/5/1834 N SE D1 274
Cloppert, John & wife Reed, Henry N. 3/31/1854 E NE B2 50
Schnorf, Peter Schnorf, John 2/23/1835 N W SW A 70
President Schnorf, Peter 2/20/1850 W SW R or P 240
Schnorf, Peter L. Schnorf, Samuel 3/3/1858 W NW & N SW G1 549
Andersen, William Schnorf, Samuel 7/31/1858 W NW & N SW G1 549
Sheriff Darke Co., OH Schnorf, Samuel P 6/26/1859 W NW & NW SW L1 137
Reed, Henry & Wife Shafer, Henry 3/7/1855 E NE F1 353
Shaffer, Henry adm Shaffer, Anna C. 2/8/1865 E NE ex 20@ in NW S1 420
Williamson, John B. Sheffel, Herman 6/8/1857 20@ off N SE H1 279
Cooke, Charles & wife Sholl, Elizabeth 3/9/1863 50@ NE cor N NE cor. O1 373
Dahofe, Michael H.& Wife Shultz, Andrew 9/19/1836 SE1/4 NE G1 113
Schnorf, Milton C. Shultz, Henry 4/28/1852 W NW & N W SW W 435
Brooks, Daniel Snyder, John 8/23/1838 SE SE K 174
Brown, Jacob T.? & wife Stock, Wilhelm 8/4/1864 S W SW R1 406
Stork, George Storck, Peter 4/16/1866 of 20@ in NE cor E NE V1 314
Bortle, Joseph & wife Stork, George 3/15/1865 20@ in NE cor E NE S1 480
Wenger, C. & wife Timmeman, Henry ? 2/4/1864 SE SE R1 292
Bowers, Daniel & Wife Wenger, Christian 4/11/1852 SE SE W 496
Williamson, Joseph & wife Williamson, E.A. 6/7/1852 20@ off E end N SE E1 113
Williamson, Joseph & wife Williamson, Elisha 8/7/1852 20@ off E end N SE E1 111
Williamson, Joseph & wife Williamson, John B. 6/28/1855 20@ N SE D1 275
Kipplinger, George Williamson, Joseph 3/10/1839 N SE D1 274
Williamson, E.A. & wife Williamson, Joseph 1/1/1852 20@ off E end N SE E1 114
Williamson, Joseph & wife Williamson, Joseph 8/1/1855 10@ off N SE E1 115

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