1920 West Side School

Here is the school that most of us alive today remember. Many of us attended all of our school days here, others of us learned in this building as well as the newer North Side schools, and the youngest of us never attended West Side but spent their entire school days at the North Side complex. Those of us who actually attended West Side may remember the annual Chili Suppers and later the Carnival that the Mother's Club used to put on each year. (If anyone has that pulled chicken sandwich recipe that they used to make, please send it to Jane Barr Torres. ) And, how many nights did we spend in the gym cheering our teams - GO WILDCATS! Go Kittens! - and the sock-hops that were held there after the games. Do you remember the class plays, the band, orchestra, and choir concerts in the auditorium? If you don't have a clear memory of these things, the next group of pictures of the new Hoosier Place (2006) will give your memory a boost!