Introduction to the Randolph County
Draft Registrations, WWII,
1940 + 1941, age 21 to 36,
as published in the
Union City Times-Gazette

All Indiana men who were within the age limits set forth in the Selective Service Law (age 21 to age 36) were required to register for the Draft and were given 14 hours in which to do so on October 16, 1940. Locations for registration were set up around the County and the American Legion assisted in the registering process. The hours for registration were from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Those too ill to appear were required to send a relative or a friend to get a registration card for them. A statement from a physician was also acceptable for late registration. No money was provided for the registration and volunteers and even volunteer typewriters were requested. The cards were preferred to be typed but if not enough typewriters were available the entries were to be printed legibly.

On this first registration 2,969 Randolph County men registered. Late and out of state registrations brought the total to 3,066. The first draft was conducted on November 19th and Randolph County was required to send three men. Through the 9th call for Randolph County men for Selective Service the County quotas were filled by volunteers. Rather than men seeking to avoid the draft, the Indiana boards were reporting a unique problem. Young men who were under age were falsely claiming to be 21 so that they could enlist.

The second Selective Service registration was conducted on July 1, 1941. It was intended primarily for men who had reached the age of 21 since the first registration. A small number of men registered. Among the registrants were men who were in the Army last October who had left the service but had failed to register. Men who were outside the United States at the time of the first registration but had since returned also had an opportunity to register at this time. To keep the two groups seperate, all men who had reached their 21st birthday since last October 16 were registered on a pink card. All others who were over 21 and had not registered for some reason were registered on a white card.

The second registration added only 146 men liable for military service. There were 42 at the Winchester Board, 38 at the Union City Board and only two signed at Parker.

This listing was obtained from published lists in the Union City Times-Gazette newspaper. The list contains the names of 3,118 men who registered. This is a faithful rendition of the entries exactly as printed in the newspapers in groups of 50 or 100 names per listing. Each man was required to give his complete legal name. Some had no middle name and some only had an initial for a middle name. Some probably wished they didn't have to reveal names they had kept hidden from friends for years. Keep in mind that this list comprises only those men who registered on the first two registration dates. There were to be many more in the years to follow as the United States entered World War II.

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