Darke Co. Cemeteries

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Immediately below are the cemeteries of Darke Co., Ohio, as listed/transcribed in the seven volumes of the Cemetery Inscriptions series. Are there any more Lookup Volunteers ???? The readings were made and/or compiled mostly in the 1960's and published during the early 1970's by Anita Short, Certified Genealogist, and her mother Ruth Bowers. The readings of Short & Bowers were taken by rows and -not- later alphabetized by surname. This method permits finding some, not all, individual family members who were buried in promximity but with another (married?) surname. Each volume contains a surname index and these can be helpful, but as only surnames are indexed, it can be difficult to find a particular burial. Please be patient with Lookup Volunteers !

A few of the smaller cemeteries of volume 2 have been transcribed and have links as examples of how the Short & Bowers volumes look. Other links are to privately transcribed pages for listed cemeteries. Below those example transcriptions is an alphbetized listing of the cemeteries in Darke Co. from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Note that some known cemeteries were not listed in 1997. You will also find more information about Darke Co. cemeteries at Tom Midlam's Darke County Cemetery Index with links to township maps where the locations are plotted. Also see DCOWeb's Photo Album where links to some cemetery photos may be found.

Darke County Cemeteries
first six volumes are long out of print
inscriptions were mostly read and/or readings compiled
by Anita Short & Ruth Bowers
during the 1960's and published in the 1970's
contact the Darke County Genealogical Society about them
              Cemetery Name                       Township
              =============                       =======

Volume 1:     Beech Grove                         Butler
              Castine (new)                       Butler
              Castine (old)                       Butler
              Clark's Station                     Liberty (German)
              Clemens                             Liberty (German)
              First Universalist                  Harrison
              Gordon                              Twin
              Greenmound                          Harrison
              Hall                                Franklin
              Harter                              Butler
              Ithaca                              Twin
              Ithaca-Lutheran                     Twin
              Mills                               Butler
              Mote                                Monroe
              Newcomer                            Franklin
              Otterbein                           Butler
              Railroad                            Butler
              Wayne Lakes                         Neave
              West Branch                         Neave
              Wilt                                Butler
              Yankeetown                          Harrison

Volume 2:     Beamsville                          Richland
              Black Swamp (old Versailles cem)    Wayne   (now part of the Greenlawn Cemetery)
              Boyd (old name for Old Brock)       York
              Brock (new)                         York
              Brock (old)                         York
              Byrd                                Adams
              Christian                           Adams
              Coppess (new - Stelvidio)           Richland
              Coppess (old)                       Richland
              Cromer (same as Gettysburg)         Adams
              English (old)                       Wayne
              Erisman                             Adams
              Frenchtown                          Wayne
              Gettysburg (also called Cromer)     Adams
              Greenlawn (Versailles)              Wayne
              Hartle (also called Miller)         Richland
              Holy Family (same as Frenchtown)    Wayne
              Hoover                              Wayne
              Kershner                            York
              Mendenhall (Yorkshire)              Patterson
              Miller                              Adams
              Miller (same as Hartle)             Richland
              Mott                                Adams
              Oakland                             Adams
              Pitsenbarger (Yoder)                Wayne
              Harris Creek (old)                  Adams   (New Harris Creek Cem is in Miami Co.)
              Scheidler                           York
              Speelman                            Patterson
              Stelvidio (also called New Coppess) Richland
              St Martin's                         Patterson
              Stoner                              Adams
              St Paul's Lutheran (Willowdell)     Patterson
              St Peter's                          Wayne
              St Valbert's                        Wayne
              Versailles (Greenlawn/Black Swamp)  Wayne
              Willowdell/Woodland (St Paul's)     Patterson
              Yoder (Pitsenbarger)                Wayne
              Yorkshire (Mendenhall)              Patterson

Volume 3:     Abbottsville                        Van Buren
              Abbottsville (old)                  Van Buren
              Bass                                Liberty (German)
              Beech Grove                         Liberty (German)
              Cedar Grove                         Harrison
              Dininger                            Liberty (German)
              Ft. Jefferson                       Neave
              Friendship                          Harrison
              Hill                                Harrison
              Hollansburg                         Harrison
              Horn                                Liberty (German)
              Miller                              Liberty (German)
              Mt. Zion                            Neave
              Oak Grove (Ft. Jefferson)           Neave
              Palestine                           Liberty (German)
              Pioneer                             Neave
              Providence                          Harrison
              Spencer                             Harrison
              St. John's                          Liberty (German)
              West Zion                           Liberty (German)

Volume 4:     Bethel                              Greenville
              Children's Home                     Greenville
              Crickbaum                           Greenville
              Darke Co. Home                      Greenville
              East Zion Community                 Greenville
              Emanuel                             Greenville
              Greenville City                     Greenville
              Martin                              Greenville
              Newcomer (Snell)                    Greenville
              Rushes Station                      Greenville
              St. John's Lutheran                 Greenville
              St. Mary's Catholic                 Greenville
              Smith Family                        Greenville
              Snell (Newcomer)                    Greenville
              Sumption Graveyard                  Greenville
              Wakefield Lutheran                  Greenville
              West Third St.                      Greenville
              Water Street                        Greenville

Volume 5:     Ansonia                             Brown
              Beeler (Richards)                   Brown
              Carnahan (Chenoweth)                Washington
              Chenoweth (Carnahan)                Washington
              Dutch (Webster)                     Allen
              Duvall Graveyard (Witzel)           Brown
              Fairview                            Allen
              Hiller                              Washington
              Hillgrove (Methodist)               Jackson
              Hoblet (Zerbe/Zerby)                Allen
              Hoschouer                           Brown
              Kaucher                             Washington
              Mt Zion                             Mississinawa
              Nashville                           Washington
              Parent                              Jackson
              Pleasant Ridge Christian Church     Mississinawa
              Raper Chapel                        Mississinawa
              Richards (Beeler)                   Brown
              Rismiller (Lutheran)                Wabash
              Rose Hill (new)                     Mississinawa
              St Bernard (Burkettsville)          Allen
              St Louis (Catholic)                 Wabash
              Sharpeye                            Washington
              Snell                               Washington
              Springhill                          Washington
              Strait                              Jackson
              Teacup (Weaver)                     Wabash
              Teegarden (new - Woodington)        Brown
              Weaver (Teacup)                     Wabash
              Webster (Dutch)                     Allen
              Witzell (Duvall)                    Brown
              Woodington (new Teegarden)          Brown
              Zerbe/Zerby (Hoblet)                Allen

Volume 6:     Beanblossom                         Richland
              Frenchtown                          Wayne
              Holsopple                           Wabash
              Shook                               Wabash
              Stoner                              Adams
              Water Street                        Greenville

Volume 7:    "Versailles and Neighboring Areas"  by Lois Ann & Jac Baker

              Holy Family, Frenchtown             Wayne
              St. Benard's, Burkettsville         Allen
              St. Louis, North Star               Wabash
              St. Martin's, Osgood                Patterson
              St. Mary's, Greenville              Greenville
              St. Remy's, Russia                  Shelby Co.
              St. Valbert's, Versailles           Wayne
              Sts. Peter & Paul, Newport          Cythiana Twp, Shelby Co.

   This volume is currently being sold by the author.  See Offerings of Lois Ann Baker

Christian Cemetery

CHRISTIAN, David son of D. & E. Christian d. 7-27-1851 ae. 4y 6m
           Elizabeth wife of Daniel Christian b. 3-7-1819 d. 12-23-1890 ae. 71y 9m 16d
           Aaron son of D. & E. Christiam d. 8-9-1853 ae 2 days
           Jacob son of D. & E. Christian d. 4-19-1853 ae 2 days
           Martha A. dau. of D. & K. Christian d. 7-15-1851 ae ly 12d
           Nary Jane dau. of David & Catherine Christian d. 2-6-1861 ae. 15y 3m 1Od
           John L. b. 4-15-1810 d. 10-13-1893
           Catherine wife of John L. d. 12-31-1865 ae 55y 2m 26d
           Sarah dau. of J. L. & C. Christian d. 6-9-1854 ae 7y 3m 2d
           Jacob son of J. L. & K. Christian d. 7-27-1851 ae 2y 2m ?d
           Solomon son of J. L. & K. Christian d. 5-6-1851 ae. 15y 11m 28d
           Noah d. 3-6-1894 ae 53y 6m

CHRISTIAN, Martin 1838-1916;       Lovina his wife 1847-1888
           Ludwick d. 5-8-1831 ae 57y 4d
           Mary wife of Ludwick Christian d. 11-20-1830 ae 48 years
           Jacob d. 5-17-1863 ae 55y 8m 4d
           Lucy wife of Jacob Christian d. 8-30-1901 ae 89y 10m 12d
           Eliza dau. of J. & L. Christian d. 7-2-1851 ae 17y 1Om
           Nancy dau. of J. & L. Christian d. 7-14-1851 ae 12y 4m 20d (same stone)
              Levi son of J. & L. Christian d. 7-15-1851 ae 7y 4m 4d  (same stone)
           Samuel son of J. & L. Christian d. 7-3-1858 ae 21y 11m 2d
           Joseph d. 3-3-1857 ae 31y 6m 6d
           Anna wife of Josh Christian d. 4-8-1855 ae 28y 10m 27d
                           (Note:- Same type stone as Joseph's)

BRUMBAUGH, Susanna wife of Daniel Brumbaugh d. 2-12-1856 ae 47y 2m 3d
DERR,      Rebecca d. 10-18-1906 ae 53y 9m 5d
           Daniel son of R. Derr d. 11-4-1894 ae 23y lm 17d
           Lucy J. dau. of A. & R. Derr d. 6-5-1875 ae ly 9m 22d
HARSS,     Susanna wife of Jacob Harss d, 11-26-1864 ae 36y 4m 15d
MARKER,    Capt. Dan'l - 28 Md. Mil. WAR OF 1812
           Millie J. dau. of H. & J. A. Marker d. 10-3-1877 ae 9m 13d
           Henry d. 9-25-1877 ae 25y 1m 15d
           John husband of Elizabeth Marker d. 6-15-1875 ae 61y 9m 8d
           Elizabeth wife of John Marker d. 2-5-1886 ae 70y 1m 4d
           Henry d. 4-2-1870 ae 47 years
           John d. 6-22-1858 ae "About 74 years"
           Elizabeth wife of John Marker d. 7-13-1865 ae 73 (75?) years
           Samuel son of J. & E. Marker d. 7-19-1851 ae 2y 2m 6d
           Daniel son of John & Elizabeth Marker d. 10-29-184_(?) ae 21y
           Jacob d. 4-28-__ (no year on stone) ae 21 years
MILLER,    Minerva A. wife of I. R. Miller d. 8-11-1880 ae 22y 5m 3d
           Sarah 1829-1910
MORGAN,    Isaac S, son of M. & R. A. Morgan d. 1-20-1859 ae 4y 5m 19d
           Elizabeth dau. of William H. & Sarah d. 11-9-1871 ae 1y 2m 6d
SCAGGS,    Samson son of L. & E. d. 4-8-1866 ae 20y 4d
SMITH,     Lydia wife of George Smith d. 11-30-1882 ae 70y 8m 20d
           John H. son of G. & L. Smith d. 1-29-1851 ae 5y 2m 15d
           James R. son of G. & L. Smith d. 1-28-1856 ae 4y 11d
           Mary (C.?) dau. of M. M. & L. Smith d. 7-22-1858 ae 1y 4m
WEAVER,    Elennor d. 1-19-1877 ae 36y 2d
WINELAND,  Abraham d. 1-13-1856 ae 50y 5m 7d
           Catherine wife of Abraham Wineland d. 7-7-184(7?)  ae 40y 10m 27d

   (Note:- Footstone "S.R.")

Hartle Cemetery

          note of transcriber: I am told that one row of graves was missed in this reading

PLESINGER,   Nancy D. dau. of S. & Rebecca Plesinger d. 1-15-1851 ae 3m 24d
             Luther son of S. & Rebecca Plesinger d. 8-21-1850 ae 1y 8m 3d
PLESSINGER,  Abraham son of P. & E. Plessinger d. 12-5-1822 ae (Broken)
             Joseph H. son of G. & M. Plessinger d. 3-1-1849 ae 5y 3m 11d
             Lausin son of George & Mary Plessinger d. 7-18-1851(4?) ae 1(4?)y 4m 29d
             Lucyellen dau. of G. & M. Plessinger d. 2-22-1861 ae 5y 1m 4d
             Phillip Plessinger d. 7-4-1862 ae 78y (?)m 16d
             Faith wife of Phillip Plessinger d. (?)-(?)-1866 (Broken)
STAHL,       Benton d. 3-30-1848 ae (7?) 7y 8m 7d
             Jacob d.  11-12-1861 ae 29y 8m
JOHN,        Perry C. son of J. P. & S. J. John d. 2-6-1847 ae 3m
             Sarah Jane wife of Joshua P. John and dau. of John & Nancy PLESSINGER  d. 11-7-1846 in the 19th year of her age.
PLESSINGER,  Ann wife of John Plessinger d. 5-22-1858 ae 59y lm 16d
             Solomon d. 12-27-1864 ae 47y 11m 9d
             Faith dau. of S. & R. Plessinger d. 12-14-1859 ae 2y 5d
STEPHENSON,  James d. 3-4-1858 ae 74y 2m 4d
             Ann wife of Jas. Stephenson d. 9-15-1859 in the 86th year of her age
             Eliza wife of J. E. Stephenson d. ?-20-1842 ae (?)y 2m (?)d
             J. E. Stephenson d. 11-21-1844 ae 45y 9m (4?)d
             Francis (M.?) son of J. E. & Eliza Stephenson d. 11-21-1844 ae 9y 2m 20d (ss)
             "Their daughter Hariet~ 'd. 9-17-1841 ae 7y 8m
JONSON,      John E. son of Lewis W. & Martha J. Jonson d. 8-7-1845 ae 1m 17d
             (Note:  Unreadable stone)
STEPHENSON,  In memory of ______rew (Perhaps Andrew) P. Stephenson who died March 5, 1843 ae 32y 11m 4d
REED,        Rachel J. dau. of I. M. & Doralley Reed d. 4-6-1851
PLESSINGER,  Abner son of George & Eve Plessinger d. 3-14-1822 ae 8m 11d
             In memory of Eve wife of George Plessinger who died 9-6-1829 ae 41y 5m 13d
HOLLAWAY,    In memory of __________ W. Hollaway d. (top date ____) 1832  (bottom date ____) 1832
WARVEL,      In memory of Barbara Ann wife of John H. Warvel who departed this life 8-5-1844 in the 30th year of her age
HOLLAWAY,    Elizabeth dau. of John & Catharine Hollaway d. 9-23-1851 ae (underground)
LONGENECKER, Letina wife of John Longenecker d. 9-15-1853 ae 27y 6m 21d
STAHL,       In memory of Henry Stahl d. 8-15-1845 ae 67y 5m 23d
MILLER,      Riley B. d. 11-1-1855 ae 31y 10m 13d
SHAFER,      Margaret dau. of John & __. D. Shafer d. 9-1-1841 ae 7y 10m 28d
             Jacob son of John & P.(?) D. Shafer d. 12-(16?)-1845 ae 1Oy (broken)
MILLER,      An infant son of R. B. & Louisa_Miller d. 3-11-1848 ae lm 6d
             Louisa wife of Riley P. (B.?) Miller d. 2-9-1848 ae ___ (broken)
             _____?_____ of R. B. & Louisa Miller d. 7-3-1845
             In memory of Henry Miller who died 11-1-1839 ae 41y 9m
             In memory of George Miller who died 8-25-1839 ae 47y 8m 27d WAR 1812
STAHL,       Rachel wife of Henry Stahl d. 1-27-1859 ae 71y 9m 7d
             Franklin d. 3-3-1848 ae 20y 13d
__________   Unreadable stone with exception of the following date:  6-29-1830

No stones for the following:

HARTLE,      Jacob b. 1802 d. 1874 - CIVIL WAR
             John B. b. 1842 d. 6-12-1864 - CIVIL WAR
MILLER,      John  b. 1790 d. 9-11-1859 - WAR 1812
MORRISON,    Robert b. 1832 d. 9-25-1895 - CIVIL WAR

Addendum: (read by Ken Finton in 1958-59 for DAR) showing stones and readings not found in 1964 "It is possible that some of the following tomstones may still be in the cemetery; however, from its condition it is most likely that they are completely covered with sod." BREWER, Peter died Sep. 1, 1855 ae 78y 10m 1d Amolabama wife of Peter Brewer died Apr. 29, 1843 ae 61y 2m 22d Jonathan died apr. 21, 1842 ae 37y 1m 16d Elizabeth wife of Jonathan Brewer died ____21(?), 1854 (or 1864) Solomon died June 2, 1842 ae 6y 6m 6d COPPESS, Ruth Jane wife of Peter M. Coppess died Mar. 14, 1853 ae 22y 7m 21d Mary E, dau. of P. M. & R. J. died Apr 20, 1853 ae 1y 5m 5d CURTNER, George died Dec 30, 1851 ae 80y 7m 3d Mary A. wife of George Curtner died Sep. 17, 1848 ae 74y 2m 13d HARTLE, Jacob died Apr. 1, 1849 ae 69y 5m 26d Catherine (SPADE) wife of Jacob Hartle Sr. died Sep. 17, 1836 ae 34y Susanna (COOLEY) wife of Jacob Hartle Sr. died Jan. 15, 1848 ae 57y 9m 3d Isaac son of Jacob Hartle Sr. died May 12, 1826 ae 6d Eve dau. of Jacob Hartle Sr. died Aug. 30, 1822 ae 3m 15d Jacob died Oct. 2, 1874 ae 72y 1m 17d (note: same stone as Elizabeth) Elizabeth (CURTNER) (wife of Jacob Hartle) died Mar. 25, 1889 ae 86y 9m 1d John B. W. died June 12, 1864 ae 22y 2m 11d Frederick died June 11 ae 48y 4d Nancy wife of F. Hartle died Nov 4, 1854 ae 43y 10m 26d Benjamin F. son of F. & N. diedJuly 2, 1848 ae 14y 7m 21d Loisa M. dau. of Frederick & Nancy died Jan 2, 1842 ae 8y 7m 29d Fredrick died Apr. 2, 1840 ae 7y 3m Michael died July 6, 1833 ae 18m Mary Ann died July 13, 1833 ae 3y 9m Mary Catherine dau. of A. & S. died Apr. 6, 1850 ae 2, 14d HOLLAWAY, Elizabeth dau. of John & Catherine died Sep. 23, 1851 ae 29y 2m 14d Francis born Nov. 11, 1832 died Aug. 1, 1833 JACKSON, George 1833-1896 JOHNSTON, Elizabeth wife of Joseph Johnston died Sep.5, 1845 ae 49y 11m 9d MILLER, John F. died ____11, 1853 ae 69y 9m 21d Elizabeth wife of John F. Miller died Nov. 12, 1835 Sarah Ann wife of Job M. Miller died Sep.8, 1965 ae 35y 6m 18d ______ dau. of J. M. & S. A. died Feb 19, 1860 ae 4y 4m 9d Louisa wife of Riley B. Miller died Feb 9, 1848 ae 24y 3m 22d Infant son of R. B. & Louisa Miller died July 3, 1845 Sarah J. dau. of Riley & Phoebe died Nov. 29, 1856 ae 2y 2m 26d Jacob C. born June 27, 1822 died Nov. 9, 1822 ______ son of J. F. & E. died May 22, 1853 ae 25y 9m 26d MORRISON (Dr.) Robert A. died Sep 25, 1895 ae 63y 5m 27d PLESSINGER, Philip died July 4, 1862 ae 78y 4m 16d Faith (FISH) wife of Philip Plessinger died Jan. ____, 1869 Hugh died Nov 17, 1890 ae 80y 5m 2d (note: same stone as Martha) Martha died July 25, 1865 ae 55y 6m 26d Ruth Jane dau. of N. & R. died Mar. 8, 1860 ae 3y 2m 20d Celinda A. dau. of N. & R. died Mar. 1, 1860 ae 3y 2m 20d (date wrong?) STAHL, Ezra died Jan. 16, 1842 ae 19y 9m 11d Anna died Sep9, 1822 ae 4y 11m 8d STEPHENSON, James B. son of Andrew & Mary Ann Stephenson Eliza wife of J. E. Stephenson died Mar. 20, 1842 ae 35y 2m 5d WHEELER, Sarah Ann wife of Arthur J. Wheeler died July 2, 1852 ae 32y 4m 10d Elen Jane died June 29, 1850 ae 1y 7m 1d

Kershner Cemetery

GORDON,      Flora Bell dau. of D. & M. Gordon d 9-20-1872 ae 6m 17d
             Allice dau. of D. & M. Gordon d 9-18-1876 ae 4m 10d
BOWERS,      Earl Jacob son of A. & E. Bowers d 3-15-1884 ae 6m 10d
KERSHNER,    Peter son of J. W. & R. Kershner d 1-14-1866 ae 11y 9m 19d
             Jacob d 4-9-1880 ae 69y 4m 2d
________,    [3 small headstones all alike; no inscriptions]
KERSHNER,    Samuel d 10-20-1875 ae 57y 11m 13d
             Sidney Ann wife of Samuel Kershner d 10-25-1857 ae 39y 1m 22d
             Elizabeth dau, of S. & S. A. Kershner d 2-1-1851 ae 3y 10m 10d
             Children of S. & S. A. Kershner (same stone):
                Rouzly d 9-20-1857 ae 2m
                Caroline d 8-5-1860 ae 9m 1d

(Note: county records state there -were- 60 graves; only 9 inscriptions above
       were found in 1964)

Miller Cemetery

MILLER,     Mary late wife of Jacob Miller d 8-20-1888 ae 75 years
            Jacob d 10-8-1866 ae 65y 7m 21d  WAR 1812
            Mary wife of Jacob Miller d 3-27-1842 ae 42y 11m 9d
            Sarah dau. of John J. & Nancy Miller d Feb 10(?), 18(59?) ae 1y (stone broken)
            Susanna dau. of J. J. & N.(?) died Aug. 8, 1861 ae 3y 3m 10d
______,     (stone with inscription effaced)
BIGLER,     Sarah dau. of Moses & Mary died Sept. 26, 1856 ae 2y 3m 19d
BASHORE,    David son of J. & S. died May 11, 1859 ae 7m 1d
            Elizabeth dau. of J. & S. died July 7, 1862 ae 9m 6d

Cemeteries as Listed by USGS in March 1997

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Ansonia Cemetery 401250N 0843706W Dawn
Arcanum Greenlawn Cemetery 400222N 0843439W Greenville East
Bass Cemetery 400350N 0844752W Spartanburg
Bethel Cemetery 400957N 0844131W Ansonia
Brock Cemetery 401537N 0843338W North Star
Brock Cemetery 401607N 0843411W North Star
Chapel Cemetery 400156N 0844750W Spartanburg
Clark Cemetery 400053N 0844317W Greenville West
Clemens Cemetery 400453N 0844757W Spartanburg
Coppess Cemetery 401031N 0843251W Dawn
County Home Cemetery 400359N 0843707W Greenville East
Creekbaum Cemetery 400743N 0844137W Ansonia
Dininger Cemetery 400531N 0844225W Greenville West
Earhart Cemetery 400929N 0843815W Ansonia
East Zion Cemetery 400230N 0844102W Greenville West
English Cemetery 401459N 0842736W Versailles
Erisman Cemetery 400810N 0843228W Dawn
Fairview Cemetery 401942N 0844133W Rossburg
Foutz Cemetery 395941N 0844047W New Madison
Greenmond Cemetery 395746N 0844219W New Madison
Greenville Cemetery 400630N 0843837W Greenville West
Harter Cemetery 395829N 0844142W New Madison
Heller Cemetery 400558N 0844226W Greenville West
Holsapple Cemetery 402004N 0843634W North Star
Hoover Cemetery 401222N 0842938W Versailles
Hoschover Cemetery 401547N 0843800W Rossburg
Ithaca Cemetery 395635N 0843335W Arcanum
Manuel Cemetery 400746N 0844225W Ansonia
Martin Cemetery 400521N 0843412W Greenville East
McFarland Cemetery 401316N 0844638W Union City
Newcomer Cemetery 400211N 0842936W Gettysburg
Oak Grove Cemetery 400124N 0843910W Greenville West
Old Castine Cemetery 395618N 0843730W Arcanum
Old Teegarden Cemetery 401225N 0844117W Ansonia
Palestine Cemetery 400315N 0844439W Greenville West
Saint Bernard Cemetery 402058N 0843842W Rossburg
Saint Johns Cemetery 400206N 0844441W Greenville West
Saint Louis Cemetery 401928N 0843204W North Star
Saint Martins Cemetery 402008N 0842925W Osgood
Saint Paul Cemetery 401838N 0843241W North Star
Saint Valberts Cemetery 401429N 0842754W Versailles
Snell Cemetery 401007N 0844523W Union City
Speelman Cemetery 401721N 0843011W North Star
Spring Hill Cemetery 400818N 0844724W Union City
Stelvideo Cemetery 400956N 0843306W Dawn
Stoner Cemetery 401043N 0843109W Dawn
Webster Cemetery 401645N 0844033W Rossburg
West Branch Cemetery 400301N 0844214W Greenville West
Willowdell Cemetery 401824N 0842622W Osgood
Wilt Cemetery 395655N 0844157W New Madison
Yankeetown Cemetery 395608N 0844323W New Madison
Yoder Cemetery 401534N 0842738W Osgood
Zerby Cemetery 401709N 0844123W Rossburg

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