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Randolph County Draft Registrations, WWII,
1940 + 1941, age 21 to 36

As published in the Union City Times-Gazette
Transcribed by Billy J. Baker

The 1st and 2nd Randolph County Draft Registrations were held on October 16, 1940 and July 1, 1941. Each were one day only registrations. This list contains the registrants names from both dates.

Surname, Given Names Residence
Abel, Albert Reed Lynn
Abel, Paul Haynes Winchester
Abernathy, Harry Herbert Losantville route 2
Ables, Charles Francis Winchester
Abner, James Lynn route 2
Adamson, James Willard Carlos
Addington, Cecil Thomas Winchester
Addington, Dallas Eugene Farmland route 2
Addington, Floyd Cecil Winchester route 1
Addington, Gerald Lee Winchester route 1
Addington, Hugh Richard Winchester
Addington, James Edwin Carlos route 1
Adelsperger, Clyde Lamker Union City
Adelsperger, Junior Edmund Union City route 1
Adkins, Earl Eugene Parker route 2
Adkins, James Lewis Winchester
Adler, Robert Herbert Winchester
Agler, Glen Russel Union City
Akers, Oren Elose Winchester
Albertson, Kenneth Lee Ridgeville
Albertson, Ronnie Glenford Farmland
Albertson, Russell Oliver Carlos route 1
Alcorn, James Irvin Parker
Alderman, David Walter Farmland
Alexander, Denzil E. Lynn
Alexander, Gerold Leroy Trenton, Ohio route 1
Alexander, Joseph Levi Winchester
Alexander, Lawrence Joseph Union City route 1
Alexander, Lee Daniel Union City route 2.
Alexander, Leo Kenneth Union City route 1
Alexander, Lloyd James Ridgeville route 2
Alexander, Noble Woodrow Union City route 4
Alexander, Paul Fay Ridgeville
Alexander, Richard Earl Winchester
Alexander, Roger Max Winchester
Alexander, Shirley Lawrence Union City route 4
Alexander, Von Cleve Elkhart, Ind.
Alexander, William S. Farmland
Allen, Charles Lee Farmland
Allen, Evard Nathaniel Winchester
Allie, Alex Albert Union City
Alyen, Herschel Robert Covington, Ohio
Ambrisco, Frank Edward Winchester
Amburn, Charles Palmer Parker
Amburn, D. Cedric Farmland
Amburn, Gordon Farmland
Amburn, Omer Leroy Farmland route 1
Anacker, Donald Everett Winchester
Anders, Paul Kenneth Union City
Anderson, Alfred Thomas Union City route 4
Anderson, Barney Kelmor Winchester route 4
Anderson, Carl Edwin Lynn route 2
Anderson, Charles Alex Winchester route 2
Anderson, Charles Pierce Union City
Anderson, Dale Lynn route 1
Anderson, David Wilson Winchester route 2
Anderson, Denver Paul Lynn route 1
Anderson, Gail Edward Winchester route 2
Anderson, Herbert Paxson Lynn
Anderson, Hermon Jasper Parker route 1
Anderson, Merle Ellis Winchester
Anderson, Ova Hanford Parker route 1
Anderson, Virgle Demah Ridgeville route 1
Anderson, William Earl Parker route 1
Andrews, Robert William Modoc route 1
Antonio, Francis Frederick Ridgeville
Antrim, Donald Leroy Ridgeville
Antrim, Paul Joseph Ridgeville
Applegate, Charles Edward Union City route 1
Applegate, Rickard Page Union City route 1
Armantrout, Richard P. J. M. Parker
Armey, Norman Russell Winchester
Armstrong, James Lang Winchester
Armstrong, John Charles Ridgeville
Arnett, Glen Albert Ansonia, Ohio route 1
Arnold, Clinton William Winchester route 3
Arnold, Lloyd Edward Union City
Arnold, Orville Freddy Winchester route 3
Arnold, Oscar Leon Ridgeville
Arnold, Virgil Cleo Ridgeville route 1
Arthur, Eugene Lee Union City
Arthur, Glenn Union City route 4
Arthur, Ivan Edward Winchester route 4
Arthur, John William Union City
Arthur, Lloyd Union City route 2
Arthur, Neil Leon Union City
Arthur, Paul Union City
Arthur, Richard Alison Winchester
Arthur, Vearl Winchester route 3
Arthur, Wayne Union City route 2
Ashley, Leland Miller Union City
Ashley, Lloyd Walter Winchester
Ashley, Melvin Ray Winchester
Aspy, Donald Edward Ridgeville
Atkinson, Francis Meritt Ridgeville
Augsperger, Raymond Cooper Winchester
Auker, James David Ridgeville
Auker, Ora Edward Winchester
Austerman, Clarence Richard Union City
Austin, Donald Edgar Winchester route 3
Austin, Louis Winchester
Austin, Marshall Reed Winchester route 3
Aydelotte, Hugh Leroy Hamilton, Ohio
Ayers, Richard Kenneth Union City
Bailey, Dallas Winchester
Bailey, Donald Edward Union City route 2
Bailey, Francis Merl Union City route 2
Bailey, James Donald Ridgeville
Bailey, James Robert Union City route 4
Baird, Herschel Dale Winchester
Baker, Byron Union City route 2
Baker, Charles D. Winchester
Baker, Elbert Nelson Union City route 1
Baker, Emerson Morris Winchester route 4
Baker, Ervin Woodrow Union City route 1
Baker, Kenneth Reed Winchester
Baker, Marion Andrew Union City
Baker, Maurice Thomas Union City
Baker, Max Gordon Winchester
Baker, Robert Eugene Farmland
Baker, Wilbur George Union City route 1
Baker, William Morton Lynn route 2
Baldwin, George Robert Winchester route 2
Baldwin, John Clarence Winchester
Baldwin, Lawrence Riley Winchester route 3
Baldwin, Warren Eugene Winchester
Bales, Arthur Farmland
Bales, Billie Dean Modoc route 1
Bales, John Engle Winchester
Bales, Kenneth Walter Lynn route 2
Bales, Phillip Allen Winchester route 1
Bales, Walter Merle Winchester
Ball, Norman Chester Ridgeville
Ball, Roy Harding Winchester
Ballenger, Roger Charles Carlos
Banning, Sterling Eugene Winchester
Banta, Carl Albert Union City
Barber, Alten Marselle Winchester route 1
Barkalow, Charles Lesley Winchester route 1
Barkdull, William Franklin Ridgeville route 2
Barker, Chelsea Oran Parker
Barker, Kenneth Lee Winchester
Barnes, Leroy Lovell Union City route 4
Barnes, Oscar Lorenzo Lynn route 2
Barnes, Robert Claude Winchester
Barnes, Roy Leavell Winchester
Barnes, Vernon Leroy Florence, Ala.
Barnes, William Thomas Sheffield, Ala.
Barnett, Allen Winchester route 2
Barr, Alvin Wright Farmland route 1
Barr, Delmar Allen Ridgeville route 2
Barr, Ernest Adams Winchester route 2
Barr, Wilbur Lee Ridgeville
Barrett, Cecil Lavern Modoc route 1
Barrett, Kenneth Leon Ridgeville
Barrows, Norrice Clay Modoc route 1
Bartley, Charles Joseph Lynn route 2
Bartley, Ellis Franklin Lynn route 2
Bartley, Elmer Howard Modoc route 1
Bartley, John Staley Lynn route 1
Barton, Wayne Hanly Hollansburg, Ohio
Bascom, James George Lynn
Bashia, James Wilkerson Farmland
Bashia, Max T. Winchester
Baughn, Francis Karl Ridgeville
Baxter, Bea Lynn route 1
Baxter, Johnie Lynn route 1
Beachler, Paul Joseph Winchester
Beal, Larry Melvin Winchester
Beal, Lawrence Donald Winchester
Beale, Clinton Henry Winchester
Beals, Everett Edward Union City route 2
Beam, Roscoe Joseph Union City
Beanblossom, William Everett Union City
Beatty, Earl VanDorn Winchester
Beck, Ivan Leroy Winchester
Beck, Merritt Homer Winchester
Beck, Paul Halford Parker
Beckley, Herman Franklin Ridgeville
Beckley, Wilfred Cooper Farmland
Bell, Edwin Bruce Winchester
Bell, Harold James Winchester
Bemis, Lowell Bernard Union City
Bemis, Ralph Leon Union City route 1
Bennett, Chester Eugene Lynn route 1
Bennett, Curtis Omer Modoc route 1
Bennett, Emmerson H. Modoc
Bennett, Francis Freemont Modoc route 1
Benson, Ward Pierce Losantville
Bentz, Elias Byron Winchester route 4
Bentz, Stanley Arthur Winchester route 2
Berry, Bruce William Lynn route 2
Berry, Chester Grason Lynn route 1
Berry, John Browning Farmland route 2
Berry, Thomas Eli Portland route 1
Bertram, Otto Clurel Modoc route 1
Best, Robert Calvin Union City
Bickel, Gilbert Meeker Union City
Bickel, Richard Allen Union City
Bigham, Gail Rollo Union City route 5
Billiiter, Cleo Glen Mt. Carmel, Ill.
Billiter, William Edward Sheffield, Pa.
Bingham, Harold John Winchester
Bingman, Ralph Glenn Union City
Binkley, Henry Clayton Union City
Binkley, Robert Charles Union City
Birch, Green Berry Union City
Bird, Clarence Vernon Ridgeville route 3
Birum, Gail Hubert Union City route 2
Birum, Leon Roger Union City route 2
Bishop, John Lee Winchester
Bishop, Joseph Burr Winchester
Bixler, Harold Richard Winchester
Black, Keith Farmland
Blackburn, James Crumb Winchester
Blackford, Franklin Luther Union City
Blackford, George Elden Union City
Blake, Edward Houghton Union City route 2
Bland, Clyde Buddy Winchester route 4
Bland, Oscar Winchester route 4
Blizzard, Charles Winchester
Blizzard, Donald Iro Union City route 4
Blizzard, Paul Edgar Parker route 1
Blount, Glen Edward Winchester
Blunt, George Ellis Marcellis Union City
Blystone, Donald Joseph Ridgeville
Boggs, Everett Ezekiel Union City
Boggs, James Union City
Bolinger, Calvin Loring Winchester route 1
Bolinger, Ralph Morton Parker
Bolinger, William Cecil Winchester
Bolt, Junior Ross Muncie
Bond, Walter Eugene Winchester
Bone, Francis Otho Winchester route 4
Bonewitz, Emmett Braxton, Jr. Winchester
Booher, Roy Elsworth Union City
Bookout, Marvin Mortain Winchester route 1
Boomershine, Harley Robert Ridgeville
Boone, Marlow C. Winchester
Boqard, Donald Henry Winchester
Borne, Raymond Christian Union City
Bortner, Maurice Middleton Winchester
Bosh, Keith M. Farmland
Bosworth, Edwin Keith Winchester
Bosworth, Richard Anderson Farmland
Bothast, Charles Richard Union City
Bothast, Donald Herbert Union City
Bothast, Medford DuWayne Union City route 1
Botkin, Joseph Lewis Winchester
Bousman, Charles Ozro Ridgeville
Bousman, Martin Adair Winchester route 4
Bousman, Nelson Carlyle Ridgeville
Bousman, Robert Edward Winchester
Bousman,Willard Westlake Farmland
Bowen, David Benjamin Lynn route 1
Bowen, Harold William Winchester route 2
Bowen, James Willard Lynn route 1
Bowers, Everett Walter Winchester route 3
Bowers, Hubert Carson Union City
Bowers, James Edward Union City
Bowman, Irvin Benjamin Lynn route 1
Bowmer, Randle Thomas Farmland route 2
Boyd, Hibbert Paul Winchester
Boyd, John Leroy Farmland route 2
Boyer, Rolland Stewart Union City
Brackin, Robert Irvin Union City route 4
Bradburn, Harold Frederick Winchester route 3
Bradburn, Merl Winchester
Bradburn, Paul Albert Winchester
Bradburn, Robert Lee Winchester
Bradburn, Roy Charles Winchester
Bradburn, Therl Union City route 3
Bradford, Donald Herman Winchester
Bradford, George William Winchester
Bradford, James Grant Union City
Bragg, James Kenneth Winchester
Brannon, Samuel Asberry Richmond route 2
Bratton, Harry Andrew Union City
Brawley, John Herschel Winchester
Bray, William Earl Winchester
Brees, Earl Paul Parker
Breese, Oscar Eugene Modoc route 1
Brengman, Archie Harold Ridgeville
Brengman, Kenneth William Ridgeville
Brenner, Andrew Max Winchester
Bretzinger, Robert Oscar Winchester
Brickley, Charles Eugene Winchester
Bridgeman, James Milton Winchester route 3
Brierly, David Ashton Union City
Bright, Gerald George Winchester route 4
Briner, Charles Hector Winchester
Briner, Darrell Eldred Winchester
Broderick, Dexter Burnell Winchester
Bromagen, Ramon Franklin Union City route 1
Bromagen, Robert Reid Union City
Brooks, Billy Russel Union City
Brooks, Earl S. Union City
Brooks, Jean Harold Winchester route 1
Brooks, Joseph DeBolt Union City route 5
Brooks, Ralph Roger Union City
Brotherton, Harold Lavon Union City
Brown, Denver Winchester
Brown, Donald Herbert Union City
Brown, Donald William Carlos
Brown, Eugene Beveridge Anderson
Brown, Everett Edward Winchester route 3
Brown, Harold Everet Lynn route 2
Brown, James Delbert Union City route 5
Brown, John Gayle Ridgeville
Brown, Lester Melvin Winchester
Brown, Marion Winchester
Brown, Oscar Charles Modoc route 1
Brown, Robert Lee Winchester
Brown, Ronald Orville Winchester
Brown, Russell Worth Carlos
Brown, Silas Elsa Ridgeville
Brown, Walter Samuel Winchester
Brown, Wilbur Dale Winchester
Browne, Donald Duane Winchester
Brownfield, Harry Leroy Chicago, Ill.
Brumbaugh, Walter Isaac Union City
Brumfield, Joe Ray Winchester route 3
Brumfield, William Neil Winchester route 1
Brumley, Evert Paul Connersville, Ind.
Brumley, Marvin Edgar Winchester
Bruss, Nathan Eugene Union City
Bruss, Ralph Eugene Union City
Buckingham, Glen Harold Union City route 4
Buckingham, Ralph Donald Union City
Buckingham, Ray Eugene Union City
Buckmaster, Delno A. Winchester
Buckmaster, E. Wright Winchester
Bugher, Paul LaMarr Union City
Bullens, Delbert Alfred Winchester
Bullens, Wilbur Edward Winchester
Bullens, William Joe Winchester
Bunch, John Kinsey Lynn route 1
Bunch, Reed Columbus Lynn route 1
Bunker, Cletus Benjamin Union City route 2
Bunker, Lafa Garfield Union City route 2
Bunsold, Theodore Hanley Winchester
Burch, Thomas Clay Parker route 1
Burge, Paul Whitcomb Riley Winchester route 4
Burk, Charles Artie Union City route 4
Burk, Donald Eugene Union City route 4
Burk, Edgar Creighton Modoc route 1
Burk, Elvin Leon Union City route 3
Burkett, Charles L. Union City route 4
Burkett, Denver H. Lynn route 2
Burkett, Forrest Union City
Burkett, Ira Russell Union City route 1
Burkett, Roger Paul Union City route 4
Burkhardt, Norman Paul Winchester
Burleson, Robert Elmer Winchester
Burnhart, Raymond Carl Winchester
Burns, Frederick Alonzo Ridgeville
Burns, Maynard Eugene Union City
Burnworth, Walter Herman Winchester
Burres, Donald W. Farmland
Burres, William Richard Farmland
Burris, Charles Edward Union City
Burrows, Eugene Victor Losantville route 2
Burrows, Sharron Thaddus Losantville route 2
Burton, Charles Leon Union City
Burton, Leonard Harold Winchester route 4
Burton, Riley Lawrence Ridgeville
Burton, Simon Pearlie Ridgeville route 3
Burton, Troy Winchester
Burton, Willard Vera Winchester
Bush, Clyde Neuton Winchester
Bushaw, George Calvin Union City
Bussear, Lanson S. Lynn route 1
Bussear, Raymond L. Parker
Butler, Claude Ion Winchester
Butler, Royal Dean Winchester
Butts, Robert Jarol Winchester
Byran, Walter Huntington Pk.
Byrd, John Francis Winchester
Byrd, Robert Orton Ridgeville
Byrne, Robert Joseph Winchester
Byrum, Cecil Merl Union City route 5
Byrum, Earl Franklin Winchester
Byrum, Estel Seibert Union City route 5
Byrum, Ezra Elbert Ridgeville route 2
Byrum, Hubert Lavern Union City route 4
Byrum, Lawrence Alfred Greenville, Ohio route 4
Byrum, Lester Alton Losantville route 1
Byrum, Ralph Raymond Winchester route 1
Byrum, Robert Henry Union City route 2
Cadwallader, Ezra Lewis Lynn route 2
Cadwallader, Melvin Harvey Lynn route 1
Cain, Johnathan Andrew Union City
Caldwell, Pink Winchester
Cales, Ernest Ray Winchester
Cales, Herschel Winchester
Camp, Harold Mason Winchester
Camp, Leonard Lee Winchester
Campbell, Arthur Paul Farmland route 1
Campbell, Harold Andrew Winchester
Campbell, Murlen Guilford Winchester
Campbell, Orville Robert Winchester
Campbell, Woody John Connellsville, Pa.
Canada, Albert Mural Winchester route 4
Canada, Leander A. Ridgeville route 1
Cannon, Estel Robert Morris Lynn route 1
Cantrall, Clatis Calvin Ridgeville route 1
Cantrall, Lester Everett Parker route 1
Cantrell, Roger Paul Farmland route 1
Capron, Roger Dale Winchester
Carey, Leroy Anderson Lynn route 2
Carman, Raymond Chester Lynn
Carpenter, Noel Thurman Winchester route 4
Carpenter, William Grover Winchester
Carr, Clarence Homer Modoc route 1
Carrico, Eugene Franklin Winchester
Carrico, Homer Franklin Winchester route 3
Carrico, Rubien Frank Winchester
Carter, Clinton Lee Winchester
Carter, Earl Harold Winchester
Carter, Ernest Winchester route 1
Carter, George Edmond Winchester
Carter, John Read Union City
Carter, John Theodore Winchester
Carter, Raymond Eugene Winchester
Carter, Raymond Gail Winchester
Cash, Farley Roscoe Winchester
Cash, Jesse Reubin Farmland route 2
Cash, John Wesley Union City route 4
Cassady, Oliver Edgar Farmland route 1
Castor, Ercie Seymour Losantville
Cates, Charles Herbert Winchester
Cates, John Paul Modoc route 1
Catey, Claude Albinus Carlos route 1
Catey, Stace Mode Orleans
Caupp, Dale Chester Union City
Caupp, Paul S. Union City
Chaffin, William Lester Saratoga
Chalfant, Ivan Ray Parker
Chalfant, Ralph Oren Ridgeville
Chalfant, Ronald Eugene Winchester route 2
Chalfant, Rpbert Lee Winchester route 2
Chalfant, Russell Lee Parker route 1
Chamness, Howard J. Winchester
Chamness, Kenneth Leon Winchester route 1
Champ, Ray Wallace Ridgeville
Chapin, Theodore Raymond Winchester
Chapman, Donald W. Union City route 3
Chappelle, Jacob Arthur Muncie, Ind.
Chase, Julis William Ridgeville route 1
Chavers, Henry Paul Lynn
Cheeseman, Robert Max Winchester route 2
Cheesman, Donald Sharp Winchester route 2
Cheesman, Maurice Eugene Modoc
Chenoweth, Foch Reginald Union City route 4
Chenoweth, Lowell Forrest Daleville route 1
Chenoweth, Robert Leon Union City
Chenoweth, Russell Lee Lynn
Chenoweth, Walter William Greensburg, Pa.
Chittick, John Elvin Lynn
Chowning, Jacob Ezra Union City route 4
Church, Charles William Saratoga
Church, Jesper Irvin Lynn
Clapp, William Earl Winchester route 4
Clark, Andrew Ara Winchester route 3
Clark, Carleton L. Winchester
Clark, David William Winchester
Clark, Ernest Harold Winchester route 1
Clark, George Lowell Lynn route 2
Clark, Homer C. Winchester route 3
Clark, Lee Brewer Parker
Clark, Lester R. Carlos route 1
Clark, Marvin Winchester route 1
Clawson, Chalmer Keith Union City
Clayton, Henry Roger Farmland route 2
Clear, Charles Fredrick Union City
Clear, Charles Kenneth Winchester
Clear, Edward Bert Union City
Clevenger, Charles Thomas Parker route 1
Clevenger, Donald Winchester
Clevenger, Everett Lee Parker route 1
Clevenger, Gerald Glen Parker
Clevenger, Howard Charles Farmland route 2
Clevenger, James Levon Parker route 1
Clevenger, John Fieldon Farmland route 2
Clevenger, John William Union City
Clevenger, Joseph Vernone Parker
Clevenger, Leonard Russell Winchester route 2
Clevenger, Linley Virgil Parker route 1
Clevenger, Marion Clay Modoc route 1
Clevenger, Merrill Farmland route 1
Clevenger, Ralph Eugene Union City route 1
Clevenger, Russell Evan Winchester route 3
Clevenger, Thomas Aldon Parker route 1
Clevenger, Victor Elsworth Parker
Clevenger, Walter Merle Farmland
Cline, Harrison Elsworth Parker route 1
Cline, Joseph Henry Carlos route 1
Cline, Warren G. Union City route 1
Cloud, Cleon Losantville route 1
Clouser, Meredith Baker Modoc
Coates, Clarence Norman Winchester
Coats, Charles Edward Lynn
Coblentz, Raymond Chester Union City
Coby, Glen Eugene Union City
Cochran, Dwight Edwin Parker
Cochran, Harold Frederick Union City
Cockerill, James Russell Parker
Cockerill, Orville Melvin Parker route 1
Coddingham, Ralph A. Lynn route 1
Coddington, Everett Haynes Saratoga
Coddington, Orville Reed Union City
Coffin, Guy Alonzo Winchester route 3
Coffman, Cecil Earl Union City route 2
Cole, Austin Allen New York City, N. Y.
Cole, Hugh Clifford Winchester
Cole, Robert Lincoln Winchester route 3
Cole, Russell Chester Winchester
Coleman, George Paul Farmland route 1
Collett, Leonard Dalom Ridgeville route 3
Collins, Earl Richard Winchester
Collins, Eddie Austin Union City route 4
Collins, Fred Floyd Winchester
Collins, George Elwood Union City
Collins, Henry Seidel Winchester
Collins, Lester Carroll Winchester
Collins, Marshall Roger Farmland route 1
Collins, Milford Gerald Farmland route 1
Collins, Olan Russel Winchester
Collins, Roy Calvin Glendale, Ariz.
Collins, Stuart Calvin Farmland route 1
Collins, Wendell Eugene Winchester
Colloton, Theodore Melvin Union City route 1
Colvin, Clarence Donald Lynn
Colvin, Lester D. Winchester
Comer, Allen C. Winchester
Comer, Bert Raymond Union City route 4
Comer, Charles Edwin Winchester route 1
Comer, Harold Gene Winchester
Comer, Kenneth Hereld Lynn route 2
Comer, Robert William Winchester
Comer, William Wasson Winchester
Coming, Bruce Bueford Lynn route 1
Compton, Jessie Spencer Scott Terre Haute, Ind.
Compton, Walter Leroy Union City
Coning, Floyd Edwin Winchester route 3
Coning, Paul Eugene Winchester route 3
Conklin, Dale Fredrick Winchester route 3
Conklin, Donald Wesley Union City route 2
Conklin, Raymond Paul Union City
Conklin, Robert Leon Union City
Conley, John Preston Lynn route 1
Conner, Thomas Virgil Modoc route 1
Conway, Robert Arthur Union City route 4
Conway, Woodrow Galen Union City route 4
Conyers, Harlan Randolph Winchester route 2
Conyers, Raymond Earl Winchester
Cook, Carl Portland, Ind.
Cook, Chase Thomas Winchester route 1
Cook, Chelsia Carol Winchester
Cook, Clarence Russel Winchester
Cook, Edgar Cleon Winchester
Cook, Myron Clifford Winchester route 1
Cook, Wilburn Modoc route 1
Coon, John Thomas Winchester
Cooper, Charles Brice Winchester
Cope, Ogle Brown Winchester route 2
Copeland, John Daniel Winchester
Coplia, Harry Walter Winchester
Copper, Carl Ivan Winchester route 4
Coppock, Jed Carlton, Jr. Union City
Corbin, William Cullen, Jr. Union City
Corwin, Edward Winchester
Corwin, Edward Joseph Winchester
Cos, Everett Roscoe Winchester
Costillo, John Saratoga
Cotter, Charles Lyons Lynn route 2
Cotter, James Lee Union City
Cotter, John William Union City
Cottrill, Paul Leslie Cincinnati, Ohio
Couch, Vance Lee Winchester
Cougill, James Roger Farmland
Cougill, Kenneth Gerald Farmland route 1
Cougill, Roger Keith Modoc route 1
Cougill, Samuel Ross Parker route 1
Cougill, Vergil Victor Farmland route 1
Courtney, George William Winchester
Courtney, James Alfred Saratoga
Cox, Charles Lawrence Union City
Cox, Gene Richared Winchester
Cox, Henry Lloyd Winchester
Cox, John Floyd Winchester
Cox, John Joseph Winchester
Cox, John Omer Winchester route 3
Cox, Kenneth Winchester route 2
Cox, Merrill Conrad Union City
Cox, Ralph Eugene Ridgeville
Cox, Roger Reid Modoc
Cox, Wallace Henry Winchester
Cox, Wendell Victor Winchester route 3
Cox, Willard Albert Winchester
Coyne, Jerald Travis Union City
Coyne, Kenneth Malcolm Union City
Coyner, Orville James Winchester
Crabb, Clarence Bernard Winchester
Crabb, Harold Eugene Winchester
Crabb, Vernon Leroy Winchester
Craig, Carrol Conrad Ridgeville route 1
Craig, Jose Hollis Parker route 1
Craigmile, David Francis Farmland route 1
Cranor, Howell Brice Parker route 1
Crawford, Chester Henry Union City
Crawford, Gerald Dean Winchester
Crawford, Robert Leonard Union City
Crawford, Sherman Noah Union City
Crawford, William Daniel Union City
Creek, Charles Virgil Lynn
Crew, John Murray Winchester
Crim, Jesse Evan Winchester
Crist, Charles Nathan Lynn route 2,
Crist, Robert Lester Union City
Critser, Gerald Wayne Winchester
Croman, Carnes Siegel Union City route 2
Cromis, Kelsel Dinnes Losantville
Cronin, Harold Arvin Muncie, Ind.
Cross, Donel John Riley Modoc
Cross, Edward Vaughn Losantville route 2
Cross, Harold Elsworth Parker
Cross, Herschel Chester Farmland route 2
Cross, Hubert Francis Parker
Cross, Lawrence Edward Farmland
Cross, Stanley Robertson Winchester
Crouse, Paul Everett Parker route 1
Crouse, William Albert Lynn route 1
Crow, William Woodford Winchester
Crowel, John Roscoe Union City
Cull, Herman Lee Winchester
Cull, Maurice Ralph Ridgeville
Cullum, Robert Franklin Winchester
Culpepper, David Jackson Farmland route
Cummings, John Edward Union City
Cunningham, Talmadge Union City
Curry, Clarence Eugene Winchester route 4
Curry, Robert Johnson Winchester route 2
Curtis, Merle L Parker route 1
Curtner, Everett Union City route 4
Curtner, Kenneth Union City route 2
Curtner, Robert Union City route 2
Cuttice, Charles Kendall Winchester
Daggett, Leo Worth Union City route 1
Daily, William Ellis Lynn route 2
Dale, Walter Lorenzo Ridgeville
Dalrymple, Donald Glen Parker route 1
Daniels, Wilfred Kenton Farmland route 1
Darby, Charles Wilbur Ridgeville
Darling, Clarence Edward Farmland route 1
Darner, Lemert Eugene Union City
Daugherty, Howard Vincent Farmland
Daum, Robert Lewis Winchester
Davis, Alfred Clay Winchester
Davis, B. Eugene Union City route 2
Davis, Carl Richard Union City
Davis, Charles William Union City
Davis, James Morgan Muncie
Davis, John Henry Winchester
Davis, Lewis Andrew Union City
Davis, Loland Bruce Winchester
Davis, Newton Leroy Winchester
Davis, Raymond Eugene Winchester
Davis, Tarleton Butts Winchester
Davis, William Glenn Losantville route 1
Davisson, Charles Nelson Winchester
Davisson, John Paul Winchester route 3
Dawson, Charles Harrison Winchester
Dawson, Charles Thomas Modoc
Dawson, George James Winchester route 2
Day, Charles Andrew Winchester
Day, Wilburn Union City
DeBolt, Paul Henry Union City route 1
DeBolt, Ronald Rufus Union City
DeMars, Theodore C. Winchester
DeMott, Charles Connersville, Pa.
DeVoss, Donovan Worth Farmland route 1
DeWese, Harris McAnnally Ridgeville
Dean, Francis Willard Winchester route 4
Dean, James E. Winchester route 3
Decker, Edward William Losantville
Decker, Russell Kenneth Winchester
Deckman, Grenville Earl Parker
Deeds, Fred Russell Parker
Deeds, John Lee Winchester
Deeds, Loyd Alonzo Parker route 1
Deeter, John William Winchester
Defibaugh, Denzil Russell Lynn route 1
Defibaugh, James W. Lynn route 1
Delk, John Albert Parkers Landing, Pa.
Delk, Rex Emerson Winchester route 1
Delong, Arley Parker route 1
Dennis, Newton Edward Parker
Denny, William Ralph Ridgeville
Detro, Russell Sylvester Winchester
Devore, Rex D. Losantville route 1
Deweese, Lawrence Jasper Farmland route 2
Dewey, David Harry Union City
Dick, Virgil Earl Ridgeville
Dickey, Donald Clarkson Union City
Dickey, Lester Dwight Michigan City, Ind.
Dickey, Robert Louis Union City
Dickey, Rolland Hume Farmland
Dickey, Winston Michael Parker
Dickson, George Harold Parker route 1
Dickson, Joseph Edwin Farmland
Dickson, Thomas C. Parker route 1
Diehl, James Riley, Jr. Union City route 5
Dienes, William Winchester
Diggs, Lloyd George Winchester route 1
Dillie, Hubert Parker
Dillie, Norvel Parker
Dillingham, Daniel Southard Union City
Dillman, George Junior Lynn
Dillman, Orvel Lynn
Dillon, Glen Maurillius Union City
Dillon, Paul Medard Union City
Disher, Ralph Raymond, Jr. Portland, Ind.
Dishner, Raymond Pierce Farmland route 1
Disinger, Marvin John Ridgeville route 1
Dixon, Donald Lee Winchester
Dodd, Ernest S., Jr. Winchester
Dodd, James William Winchester
Dodd, Joseph Austin Winchester route 1
Dodd, Oliver Ray Winchester
Doeden, Gerald Ennen Saratoga
Dohme, Kenneth Eugene Union City
Dotson, Charles Edward Parker
Doty, John Ridgeville
Doughty, Fred Clinton Winchester
Douglas, Harold B. Union City route 2
Douglas, Loren W. Union City
Downing, Cecil Lee Farmland route 1
Downing, Fred Leon Union City
Downing, Glenn Myron Winchester
Downing, James Ward Winchester
Doyel, John Steven Winchester
Drake, Joseph Hardesty Winchester
Drew, Marley Chester Winchester route 4
Driscol, Howard Merle Farmland
Driscoll, Cletus Leroy Farmland
Driskill, Donald A. Farmland route 1
Drumm, John Mark Parker route 1
Dubeansky, Joe Union City route 4
Dubeansky, Stephen Otis Union City route 4
Dudley, Gerald Wayne Winchester route 3
Dudley, John Kenneth Winchester
Dudley, Oral Cecil Winchester
Dudley, Roy Wilbur Farmland
Dudley, William Marvin Winchester
Dull, Carroll George Winchester route 1
Dull, Ernest Cleo Winchester route 2
Dull, Orville Jakeville, Mich.
Dull, Ralph Wesley Winchester
Dull, Vernon N. Winchester route 1
Dunn, Charles Abraham Winchester
Dunn, Chester Andrew Union City route 2
Dunn, Edgar Martin Winchester
Dunn, James P. Union City
Durbin, Darvin Elonzo Winchester
Durbin, Delbert Claron Winchester route 1
Durbin, Roy Marcus Winchester
Durham, Joseph Cecil Farmland
Durham, Lloyd Wilson Union City
Durham, Robert Isaac Winchester
Durham, Walter Winchester route 1
Durkin, Neal Delbert Carlos
Durkin, Terry A. Winchester
Dwiggins, Floyd Milton Winchester
Dwyer, Robert Applegate Union City
Eads, James Edward Winchester route 1
Eastman, Ben Orin Winchester route 1
Ebeling, John Edward Union City route 4
Edwards, Alvin Aubrey Modoc
Edwards, Charles Hugh Union City
Edwards, Ephraim Monroe Winchester route 3
Edwards, Garry William Winchester
Edwards, Harry Lee Winchester
Edwards, Howard Elvin, Jr. Leesburg, Fla.
Edwards, Lewis Lavon Winchester
Edwards, Ralph Leland Modoc
Edwards, Roe Dedrick Winchester
Edwards, Russell Benjamine Winchester route 3
Edwards, Stanley Renaker Saratoga
Egly, Delbert Marchal Union City
Eley, Melvin Chew Union City
Elliott, Delbert Ivan Union City
Elliott, Edward Barnes Union City
Elliott, Fay Cecil Union City
Elliott, John Maxwell Lynn
Elliott, John Thomas Winchester
Elliott, Lewis Everett Winchester
Elliott, Marvin Cline Winchester
Elliott, Robert Winchester
Ellis, Daniel Burdette Union City
Eloff, Willard William Hollansburg, Ohio route 1
Ely, Robert Walker Union City
Emerson, Harold Union City route 1
Engelhardt, Karl Benton Ridgeville route 1
Engle, Robert A. Winchester
Engle, Charles Edgar Carlos
Engle, Donald Leroy Winchester route 3
Engle, Emmet Valentine Union City route 2
Engle, Glen Oliver Winchester route 3
Engle, Herbert, Jr. Winchester route 3
Engle, John Max Winchester
Engle, Russell P. Winchester route 3
Ertel, Lester Marcus Winchester
Ertel, Robert Ralph Winchester
Ertel, William Ernest Winchester
Ertie, Orvale Ray Winchester
Ertle, Marion Everett Winchester
Erwin, James Winchester route 3
Estes, Bennie Freeman Lynn route 2
Estes, David Earl Farmland
Evans, Carl Max Lynn route 2
Evans, Eric Harry Winchester route 1
Evans, Lewis Martin Farmland route 2
Evans, Paul Max Lynn
Evans, Ralph Golden Ridgeville route 2
Evans, Vernon Scherlock Union City
Evans,Virgil Charles Union City route 3
Even, Edwin Kendall Lynn route 2
Evenson, Elmer Linden Winchester
Everhart, John Robert Winchester
Everroad, Douglas Eugene Farmland
Ewing, Harold Woodrow Parker
Ewing, Howard McNay Dayton, Ohio route 1
Ewing, William Kenneth Parker
Flora, Myrl Jacob Union City route 4
Fahrenkamp, William Joseph Winchester
Farlow, Carl Louis Winchester route 2
Farmer, Hubert Lonzo Losantville
Farr, James Cummins Ridgeville route 2
Fast, Kenneth Elmor Winchester
Feeman, Melvin Nelson Losantville
Felty, Harold Howard Winchester
Felty, Hillard H. Ridgeville route 3
Fenimore, John Ozro Winchester route 4
Fenimore, Verle Eugene Winchester
Fenton, Roy William Union City route 1
Fernsler, Kenneth Eugene Union City route 1
Fetta, Elsworth Batter Winchester route 2
Fetter, Louis J. Winchester
Fetters, Frank Lemoine Winchester route 2
Fidler, Stanley Glenn Winchester route 2
Fielder, Robert Leon Winchester route 4
Fields, Cecil Kenneth Ridgeville route 3
Fields, Glen C. Winchester
Fields, Harold W. Ridgeville route 3
Fields, Howard Andrew Winchester
Fields, Merritt Warren Ridgeville
Fields, Orville Chester Union City
Fields, Richard E. Winchester route 4
Fields, Wallace Lansford Ridgeville route 3
Fields, Wayne H. Ridgeville route 3
Finch, Raymond Cecil Losantville
Fisher, Bernard A. Winchester route 2
Fisher, Charles Franklin Winchester
Fisher, Erman Leonidas Winchester route 1
Fisher, Faye Strahan Winchester
Fisher, Floyd F. Union City route 2
Fisher, Gerald Ray Winchester
Fisher, John Randolph Winchester route 4
Fisher, Ralph Wilbur Winchester
Fisher, Roger Edward Winchester route 4
Fisher, William L. Union City
Fitzmaurice, Edward Joseph Winchester
Fitzmaurice, James Sebastian Winchester
Fitzpatrick, William Faye Parker
Flanagan, Harry Raymond Winchester
Flanagan, Lester Harold Winchester
Flatter, Earl Robert Winchester
Flesher, Francis Demiah Ridgeville route 1
Fletcher, Lester C. Modoc route 1
Fletcher, Orem Clifford Farmland
Flick, John Gleim Winchester
Flinn, Robert Frank San Diego, Calif.
Flood, George Walter Farmland
Flora, Clayton Douglas Ridgeville
Flory, Kenneth Joel Union City route 4
Flory, Richard Daniel Dayton, Ohio
Fodrea, Harry William Parker route 1
Fodrea, James William Farmland
Fodrea, Lee Albert Modoc route 1
Fogle, Glenn Eugene Winchester
Foley, Clarence John Lynn
Foltz, Robert Kenneth Union City
Ford, Lawrence Virgil Ridgeville
Ford, Max Eugene Farmland
Ford, Robert Lee Ridgeville
Ford, Robert Lester Farmland
Foreman, Walter Lee Lynn
Foster, Estus Harold Muncie, Ind.
Foster, James Eugene Farmland
Fouse, Donald Ivan Winchester route 1
Fouse, Fay Alonzo Winchester route 1
Fouse, Theodore Dall Winchester
Fout, Kenneth Joice Winchester
Foutz, Forest Halstead Parker route 1
Foutz, Lawrence Ronald Losantville route 1
Foutz, Lloyd Odell Farmland
Foutz, William Doyle Losantville route 2
Fowler, Cletous Winchester
Fowler, Henry Dale Union City route 2
Fowler, Virgil Keith Union City route 2
Fraley, Ennis Ireland Lynn route 2
Frame, David Clarence, Jr. Lynn route 2
Frame, Hanley John Winchester
Franklin, Vernon Versales Ridgeville
Franklin, William Thomas Winchester
Fraze, Charles Cleon Union City
Fraze, Charles Eugene Ridgeville route 2
Fraze, Charold William Winchester
Fraze, Harry Watts Winchester
Fraze, James Thurl Union City
Fraze, Noble Gale Winchester
Fraze, Ray Estel Winchester route 4
Fraze, Valmer Wayne Ridgeville route 2
Fraze, Wallace Ernie Winchester
Frazier, Clarence Edward Winchester
Frazier, Harold J. Union City route 2
Frazier, Harold Leon Union City
Frazier, Nelson Eugene Union City
Freadlin, Joseph Charles Winchester
Freeman, Francis Henry Winchester
Freeman, George Robert Parker
Freeman, Marvin Harold Lynn route 2
Freeman, Melvin Nelson Losantville
French, Bert Arthur Farmland route 1
Freymuth, Glen Dale Union City
Friar, Glenn Deloss Winchester route 1
Frick, Glen George Union City
Friddle, Marvin Frederick Losantville
Friends, Lawrence Bernard Ridgeville
Frost, Charles Clay Union City route 1
Fruit, Willam Elsworth Farmland route 2
Fry, John Allen Tyrone, Pa. route 1
Fry, Nathan Calvin Lynn route 1
Fry,Paul Daniel Modoc route 1
Fryman, Benjamin Israel Union City route 1
Fryman, Harley Edward Union City
Fudge, Calvin Worth Lynn
Fulkerson, Charles Edwin Glendale, Calif.
Fulks, Floyd Francis Lynn route 1
Funk, Albert Lee Winchester
Funk, David Earl Modoc route 1
Funk, George Franklin Richmond, Ind.
Funk, Henry Lewis Modoc route 1
Funk, Otto Paul Carlos route 1
Funk, Roy Allen Farmland
Funk, Sam Aretis Jay Union City
Furby, Raymond Edward Union City
Furrow, Laren Everett Winchester route 1
Gable, Delbert Cletus Modoc
Gable, Forest Losantville route 2
Gable, Frederick Louis Farmland
Gable, Harold Clarence Losantville route 2
Gable, John Paul Losantville route 2
Gable, Otho Claron Parker route 1
Gable, Roderick Louis Farmland
Gaddis, Clessie Branson Modoc route
Gaddis, Edgar Harris Modoc route 1
Gahret, Donald Clifton Union City
Gahret, Nolen K Union City
Gaines, Wilbur Clifton Winchester
Galbreath, William Heston Lynn
Ganger, George W. Lynn route 2
Gann, Mancil A. Winchester
Gann, Norman O'Dell Winchester
Gant, Carl Leroy Ridgeville route 1
Gantz, Leonard Arnold Ridgeville route 1
Gard, Dale Eugene Carlos
Gard, Fred Farmland
Gard, Voyle Robert Carlos route 1
Gard, William Riley Winchester
Gardner, Henry William Summittsville route 2
Gardner, Ralph Leroy Winchester route 3
Garinger, James Harold Portland, Ind. route 1
Garrett, Denis Edwin Winchester
Garringer, Henry Louis Parker
Garringer, Lewis Samuel Winchester
Garringer, Manor Leo Farmland route 1
Garringer, Roy Verlin Farmland route 1
Garringer, Thurman Edward Union City route 2
Garringer, William Howard Ridgeville
Garriott, Chester Cleo Modoc
Garriott, Glen Landon Parker
Gartley, James Willard Winchester
Gaylor, Herman Harold Winchester
Gaylor, Norval R. Winchester
Gearhart, Robert Leon Winchester
Geeting, Clifton M. Winchester route 4
Gegenheimer, Arthur Ernest Redkey route 1
Gelzleichter, Fred Louis Winchester route 2
George, James Robert Winchester
Gerhard, Charles Logan Winchester
Gerholt, Morris Walter Union City route 4
Gettinger, Duane Hamilton Union City
Gettinger, Edward L. Union City route 1
Gettinger, Floyd Harold Union City route 3
Gibson, Kriston Newton Union City route 1
Gibson, Willard Clinton Union City route 1
Gillespie, Cletis Leon Parker route 1
Gillespie, Sherman Albert Modoc route 1
Gilliom, Walter Herman Winchester
Ginn, Edwin Hubert Tuscaloosa, Ala, Univ. of Ala.
Girton, Charles Irvin Union City
Girton, Harold Leon Saratoga
Girton, Wilmer Edward Winchester route 4
Gleason, Charles Vernon Parker
Glesman, Foster Peter Winchester
Glomb, Thomas Henry Losantville route 1
Goble, Donald Fredrick Winchester route 1
Goddard, Jewell Alexander Farmland route 1,
Goddard, Samuel Allan Farmland route 1
Goiliber, Allen Parkison Farmland
Goldman, Ennes Theodore Paris, Ill.
Goldsmith, Julius Winchester
Golliher, George Beeth Farmland
Golliher, Harvey Dillard Modoc route 1
Golliher, Howard Arthur Modoc route 1
Golliher, Russell Burnett Losantville route 2
Gonzales, Natibidad Union City route 5
Good, Bernard Bernell Union City route 2
Goodhew, Robert Edward Winchester
Goodman, Clyde Christopher Ridgeville route 2
Goodman, Clyde William Winchester route 3
Goodman, Forrest D. Ridgeville route 2
Goodman, Lee Nelson Union City
Goodwin, Marvin Marshall Modoc route 1
Gordon, Aurel Macy Winchester route 1
Gordon, David William Lynn route 2
Gordon, Van Albert Losantville route 1
Gordon, William Max Lynn route 2
Gossage, Edward Leroy Winchester
Gough, Vinton Carroll Farmland
Gough, Woodrow Walter Ridgeville route 1
Graham, George William Union City route 3
Graham, Kenneth Eugene Losantville route 2
Grahg, George William Ridgeville
Gray, Estel Eugene Union City
Gray, Maurice Fenton Union City route 4
Greaf, Raymond Francis Winchester
Greek, Samuel Leroy Union City
Green, Bert Henry Winchester
Green, Curtis Milton Richmond route 3
Green, Erold Leon Union City route 5
Green, Everett Charles Winchester route 1
Green, Leon Jackson Lynn
Green, Mearl Ridgeville
Green, Ralph Everett Winchester route 2
Green, Rodger Belmont Winchester
Green, Rueben Edwin Union City
Greene, Harold Winchester
Greene, Robert Winchester route 3
Greene, William Thomas Lynn route 2
Greenlee, Joe Al Union City
Greenwood, John Joseph Winchester
Griffin, William Alton Ridgeville
Grile, Cline Jerome Union City
Grimes, Hollie Ambrose Lynn
Gross, Harrold Wayne Alexandria
Grouse, John Clifton Losantville
Grove, Charles Emerson Farmland
Grove, Charles Webster Parker
Grove, James Leonard Lynn
Grow, Kenneth Weldon Winchester
Grow, Louie E. Winchester
Grow, Paul Windel Winchester
Grubbs, Calvin Peter Union City
Grubbs, Orlif Marston Modoc
Grubbs, Paul Rudolph Winchester
Grubbs, Robert Marcus Lynn route 2
Gruber, John Robert Union City
Grunden, Charles Willard, Jr. Union City
Gullett, Arthur Boyd Union City route 2
Gullett, James Marvin Farmland route 2
Gullett, James Woodrow Union City
Gulley, Carlton Lee Winchester
Gulley, Ennis Avery Winchester route 4
Gunckel, Charles Boyd Union City
Gurtner, Meredith Linn Union City
Gustin, Oyvin Laveral Winchester
Guthell, William August Winchester
Guthrie, Burley Lloyd Winchester
Guthrie, Steve Union City
Haber, John Peter Union City
Hackensmith, Duane L. Union City
Hackman, Arnold F. W. Union City
Hage, Herman Robert Winchester
Haggard, Hubert Ivan Farmland route 2
Haggart, Charles Edward Brockway, Pa.
Haggart, George Edwin Winchester
Haisley, Walter B. Winchester
Hale, Earl Mathew Parker route 1
Hale, Isom Philip Lynn route 2
Hall, Carlton Blain Winchester
Hall, Cecil Pruit Lynn
Hall, Clarence Ridgeville route 2
Hall, Earl Patric Winchester
Hall, Edward Winchester route 3
Hall, Eli Eldon Winchester
Hall, Frank Ridgeville
Hall, James Theodore Winchester route 1
Halley, Glenn L. Union City
Halsley, Luther Allen Winchester.
Halstead, Everett DeVos Lynn route 2
Halstead, Haskell Virtus Losantville
Halstead, Welcome Tod Farmland
Hamilton, Adrian Leroy Union City
Hamilton, Joe, Jr. Winchester
Hamilton, Loren Dee Lynn route 1
Hammer, Charles Franklin Farmland
Hammer, Glee Winfred Parker route 1
Hammer, Russell Leon Farmland
Hammers, Hollis Clifford Farmland route 1
Hammons, Chester Arthur Liberty route 2
Hammons, Dale Francis Union City
Hampshire, Alfred Leon Union City
Hancock, Claude Willard Modoc route 1
Hancock, Lester Leroy Carlos route 1
Hancock, Merl Max Modoc route 1
Hanke, Edwin Earl Winchester
Hanley, William Ellsworth Winchester
Hanna, Paul Leroy Lynn
Hannah, Glen Lowell Winchester
Hansen, Charles Herney Winchester
Harader, Laverne Martin Union City
Harbour, James Branson Winchester
Harden, Ray Charley Parker route 1
Hardesty, Carl Herbert Lynn
Hardesty, John Earl Ridgeville route 3
Hardwick, Clifford LeRoy Farmland route 1
Hardwick, Howard Mansfield Modoc
Hardwick, Ralph Cleo Ridgeville route 3
Hardwick, Robert Eugene Ridgeville
Hargrave, Lee Benton Saratoga
Harlan, Dale Richard Winchester
Harlan, John Edward Winchester
Harman, Basil Edward Union City
Harman, Cecil Earl Lynn
Harman, Clarence Earl Union City
Harman, Robert Clinton Union City
Harness, Gaylord Josiah Nashville, Tenn.
Harness, Ned Parker
Harold, Russell Elmer Farmland
Harper, Eugene Walter Winchester route 2
Harper, Robert Herrold Durham, N. H.
Harrell, Carl Smith Losantville
Harris, Isom Roy Winchester route 4
Harris, John Gaddis Ridgeville route 3
Harris, Joseph Winchester
Harris, Norman Monroe Losantville route 2
Harris, Ralph C. Winchester
Harris, Rexford Eugene Union City route 4
Harris, Sam Winchester
Harris, Sherman Guthrie Lynn route 2
Harrison, Allison Farmland route 2
Harrison, Herbert Benjamin Winchester
Harry, Noah Webster Ridgeville
Harshbarger, Lavon A. Union City
Harshman, Charles William Lynn route 2
Harshman, Donald LeRoy Lynn route 4
Harshman, Ernest Charles Lynn route 1
Harshman, Floyd Leaverson Union City route 4
Harshman, Hershel Leroy Winchester
Harshman, James Martin Lynn route 2
Harshman, Lenard E. Ridgeville route 3
Harshman, Merl Joseph Union City route 4
Harshman, Paul Emerson Union City
Harshman, Roscoe Cascius Union City route 4
Hart, Ralph Donald Union City
Hart, Richard Joseph Union City
Harter, Charles Layman Union City
Harter, Harry Granison Lynn route 1
Harter, Lawrence Russell Union City
Harter, Ora Clifford Winchester
Harty, Horace Alexander Parker
Hartzell, Charles David Farmland
Hartzell, Robert Vernon Lynn route 1
Harvey, Albert George Parker
Harvey, Eston Everett Winchester route 4
Hasty, Albert Francis Winchester
Hathaway, Charles William Ridgeville
Haupt, Eugene Roby Parker
Hawley, Lee Robert Winchester
Hawley, Leroy Sullivan Winchester
Hawley, William B., Jr. Winchester
Haynes, Alvin O. Modoc route 1
Hazelmire, Edmond Stack Winchester
Hazelmire, John Garrett Union City
Healton, Kenneth Leon Hagerstown, Ind. route 2
Heaston, Fred Marmon Winchester route 2
Heater, Howard Earl Muncie, Ind.
Heaton, Robert Lee Winchester route 3
Hefty, Frank W. Winchester
Heitzmann, Charles Keith Union City
Helm, Eldon Richard Parker
Helm, John Lee Parker route 1
Helm, John William Parker
Helms, David Richard Winchester
Heltz, Harold Eugene Winchester
Henderson, Arvin Tartleton Ridgeville
Henderson, Harold Kenneth Winchester
Henderson, Howard Franklin Winchester
Hendricks, Earl Elven Parker route 1
Hendricks, Harvey Joseph Union City
Hendrickson, Elmer Lee Winchester
Heniss, Jesse Franklin Winchester route 4
Henizer, Ralph Elsworth Winchester
Henizer, Ruby Winchester
Henley, Melburn Filson Ridgeville
Henning, John Abner Winchester
Henry, Edward Earl Louisville, Ky.
Hensley, Clyde Parker
Hernandez, Denenico Gonzales San Antonio, Tex.
Hernandez, Leandro Gonzales San Antonio, Tex.
Hernandez, Lucio Gonzales Winchester route 4
Hernley, Earl J. Farmland route 1
Hernley, Emerson Paul Parker route 1
Hernley, Orville Robert Lynn route 2
Hernly, Emmett Edmund Losantville route 1
Hernly, Miles Amos Parker
Herrell, Paul Morris Winchester
Herriford, Charles Ridgeville route 3
Herron, Howard Raymond Farmland route 1
Hersberger, Howard Franklin Winchester route 2
Hersley, Bennie Everett Farmland route 1
Hersley, Ralph Edgar Parker route 1
Heston, Donald Wayne Ridgeville route 3
Hiatt, Burt Stanley Winchester
Hiatt, Delbert Clarence Farmland
Hiatt, Edward Furmon Winchester
Hiatt, Enos Riley Winchester
Hiatt, Everett Donald Farmland
Hiatt, Geroge Ernest Ridgeville route 1
Hiatt, Harry Edward Union City
Hiatt, Max Garfield Winchester
Hiatt, Richard James Winchester
Hiatt, Robert Donald Ridgeville route 1
Hiatt, Russell Daniel Winchester
Hiatt, Wilfred J. Ridgeville route 3
Hickman, Franklin Jay Winchester
Higgins, Howard Woodrow Union City
Hildebrand, Samuel Hance Smith Union City
Hill, Basil Frazee Lynn
Hill, Denzil Stevenson Lynn route 1
Hill, George Robinson, Jr. Union City
Hill, Harrison Edward Lynn route 2
Hill, Robert Winchester route 4
Hillard, Clyde Oliver Winchester
Hilty, Reno J. Union City
Hindsley, Philip Woodrow Union City
Hinkle, James Alfred Union City route 1
Hinkle, Roger Benjamin Saratoga
Hinshaw, Clarence William Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Donald William Winchester
Hinshaw, Everett Fenrich Winchester
Hinshaw, George Robert Winchester route 2
Hinshaw, Howard William Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, James Carlton Winchester route 2
Hinshaw, Kenneth C. Union City
Hinshaw, Lester Raymond Winchester route 1
Hinshaw, Melvin Merl Winchester
Hinshaw, Murland Lynn route 1
Hinshaw, Paul Edwin Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Paul Harold Modoc
Hinshaw, Purl Leroy Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Ralph Carl Lynn
Hinshaw, Richard Leroy Lynn
Hinshaw, Walter Lavon Winchester route 3
Hinty, Harvey Wallace Lynn
Hinty, Ulysses William Winchester
Hitchcock, Gerald Holt Farmland route 2
Hobbs, Jerry Jessie Union City
Hobbs, Ovid Oran Winchester
Hobley, Stewart Wilbur Farmland
Hockensmith, Donald Eugene Union City route 2
Hockett, Earl Cleo Lynn
Hodgin, Gail Engle Ridgeville route 1
Hodgin, Lawrence Richard Winchester
Hodson, Clarence Leroy Modoc route 1
Hodson, Glen Arthur Carlos route 1
Hoenshell, Walter Roy New Kingston, Pa.
Hoerst, George John Winchester
Hoffman, Francis William Losantville
Hogle, Edward Arthur Saratoga
Hogston, Ernest Ezra Lynn route 2
Holaday, Albert Morris Losantville route 2
Holaday, Charles Dorvin Winchester
Holaday, Ervan Brown Lynn route 2
Holaday, Robert Glenn Winchester
Holaday, Robert Lee New Orleans, La.
Holaday, Wibur Vincent Losantville
Holcomb, Truby Nathan Losantville route 1
Holdeman, Charles Pier Winchester
Holdeman, Herman Maurice Winchester
Holdeman, Kenneth Eugene Winchester
Holdeman, Roger Howard Winchester
Holiday, Talmage Tomas Winchester
Holland, Ernest Herman Lynn route 2
Hollingsworth, Charles Elvin Farmland route 1
Hollingsworth, Ira Warren Lynn route 1
Hollingsworth, James Thomas Winchester
Hollingsworth, Paul William Farmland route 1
Holloway, Glenn Marion Winchester
Holloway, John Robert Ridgeville route 1
Hollowell, Lee Edward Ridgeville route 3
Hollowell, Roger William Ridgeville route 3
Holt, Charles Allen Lynn
Holt, Eugene David Lynn
Holt, Robert Lee Lynn
Hooper, Charles Oliver Union City
Hoover, Charles Ira Lynn route 1
Hoover, Charles Verlin Farmland route 1
Hoover, Kenneth Amos Losantville route 1
Hoover, Robert William Ridgeville route 3
Hopkins, Roy Allen Lynn route 2
Horn, Evan Francis Winchester route 2
Horn, Robert Boyd Winchester route 2
Horner, Ira Morton Winchester
Horner, Lester Shordon Farmland route 1
Horner, Ronald Marion Lynn
Horr, Ephriam Cyrus Winchester
Horrigan, Bernard Maurice Union City route 2
Hotmire, Clarence Herbert Farmland
Hotmire, Hal S. Union City
Hough, Joseph Alfred Winchester
Houk, James Earl Ridgeville
Houser, Carl Everett Winchester
Howard, Horace Evin Winchester route 1
Howe, Charles Cleveland Winchester
Howe, Robert Jack Union City route 1
Howell, Fred Albert Farmland route 2
Howell, Gordon Edward Modoc route 1
Howell, Horace Harold Henderson Modoc route 1
Howell, Howard Arthur Union City route 4
Howell, Howard Johnson Modoc route 1
Howell, Marvin Leander Hartford City, Ind.
Howell, Ulus Lavere Union City
Howell, William Harrison Winchester
Hoyt, Alfred Farmland route 1
Hubbard, Charles William Winchester route 4
Hubbard, John Smith Farmland
Hubbard, Ralph Michael Winchester route 4
Huey, Charles Glendale, Ariz. route 1
Huffer, Glen Union City route 4
Huffman, Charles Wilson Winchester route 1
Huffman, Farrell Ernest Union City
Huffman, Kenneth Leo Winchester route 3
Huffman, Lee Ralph Winchester
Huffman, Leonidas Roy Winchester
Huffman, Richard Leo Ridgeville route 1
Huffman, Robert Earl Winchester route 3
Huffman, Truman Ashley Ridgeville route 1
Hufford, William Kenneth Union City
Hughes, Robert Edwards Carlos route 1
Hummel, Lester Orville Ridgeville
Humphreys, Byng Banks Modoc route 1
Humpolak, Louis Carl Union City route 4
Hunsinger, Earl Moutary Modoc route 1
Hunsucker, Stewart J. Winchester
Hunt, Albert Clelland Farmland route 2
Hunt, Albert Kenneth Farmland route 2
Hunt, Clyde Edmund Winchester
Hunt, George Clay Winchester
Hunt, Glenden Maxine Modoc
Hunt, Hubert Donald Parker route 1
Hunt, John Ross Union City
Hunt, William Lancelot Lynn route 2
Hunter, William R. Winchester
Huntwork, Leonard William Winchester
Huntwork, Vernie Union City
Hurchinson, Estal Marion Winchester route 1
Hurling, Cyrus Winchester
Hurst, Robert Hilden Farmland
Hushour, Guy Richard Winchester
Hushour, Nelson Leon Union City
Huston, Kenneth Charles Winchester route 4
Huston, William Hervet, Jr. Parker route 1
Hutchens, Cedric Lawson Lynn route 2
Hutchens, Charles Claude Lynn
Hutchens, George Edmun Lynn
Hutcheons, Arlie Fredrick Winchester
Hutcherson, Maurice R. Farmland
Hutchison, Cleon Winchester
Hutson, Howard Francis Redkey route 1
Hutson, Robert Samuel Winchester
Hutton, Carl Raymond Parker route 1
Iliff, Nelson Andrew Saratoga
Imel, Cloyde Murl Ridgeville rout 2
Imel, Howard Earl Union City route 2
Ingermann, Herman Dwight Farmland route 2
Ingle, Alonzo Leonard Farmland
Ingle, Don Wilson Ridgeville
Ingle, Luther Winchester route 2
Ingle, Max Leon Union City route 5
Irish, John William Winchester
Isenbarger, Charles LeRoy Union City route 2
Isenbarger, Dale Lowell Union City route 2
Isenbarger, Delbert James Saratoga
Isenbarger, Robert Chester Saratoga
Jackson, Benjamin Irad Losantville
Jackson, Clayton Ray Carlos
Jackson, Harlan Andrew Carlos route 1
Jackson, James A. Carlos
Jackson, Merritt Emerson Modoc route 1
Jackson, Murray Edward Farmland route 2
Jackson, Richard Lavon Winchester
Jackson, Roscoe Paul Ridgeville
Jackson, Verton Ridgeville route 2
Jacobs, John Henry Union City
Jacobs, Milford Wayman Parker
James, Garver Dennis Winchester route 1
James, Loy Loid Ridgeville
James, Malcolm Claron Farmland route 2
James, Richard D. Modoc route 1
James, Warren Basil Ridgeville route 3
James, William Dallas Farmland route 1
Jameson, Harold Clarence Winchester
Jaqua, John Clayton, Jr. Winchester
Jarrett, Everett C. Winchester route 3
Jarrett, Harry Arthur Winchester
Jarrett, John Floyd Winchester
Jarrett, Jonathan Leroy New Orleans, La.
Jarrett, Joseph Marion Winchester
Jarrett, Leon Edward Winchester route 1
Jean, Carl Kennedy Parker
Jefferis, Armand Devo Union City
Jefferis, Donald Revere Union City
Jefferis, Omer Duane Union City
Jefferis, Verl Lincoln Union City
Jeffery, Jobe Thomas Winchester
Jenkins, Clarence Fredrick Winchester
Jenkins, Herman Leroy Ridgeville
Jenkinson, Emerson Eugene Winchester route 1
Jennings, James Raymond Lynn route 2,
Jennings, Melvin Edward Winchester route 3
Jennings, Myron Lee Lynn route 2
Jennings, Robert Ennis Lynn
Jennings, Walter B. Parker route 1
Jeries, Herman Waymond Farmland route 1
Jerles, James William Farmland route
Jessup, Clarence Union City route 1
Jessup, Gerald Ruthren Winchester route 1
Jessup, Ivan Otis Winchester route 3
Jessup, James Norman Union City
Jessup, Kenneth Ora Winchester route 1
Jett, Edward Lee Lynn route 2
Johnson, Albert Paul Winchester route 2
Johnson, Charles Elmer Lynn route 1
Johnson, Chester Sammy Losantville
Johnson, Gordon Omer Losantville
Johnson, Harold Raymond Winchester route 3
Johnson, J. Willard Saratoga
Johnson, James Nelson Winchester
Johnson, Joel Mills Lynn route 1
Johnson, John Robert Indianapolis, Ind.
Johnson, John William Winchester route 2
Johnson, Joseph Clarence Winchester
Johnson, Lawrence Ernest Lynn
Johnson, Lloyd Anthony Lynn route 1
Johnson, Maurice Harold Stockton, Ill.
Johnson, Osie Richard Union City
Johnson, Philip Cyrus Lynn route 1
Johnson, Rex Anderson Union City route 1
Johnson, Robert Leon Winchester
Johnson, Robert Samuel Winchester
Johnson, Roe Dale Lynn route 1
Johnson, Roger Bird Lynn route 2
Johnson, Silas Wilson Winchester
Johnson, Walter Eugene Lynn route 2
Johnson, Wilbur Lynn route 1
Johnson, William Howard Lynn route 2
Johnson, William Robert Winchester
Johnston, Herschal Lowell Parker route 1
Johnston, Ralph Edward Winchester
Johnston, Wayne Gladford Winchester
Jones, Campbell B. Winchester
Jones, Charles Darce Ridgeville
Jones, Erman Elsworth Winchester
Jones, Ernest Harold Lynn
Jones, Gordon Byron Winchester
Jones, James Edwin Parker route 1
Jones, Marlin Winchester
Jones, Odin Little Winchester
Jones, Orville Elsworth Lynn
Jones, Ovid Paul Winchester
Jones, Raymond Winchester
Jones, Robert Gail Modoc
Jones, Thomas F. Union City route 2
Jones, Victor Ernest Winchester
Jones, Virgil Forrest Lynn
Jordan, Leo E. Lynn
Jordan, Lex Harvey Fountain City route 2
Jordan, Raymond Ross Modoc route 1
Joyce, Clarence Ruben Losantville
Kabel, Francis Peter Farmland
Kabel, Leland Ridgeville route 1
Kabel, Wilbur Saratoga
Karnes, Delbert Glenn Parker
Kaucher, Ralph Eugene Union City
Kaufman, Gerald Basil Winchester route 4
Kaufman, Gilman Leon Union City
Kaufman, Ivan Oscar Farmland
Kaufman, Paul Leon Union City route 2
Kaufman, Ralph Henry Union City route 2
Kaugher, Donald Joseph Winchester
Kaugher, George Thomas Winchester
Keading, Lester Charles Winchester route 2
Keagy, Albert Franklin Winchester
Keagy, William Henry Union City route 1
Keeley, Benjamin Harold Winchester
Keen, Arthur Union City
Keener, James Loren New Castle, Ind.
Keesling, Charles Morrison Union City route 4
Keesling, William Carroll Lynn route 2
Keever, Kienzie George Farmland
Keever, Maurice Earl Farmland
Keever, William Farmland route 2
Keister, Basil Desmond Winchester route 3
Keister, Lloyd Eugene Winchester route 1
Keister, Ralph Jay Winchester
Keister, Robert Eugene Union City route 4
Keister, William Russell Alsworth Union City route 4
Keith, Harvey Leroy Farmland route 1
Kelley, Howard Clark Carlos route 1
Kelley, Howard Donald Winchester
Kelley, John Clay Winchester
Kelly, Harry Emerson Union City route 2
Kelly, Raymond John Winchester
Kemp, Edward Clifton Union City
Kemp, Ronald Clarkson Winchester
Kendall, John Frederick Winchester
Kendall, William Hersey Yeadon, Pa.
Kenley, Robert Sackery Saratoga
Kennedy, Don Devo Farmland route 2
Kennedy, Francis Cleo Farmland
Kennedy, Roderick Ancil Farmland
Kennedy, Vergil Leo Farmland route 2
Kenner, Harold Francis Union City
Kenworthy, Donald Edwin Lynn
Kenworthy, Paul Lynn route 1
Kerr, James Barr Dayton, Ohio
Kesslar, Kenneth Clarence Union City
Kessler, Clarence Harold Winchester
Kessler, Maurice Macolum Saratoga
Ketner, Harry Vern Winchester
Key, Hubert Eugene Union City
Keys, Carlton Ross Winchester route 2
Keys, Glenn Norval Winchester route 3
Keys, Gordon Horace Winchester
Keys, John Allen Winchester
Keys, Kenneth Ira Winchester route 4
Keys, Marvin Paul Winchester route 3
Keys, Richard Martin Lynn
Kidder, John Richard Winchester
Kimbrew, Calvert Roy Winchester
Kimmel, Robert Miller Dayton, Ohio route 10
Kimmerling, Christy Gearld Carlos route 1
King, Forrest Oar Winchester
King, John Bennett Farmland route 1
King, Marion Osborn Farmland
King, Sheldon Scott Winchester
King, Vester Alton Farmland route 1
Kinsey, James Herbert Parker
Kinsey, William Daryl Carlos route 1
Kiser, Noah Leroy Ft. Recovery, Ohio route 3
Kiser, Orville Roe Ridgeville
Kissinger, George Rolland Winchester
Kist, Robert Merrill Winchester
Klinck, Charles Edgar Winchester route 1
Klinck, Robert Thomas Farmland
Kline, Forrest Moore Union City
Knoll, Deskin Taylor Lynn
Knoll, Verlin Denver Lynn
Koch, Buenace Lavelle Ridgeville
Kochersperger, Gerald Everett Union City route 2
Kochersperger, Victor Lloyd Union City route 1
Koger, Walter Ray Shirley ??
Kolp, Richard Lee Winchester
Kolp, Walter Eugene Winchester route 3
Konntz, Everett Leroy Union City
Koontz, James Bernard Union City
Koontz, John Byrne Union City
Kramer, Lee Brewer Winchester
Krausbauer, Dallas Lanier Modoc
Kreider, Richard Duane Union City
Kreider, Robert Bernice Union City
Kress, Charles Benjamin Union City route 5
Kritsch, John Richard Lynn
Kross, Richard Union City route 5
Krumwiede, Leonard Henry Winchester route 3
Krupey, Wasyl Winchester
Kuhnie, Paul W. Winchester route 2
Lacey, Delbert Henry Union City
Lacey, Dudley Haworth Windfall route 2
Lackey, Clarence Osben Parker
Lafever, Hurschel Losantville route 1
Lafollette, John Edwin Ridgeville
Lafuse, Albert Monroe Lynn route 2
Lafuse, Justin Alvan Union City route 4
Lake, Chester Emadore Winchester route 2
Lamb, Willard Clinton Parker
Landers, Ralph Ridgeville route 1
Lang, Ralph, Jr. Parker route 1
Lanning, Harold Arland Winchester
Larch, Emmitt William Modoc
Largent, Granville Oneal Parker
Laricks, William Henry Winchester
Lasley, Dale Eugene Saratoga
Lasley, Evan Arnold Winchester route 1
Lasley, Forrest Chenoweth Winchester
Lasley, Gerald Ivan Farmland route 1
Laux, Marlin Louis Winchester
Law, Denzil Levon Modoc route 1
Lawrence, Howard Allen Winchester
Lawrence, Ruby Lee Parker
Lawrence, William Howard Winchester route 4
Lawson, Arthur Edsil Fountain City route 1
Lawson, Arthur Fred Oklahoma City, Okla.
Lawson, Edgar Eugene Winchester
Lawson, Ivan Oswald Parker route 1
Lawson, John Paul Winchester route 4
Lay, Samuel C. Ridgeville
Leach, Rennie Albert Winchester route 1
Leahay, Josephy Francis Union City
Leahey, Thomas Edward Union City
Leatherman, Drue Harold Union City
Leatherman, John Russell Union City
Leatherman, Otho Paul Union City
Leavell, Kenneth J. Winchester
Leaver, Richard Glee Saratoga
Leaver, Russel LeRoy Union City
Ledoux, Jean Barr Winchester
Lee, Delois Eugene Lynn route 1
Lee, James Byron Winchester
Lee, John Miller Winchester
Lee, John Robert Winchester
Lee, John S. Lynn
Lee, William Jasper Winchester
Leeka, William Mills Losantville
Leeks, George Clair Parker route 1
Leeks, Howard Samuel Losantville route 2
Lemon, Gerald Romane Winchester
Lenox, William Richard Winchester route 1
Leonard, Forrest Virgil Winchester
Leonard, Vern Aldreth Winchester
Lesley, Robert Carlton Winchester
Lester, Herman Richard Winchester
Lester, Homer ?. Modoc route 1
Lewellen, Joseph Ralph Farmland
Lewis, Donald Nelson Farmland route 1
Lewis, Harold Roscoe Winchester
Lewis, Harvey Delbert Winchester route 1
Lewis, Howard Hicks Lynn
Lewis, Joseph Dean Lynn route 1
Lewis, Kyle Bradley Farmland route 2
Lewis, Ralph Allen Winchester
Lewis, Raymond John Farmland route 1
Lewis, Russell William Lynn route 2
Licht, Woodrow Independence Ridgeville route 1
Life, Hugh Jacob Winchester
Lilly, Lowell Eugene Richmond route 4
Lily, Jessie Maurice Lynn route 1
Limbert, Marion Calvin Ridgeville
Lindley, Walter Union City route 1
Lindney, Harlen Orville Parker
Lindsey, Edgar Harold Indianapolis, Ind.
Lindsey, George Ernie Parker
Lindsey, Wilbur B. Parker
Linn, Howard Andrew Union City route 2
Linton, Lloyd David Hammond
Liston, Charles LeRoy Winchester
Liston, Millard Filmore Winchester
Liston, William James Winchester
Litachert, William Milton Winchester
Litschert, Ralph Ashton Winchester
Little, James Myrtle Union City route 4
Little, Richard Carl Winchester route 2
Livingston, Keith Paul Union City
Locke, Chalmer Robert Winchester
Locke, Howard Clayton Parker
Locke, Leon Eugene Winchester route
Locke, Offitt E. Muncie route 6
Locke, Raymond Fay Winchester
Loehr, Dallas Rodney Saratoga
Logan, Matthew Joseph Winchester
Logan, Melvin William Winchester
Long, Clyde Weldon Winchester
Long, Junior Ralph Parker route 1
Long, Richard Edward Saratoga
Lorton, John Keith Union City route 1
Losch, Floyd Joseph Ridgeville route 2
Louks, Charlton Alexander Farmland route 1
Love, Paul Jeffery Lynn route 1
Love, Robert Devon Lynn route 1
Lovell, Ralph Harold Winchester
Lowdenslager, Andrew Gail Union City
Lowe, Albert Elvin Winchester
Lowe, John Herman Winchester
Loy, Paul Leo Winchester
Lucas, Fred Winchester
Lucas, Paul Leroy Warren, Ohio
Lucas, William Alva Union City
Luddington, Richard Harold Parker
Ludwick, Guy Randolph Winchester
Ludwick, Richard Lee Albany route 1
Ludwick, Wendell Perry Winchester route 2
Ludy, Robert Henry Winchester
Luellen, Myron Eugene Losantville route 1
Lumpkin, Byron Orlando Winchester
Lumpkin, Lee Willard Losantville route 1
Lumpkin, Raymond Leon Union City route 1
Lumpkin, Robert Myron Losantville route 1
Lykins, Claud Earl Parker
Lykins, Harold Cleo Winchester
Lykins, Jesse Ralph Winchester
Lykins, Marvin Arnold Winchester route 1
Lykins, Ottie Leroy Ridgeville route 3
Lykins, Ronald Orville Winchester route 1
Lynch, Doward Arthur Winchester
Lynch, Henry Lee Union City
Lyons, Joseph Patrick Union City
Lyons, Max Jesse Winchester
Lytle, Joshua William Union City route 1
MacAbee, W. Miles Union City
Mack, Elmer Charles Winchester
Macy, Charles Victor Indianapolis, Ind.
Macy, Marvin Edward Ridgeville route 1
Macy, Paul Calvin Union City route 4
Mader, Russell Ivan Winchester
Magner, Jesse Kenneth Winchester
Main, James Gail Farmland
Maines, George Winchester
Maloon, William Frank, Jr. Union City
Manes, Charles Everett Winchester
Mangas, Chester J. Union City route 1
Mangas, Glenn Corwin Union City
Mangas, Howard Thomas Union City route 1
Mangas, Hubert Union City route 1
Mangas, Paul Joseph Union City
Mangas, Stanley Warner Union City route 1
Mangas, Verl Edwin Union City
Mangold, Charles Hugh Union City
Mann, Clyde Edward Winchester
Mann, Daniel Roscoe Lynn
Mann, Lester Kenneth Winchester route 2
Mann, Roy Elsworth Lynn route 1
Manning, Charles Merritt Union City
Manning, Frederick Bert Lynn route 1
Manning, Marvin Loyd Lynn
Manning, Paul Franklin Winchester route 3
Manning, Richard Gail Lynn route 2
Manning, Russell James Lynn route 1
Manor, Harold Carl Winchester
Manrose, Charles Scribner Winchester
Maple, Glen Wayne Winchester
Marlin, William Ross Parker
Marquis, Elvan Lee Mount Vernon, Ohio
Marquis, Howard Retter Lynn
Marquis, Lemoin Barkley Milford, Ill.
Marsh, Arlo Donald Union City route 1
Marsh, Estel Verona Ridgeville
Marsh, James Elmer Union City route 2
Marsh, Othal Ronald Ridgeville route 2
Marsh, Otiss Keith Winchester
Marsh, Thorold Ridgeville
Marshall, Merrell Thomas Parker
Marshall, Merritt James Parker
Marshall, Robert Vernon Union City
Martin, Foster Paul Lynn
Martin, Harry Lee Winchester
Martin, Jesse Edwin Ridgeville
Martin, Richard Warren Lynn route 2
Martin, Robert Edgar Lynn route 2
Martin, Russell Eugene Lynn
Mason, Lloyd Allan Winchester route 3
Mason, Robert Ridgeville route 3
Mason, Russell Albert Union City
Mason, Willard Felix Dayton, Ohio
Master, William Elvin Modoc
Masterson, George Owen Parker route 1
Matchett, Charles W. Union City route 1
Maurin, Joseph B. Winchester
Maxwell, Robert Bond Farmland
May, Cedrick Edwin Ridgeville
May, Ralph Ridgeville
May, Victor Sherman Ridgeville
Mayfield, Harry Winchester
Maynard, Kenneth Edward, Jr. Lynn
McAbee, Samuel Joseph Ridgeville route 1
McAllister, Fred Oliver Carlos
McCagg, James Louis Saratoga
McCamey, James A. Winchester
McCarter, James Martin Union City
McCartney, Richard Effort Muncie
McCartney, Virgil Ishamel Winchester
McClain, Avery Union City route 4
McClain, Chester Union City route 4
McClish, Julius Edison Winchester
McConocha, Donald Glen Union City
McCoy, John Courtney Winchester
McCoy, Melvin Edward Winchester
McCracken, Walter Eugene Union City route 4
McCullum, Elmer Louis Winchester
McCullum, Harold Eugene Winchester
McCune, Floyd Elder Winchester route 1
McEntire, Louis Kendall Union City
McEntire, Thomas Vernon Union City
McFarland, Dale Leon Winchester
McFarland, Frank Eugene Charlestown
McFarland, James Ronald Winchester route 3
McFarland, Jesse Duane Union City
McFarland, William Merritt Lynn
McGuire, Roger Albert Winchester route 3
McGunegill, Ralph Clifton Losantville
McHatton, Austin Devon Winchester
McHolland, James Ira Winchester
McHolland, Robert Evans Winchester route 3
McIndoo, Chester Lewis Winchester
McIntire, Lincoln Union City route 1
McIntire, Victor William Winchester route 1
McIntyre, Donald Eugene Farmland
McIntyre, John Charles Winchester
McIntyre, William Eldon Modoc route 1
McKenna, James Richard Brockway, Pa.
McKinley, Joseph Hampton Ridgeville route 3
McKnight, John Benjamine Winchester route 4
McLaughlin, Byron Weber Winchester
McLaughlin, Daniel Clabern Winchester
McLaughlin, Robert Eugent Winchester
McNees, Herbert Jack Farmland
McNees, Hobart Eugene Farmland
McNees, Kenneth Charles Farmland
McNees, Lester Lenro Farmland route 2
McNees, Paul Marvin Losantville route 2
McRose, Charles Walter Union City
McVey, Albert Winchester
McVey, Herbert Paul Winchester
McWilliams, Robert Riley Parker
Meadows, Harry James Winchester
Medler, Alvin Dallas Farmland
Medler, Arthur Reuben Parker route 1
Medler, Carlos Ruben Farmland route 1
Medler, Cecil Lee Parker
Medler, Wilbert Carlton Farmland route 1
Medsker, James Howard Farmland route 2
Meek, Wallace Winchester route 4
Meek, Wilbur Roger Winchester
Meeks, Arthur Wayne Carlos route 1
Meeks, Emerson Allen Farmland route 1
Meeks, Harold Paul Union City
Meeks, J. Clyde Parker route 1
Mendenhall, Carlton Lee Farmland
Mendenhall, Gerald Eugene Union City route 5
Mendenhall, Harold Francis Union City route 1
Mendenhall, Ivel Charles Modoc route 1
Mendenhall, Joseph Corwin Ridgeville
Mendenhall, Paul Gordon Modoc route 1
Meranda, Charles William Ridgeville
Meranda, Norman Eugene Union City
Meranda, Orpheus Lee Farmland route 1
Meranda, Robert Allen Farmland
Meredith, Thomas Josiah Union City
Merrill, Herbert Herman Farmland route 1
Merritt, Walter Charles Union City
Merritt, Willard Louis Union City
Mervin, George L. Ridgeville route 2
Metsker, Earl David Losantville
Metz, Carl Elmer Winchester
Metz, Dale Winchester
Metz, Merritt Franklin Winchester
Michael, Robert Lee Ridgeville
Michael, William Wallace Ridgeville
Michener, Frank McShane Winchester
Middaugh, Paul Marvin Union City route 1
Midlam, George Arthur Union City
Mikesell, Charles Belmont Winchester
Mikesell, Ralph Lynn route 1
Miles, Joshua Samuel Lynn
Miley, Donald Harold Parker
Miller, A. C. Parker
Miller, Cecil Boyden Winchester
Miller, Charles Henry Winchester
Miller, Charles Ralph Ridgeville route 1
Miller, Chelsea Robert Winchester
Miller, Chester Lee Ridgeville
Miller, Claude Eugene Farmland route 1
Miller, Don Coggeshall Lynn route 2
Miller, Earl Lucas Lynn route 1
Miller, Edwin Allison Ridgeville route 1
Miller, Everett Samuel Modoc
Miller, Forrest Benjamin Union City
Miller, Gilbert Harry Carlos
Miller, Glen Carlos
Miller, Harold Delbert Farmland route 2
Miller, Harry Alton Farmland
Miller, Howard Francis Lynn
Miller, Joe Vincent Winchester
Miller, John Adrian Winchester
Miller, Kenneth Raymond Farmland route 1
Miller, Luther D. Winchester route 3
Miller, Orla Edwin Union City
Miller, Peery Emerson Winchester
Miller, Ralph Waren Union City
Miller, Raymond Paul Winchester route 2
Miller, Robert Parker
Miller, Robert Howard Lynn route 2
Miller, Thomas Eugene Winchester
Miller, Thorel Glenn Union City
Miller, Wilbert Allen Lynn
Miller, William Hubbard Farmland route
Miller, William Taylor Winchester route 3
Milligan, John Wesley Union City
Milligan, Paul Keith Union City route 4
Milligan, Wallace William Ridgeville route 2
Million, Herschel Davis Winchester
Mills, Chester Dale Farmland
Mills, Claudie Maurice Farmland
Mills, Edward Keith Farmland
Mills, Edwin Leon Kankakee, Ill.
Mills, Eugene Winchester
Mills, Everette Clayton Winchester
Mills, George Davis Winchester
Mills, Harry Eugene Indianapolis, Ind.
Mills, Jesse Winchester route 3
Mills, Lawrence Mearl Ridgeville route 1
Mills, Marvin Albertus Farmland route 1
Millwood, Harry Charles Winchester route 4
Minnich, Roger E. Union City
Mitchell, Forrest Arthur Lynn
Mitchell, Glenn Arthur Parker
Mitchell, Harold Eugene Ridgeville
Mitchell, Homer Lee Winchester route 4
Mitchell, Joseph Paul Ridgeville route
Mitchell, Lester James Farmland route 2
Mitchell, Robert Gale Winchester route 4
Mitchell, Roger Winchester
Mitchell, Thomas Franklin Winchester
Mize, Ralph Union City
Mock, Carmon Leo Ridgeville
Mock, Charles Ridgeville
Mock, Delmer David Lynn route 1
Moffett, John Ambrose Union City route 2
Molford, Clarence Grant Winchester
Moncrief, Cecil A. Ridgeville
Mong, Lawrence Mervil Union City
Monk, Edward Nolan Winchester
Monroe, Cecil James Winchester
Monroe, Lonnie Winchester
Monroe, Myron Clayton Union City
Montes, Albert Saratoga
Montes, Alfredo Rodriquez Winchester
Montgomery, Guy Kenneth Union City
Moody, David Lynn
Moody, Walter Harvey Winchester
Moon, Charles Howard Redkey route 1
Moon, Gail Cletis Farmland route 1
Moon, Harold Lee Ridgeville route 1
Moore, Charles Edwin Winchester route 3
Moore, Charles Irvin Winchester route 3
Moore, Charles Lyle Winchester route 1
Moore, Charles Richard Union City
Moore, Clyde Howarde Winchester
Moore, Darrell Roland Fairview
Moore, Ernest Eldon Winchester
Moore, Fredrick Edward Winchester
Moore, George Allen Farmland route 2
Moore, Glen Carl Winchester route 3
Moore, Harry Wilda Lynn
Moore, Henry Fay Winchester route 3
Moore, John Donald Muncie, Ind.
Moore, Louis N. Farmland route 2
Moore, Myron K. Ridgeville
Moore, Richard Henry Winchester
Moorman, Kenneth Harold Winchester route 1
Mopps, Harold Herbert Muncie, Ind.
Morecraft, Orval Clyde Royal Center
Moreland, James Daniel Lynn route 2
Morford, Harold Leroy Winchester
Morford, James Paul Winchester
Morgan, Cecil Leon Farmland
Morgan, Charles Edward Ridgeville
Morrical, Willard Ray Ridgeville route 1
Morris, Arthur Warren New Castle, Ind.
Morris, Clifford Dudley Losantville route 2
Morris, Earl Macy Farmland route 1
Morris, Elisha Gayle Farmland route 2
Morris, James Edward Ridgeville
Morris, John Richard Winchester
Morton, Howard O. Lynn route 2
Morton, Maurice E. Lynn route 1
Mosier, Charley Russel Parker route 1
Mosier, David Roger Ridgeville
Mosier, Earl James Farmland route 1
Mosier, Morton Wiilliam Winchester route 1
Mosier, Paul Kenneth Winchester
Mosier, Ray Eugene Modoc
Mote, Glenn Albert Winchester route 4
Mote, Guy Kenneth Union City route 5
Mote, Omer Keith Union City route 5
Mote, Samuel Turner Union City route 5
Mott, Ralph Russell Ridgeville
Moulton, Howard Hilton Parker
Moyer, Kenneth Norman Winchester
Moyer, Merle M. Ridgeville route 2
Moyer, Verl Leon Ridgeville route 2
Mull, Cecil Norbit Winchester route 2
Mull, Earnest Andrew Winchester route 1
Mullen, Arthur Byron Farmland
Mullen, Chelsie Cleo Farmland
Mullen, Eli Kenneth Winchester
Mullen, John Robert Winchester route 2
Mullen, Max Winchester route 4
Mullen, Norval Franklin Winchester route 2
Mullen, Ralph Edward Union City
Mullen, Robert Lee Farmland route 2
Mullens, English Rhoden Winchester route 4
Mullens, Jacob Carl Modoc route 1
Mullens, Thans Oliver Winchester route 3
Mumper, Ervin Clinton Winchester route 4
Murphy, George Lovewell Parker
Murphy, Harold Ulysses Winchester
Murphy, James Matthew Logansport, Ind.
Murphy, Richard Joseph Bloomington, Ind.
Murray, Donald Ray Farmland
Murray, Eugene Wilson Winchester
Murray, James Donavon Winchester
Murray, John Dwight Lynn
Murrell, Kenneth Michael Lynn route 2
Myers, Carl Gray Winchester
Myers, David Raymond Modoc
Myers, Harry J. Winchester route 3
Myers, Henry Lynn route 1
Myers, Joseph Ferrol Winchester route 3
Myers, Regis Kress C. Winchester
Myers, Revilla Leeka Lynn route 1
Myers, William Leodas Lynn route 1
Myers, Woodrow Delmar Losantville route 1
Myron, Stanley Leander Ridgeville
Nash, William Olan Ridgeville route 3
Naylor, Max W. Modoc
Nelson, Marion Jackson Farmland route 1
Nevil, Ray Ridgeville
Newbauer, Louis Isaac Union City route 4
Newman, Albert Union City route 4
Newman, Eugene Winchester route 3
Newman, Eugene Winchester route 3
Newman, Glen Riley Union City route 4
Newton, Raymond Eugene Carlos route 1
Niccum, Albert William Parker route 1
Niccum, Charles Robert Winchester
Nicholson, Claud Lynn
Nicholson, Kenneth B. Winchester
Nickey, Paul E. Winchester route 1
Noffsinger, Jerald Leon Union City route 1
Norman, Basil Eugene Carlos route 1
Norman, Lester Hyman Winchester
Norman, Russel Glen Carlos route 1
Norman, William Richard Carlos route 1
Norris, Kenneth Roland Union City route 5
Norris, Robert K. Union City route 5
Norris, William Elery Winchester
North, James Gilford Winchester route 4
Norton, Keith Reynolds Lynn route1
Nowlin, Edwin Howard Union City
O'Brien, Charles Richard Ridgeville route 2
O'Dell, Harry Searle Union City
O'Dell, James Criss Winchester
O'Dell, John Leonard Winchester
Oakerson, Delma Arthur Farmland route 2
Oakerson, John Francis Modoc route 1
Oakley, Joseph Ora Losantville
Oating, Harold Louis Winchester
Odle, Karl Sipe Muncie route 4
Odle, Kenneth Nelson Parker route
Ohler, Ralph Edwin Modoc route 1
Ohler, Raymond Leroy Losantville route 2
Oler, Melvin Eugene Winchester route 3
Oler, Ralph Roy Winchester
Oliver, Chelcia David Union City route 4
Oliver, Robert Caldwell Winchester
Olvey, Herbert Charles Ridgeville
Onkst, Noah, Jr. Union City route 4
Oren, Burley Arlington Losantville route 2
Oren, Howard Edwin Farmland route 2
Oren, Robert Paul Ridgeville route 1
Oren, Roger Edgar Losantville
Oren, Thurman Harrison Parker route 1
Orr, Charles Oliver Farmland route 1
Osborn, Allen Richard Winchester route 2
Osborn, Don Richard, Jr. Flint, Mich.
Osbourne, Chalmer Eugene Union City route 1
Osbun, Cecil Delos Carlos route 1
Osgood, Howard Albert Union City
Overholser, Golden Doyle Union City
Overman, Donald Lee Winchester
Overmyer, Aruth Duane Winchester route 4
Overmyer, C. V., Jr. Winchester
Overmyer, Elton LaVerne Winchester
Overmyer, Ivan Noel Winchester route 4
Overmyer, Lyle Clyde Winchester
Owen, Herbert Bunyan Atlanta, Ga.
Owens, Cleo Cornelius Lynn
Owens, Marion Clement Lynn route 2
Owens, Ralph Russell Winchester route 2
Owens, Ralph Woodrow Winchester
Owens, Robert Custer Winchester
Owens, Roy Albert Winchester route 1
Owens, Ullen Farmland route 1
Oxley, Mendal Lawrence Parker
Oxley, Orvan Maurice Farmland
Oxly, Charles Murry Modoc route 1
Ozbun, Elbert Leroy Fountain City
Ozbun, James Kenneth Winchester
Ozbun, Joseph William Lynn
Ozbun, Orville LeRoy Lynn
Padilla, Guadalupe Union City route 4
Page, Harold Leonard Union City
Painter, Lowell W. Winchester
Painter, Merrill Wise Ridgeville
Painter, Morris Arvil Farmland
Parent, John Blanchard Lynn
Parent, Robert Bernard Lynn
Parker, Ancil Henry Winchester
Parker, Clarence Leroy Modoc route 1
Parker, Earnest Martin Winchester route 1
Parker, Joel Kenneth Lynn route 1
Parker, Harold Eugene Parker
Parker, Marvin Muncie
Parks, Harold Leon Union City route 3
Parrott, Boyden Rowe Winchester route 3
Parrott, Darrell Vernon Winchester
Parrott, Hollis Nimrod Winchester
Parrott, Willie Ray Winchester route 3
Pash, Marvin Eugene Winchester
Passmore, Gale Orth Union City
Patterson, Benjamin T. Lynn route 2
Patterson, Raymond Eugene Winchester
Patterson, Richard Tom Lynn route 2
Patty, Artie Fletcher Ridgeville route 1
Patty, Delmas Leon Parker route 1
Patty, William Keith Parker route 1
Paul, Wayne Allen Modoc route 1
Peacock, Marvin Clair Farmland
Peacock, Ralph Clarkson Union City route 4
Peacock, Virgil Eugene Winchester route 3
Pearson, Herbert Vincent Union City
Pearson, Truman Vaughn Winchester
Pearson, William Azle Lynn route 2
Peden, Charles Oliver Union City
Pegg, Harvey Charles Winchester route 3
Pegg, Howard Clell Farmland route 2
Pegg, Ivan Edgar Ridgeville route 3
Pegg, Willard Mills Winchester
Peiry, Marvin Eugene Lynn route 1
Pendry, Loren Austin Lynn
Penery, Lester Arron Farmland
Perkins, Forest Union City route 1
Perkins, Harold Duane Union City route 1
Perkins, John Otis Marion, Ind.
Perkins, John Randolph Winchester
Perrin, Florence Augest Union City
Perry, Harold Howard Parker
Peters, Hugh Goudy Lynn route 2
Peters, Richard Francis Winchester
Peterson, Bernard Oscar Modoc route 1
Peterson, Robert Carl Saratoga
Petro, Don Leonard Winchester
Petro, Leonard Parker route 1
Pettijohn, Ivan Wayne Ridgeville route 1
Pettyjohn, Carl Eugene Ridgeville route 3
Pflaster, Eugene Winchester
Phelps, Harold Max Winchester
Phenis, Roscoe Eugene Lynn route 2
Philebaum, Amos Edward Ridgeville route 1
Phillips, Howard Gifford Parker
Phillips, James Roy Winchester route 2
Phistner, John Roger Winchester
Pickett, Ernest Lynn route 2
Pickett, Forest Donald Union City
Pickett, George Elvin Winchester
Pierce, Henry Isaac Winchester
Pierson, Earnest Lynn route 1
Pierson, Everett Andrew Lynn route 1
Pierson, Russel Edward Lynn route 1
Pifer, Marvel Henry Winchester
Piner, Raymond Eugene Parker
Pingry, Richard Clarence Winchester
Pitcher, William Marion Winchester
Pitman, Lawrence Macy Fountain City
Pittenger, Byron Parker
Platt, George Robert Union City
Platt, Howard Lynn route 1
Platt, William Marvin Lynn route 1
Poe, Marion Oden Winchester route 2
Poe, William Gearld Winchester
Polley, George H. Lynn route 1
Polley, Orivile J. Union City route 4
Polley, Ralph Donald Lynn route 1
Pollic, Robert Leo Winchester
Pollick, Ernest D. Winchester
Pope, Roger Edwin Winchester
Porter, Harry Wilson Union City
Porter, Hillard Adrain Parker
Porter, Robert Emerson Union City
Posey, Kenneth Edward Saginaw, Mich.
Posey, Roy Gerald Saginaw, Mich.
Potter, Marion Willard Winchester
Potter, Sater Allen Winchester route 1
Potts, David James Union City
Potts, Dean Frederick Union City
Poucher, Owen Randolph Ridgeville route 2
Powell, Charles Cecil Losantville route 2
Powell, Kenneth Henry Lynn route 2
Powers, Vance James Union City
Pratt, Kenneth Leon Saratoga
Pratt, Lester Willard Union City route 2
Prescott, Benjamin Ralph Union City route 3
Prescott, Thomas Reuben Union City route 1
Price, Donald E. Winchester
Price, J. C. Union City route 4
Price, Marion Denzel San Diego, Calif.
Price, Robert Paul Union City
Price, Willard James Union City
Priddy, Harold Eugene Farmland
Proctor, Robert Charles Chicago, Ill.
Prosser, Harry Calven Union City
Prosser, William Dexter Union City
Puckett, Cleo Samuel Ridgeville
Puckett, Ivan Edgar Farmland route 2
Puckett, John Campbell Winchester
Puckett, John Marion Winchester
Puckett, Raymond Cecil Winchester
Puckett, Robert Cecil Winchester
Puckett, Virgil Lester Winchester
Pugh, Albert Eugene Winchester route 3
Pugh, William Claude Winchester
Pursley, Clarence Lindsey Parker route 1
Pursley, Glenn Albert Farmland
Pursley, Paul Preston Parker
Pursley, Raymond Roscoe Farmland
Pursley, Troy Ivan Farmland route 1
Pyle, Gleason Odell Monticello, Ky.
Pyle, Henry Eugene Ridgeville route 2
Pyle, Kenneth Charles Union City
Raines, Gerald Raymond Farmland route 1
Ralston, Harold Winchester
Ramsey, Walter Eli Winchester
Ramsing, Axel Friss Losantville route 2
Randall, Ernest William Lynn
Ranklin, Russell Cincinnati, Ohio
Rash, Delos Lenis Lynn
Rawlings, James Oliver Losantville
Rawlings, Kenneth Earl Modoc route 1
Ray, Earnest Gale Saratoga, Box 3
Ray, Everett Dale Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Ray, James Lewis Winchester
Rayburn, Sidney Ridgeville route 1
Rayls, Samuel Walter Los Angeles, Calif.
Reck, Francis Marvin Winchester
Rector, Max Edward Winchester
Rector, Paul Robert Winchester
Rector, Ward Clinton Winchester
Redden, Leonard O'Neal Ridgeville
Redden, William Everett Lynn
Redman, Lem Redkey route 1
Reece, Lloyd George Union City route 4
Reece, Ralph G. Winchester
Reece, Robert Lowell Parker route 1
Reece, Rolin Clay Parker route 1
Reed, Everett Ray Parker
Reed, George Russell Ridgeville route 1
Reed, Kenton Odle Farmland route 2
Reed, Sharon Rex Farmland route 2
Reed, William Eugene Farmland
Rees, Richard Modoc
Reeves, Charles Lewis, Jr. Winchester
Reeves, John Hugh Union City
Reger, William Lydell Winchester
Reiber, Leslie Earl Parker
Reichard, Emery Ivan Union City
Reichard, Vernon E. Union City
Reinheimer, Claude Carleton Winchester
Reish, Barnard Duane Union City route 2
Reish, Carl Raymond Union City
Reish, Claude Therell Union City
Reitenour, William Odes Max Ridgeville
Rench, Caroll Martin Ridgeville route 1
Resler, Ernest Eugene Winchester
Resor, Cecil B. Union City route 4
Resor, Herschill Lloyd Union City
Retter, Charles Franklin Ridgeville
Retter, Clarence Leroy Lynn route 2
Retter, Edgar Lee Winchester route 3
Retter, Harold Ward Winchester route 3
Retter, Hobart Leroy Ridgeville
Retz, George David Lynn route 2
Retz, Joseph Benjamin Winchester route 4
Retz, Leland Edgar Winchester
Retz, Lester Arthur Farmland route 2
Retz, Walter Keith Union City route 4
Retz, Willard Leloss Winchester
Rex, Basil Franklin Saratoga
Rex, Keith Snyder Union City
Reyman, Rolla Maurice Winchester
Reynard, Harold Edwin Winchester route 1
Reynard, Marion Ferne Farmland
Reynolds, Fred Edward Winchester
Reynolds, James Thomas Winchester
Rheinhart, Richard Doyle Winchester route 4
Rhoades, Cifford Harold Winchester route 1
Rhoades, Harland Abrey Winchester route 3
Rhyne, Reynold McKell Lynn route 1
Richardson, Charles Theodore Parker
Richardson, Frank Edwin Lynn route 1
Richert, William Leon Union City
Richeson, Isadore Union City route 2
Richison, Charles Allen Winchester
Rickert, Charles Samuel Union City route 2
Riddlebarger, Paul Graydon Ridgeville route 3
Riegel, Stanley Levi Union City
Riley, Paul Herbert Winchester
Rilliard, James Ridgeville
Rinard, Arthur Leon Farmland route 2
Rinard, Cecil Ozro Ridgeville route 2
Rinard, Clyde Elmer Winchester
Rinard, Everett Ray Farmland route 2
Rinard, John Wesly Farmland route 2
Rinard, Robert Howard Farmland route 2
Ringold, Robert Leroy Carlos route 1
Rinker, Marvin Daggy Maywood, Calif.
Rinley, James Murray Parker
Ripley, James Murray Muncie, Ind.
Rishel, Ford Joseph Lynn route 1
Risinger, Joseph Omer Lynn
Ritchey, Francis Guy Winchester
Rittenhouse, Delbert Winchester
Rittenhouse, George Woodrow Lynn
Rittgers, James Laverne Union City
Roard, Chester Lynn
Robbins, Herbert Beecher Winchester
Robbins, Walter Clifton Redkey route 1
Roberson, Gilbert Richard Union City
Roberts, Leo Golden Lynn
Roberts, Ollie Mefford Winchester
Roberts, Otto Clifford Winchester
Roberts, Troy Mitchell Ridgeville route 3
Robinson, William Henry Union City route 4
Rockhill, Eldon Leroy Winchester route 1
Rockhill, Hubert Eugene Winchester route 1
Rodgers, Jack Edgar Winchester
Roesner, Lowell LeClair Winchester route
Rogers, John Charles Losantville
Rogers, Paul Eugene Lynn route 1
Rogers, William E. Modoc route 1
Romack, Glen Eugene Winchester
Romack, Robert Nash Winchester route 2
Romine, Dale Chester Winchester
Romizer, Joe Silas Winchester route 1
Roosa, Kenneth Lloyd Winchester
Roosa, Lawrence Eston Winchester
Rosenbush, Arthur Adolph Union City route 2,
Ross, Everett Pearl Winchester route 4
Ross, John Ronald Union City
Ross, Marion Winfred Saratoga
Ross, Ralph Edgar Winchester route 3
Ross, Ray L. Redkey, Ind.
Ross, Richard Joseph Lynn
Ross, Rube Winchester route 1
Rouch, Dale W. Winchester
Rouch, Wayne Fields Winchester
Routh, Clyde Everett Losantville route 2
Rowe, Dana Chenoweth Winchester
Rowe, Herman Henery Winchester
Rowe, Marvin John Glendale, Calif.
Rowland, Charles Gerald Portsmouth, Va.
Rubino, Tony Lynn route 1
Ruble, Vernon Eugene Winchester route 2
Ruble, William Lester Lynn route 1
Ruby, Albert John Connellsville, Pa.
Ruby, Pete Paul Winchester
Ruff, Joseph Wilson Union City
Ruff, Paul Vermont Union City
Ruff, Richard G. Union City
Runkel, Carmon Union City route 2
Runkel, Harold Everett Winchester route 3
Runkel, Marvin Albert Winchester route 3
Runkle, Virgil Albert Union City
Runyen, Clarence Oral Winchester
Runyon, Bernard William Ridgeville
Rush, Wallace Dwayne Saratoga
Russell, William Franklin Ridgeville route 3
Rust, Cooper Leland Ridgeville
Rust, George Chester Ridgeville
Ryan, John Ward James Winchester
Said, Charles Oliver Winchester
Sandifar, Ernest Earl Winchester
Sarff, Wilford Justin Winchester route 4
Sawyer, Myron Albert Farmland route 1
Sayre, Emerson O'Connor Columbus, Ohio
Schafer, Donald Elvin Winchester route 4
Schafer, Robert Wayne Winchester route 1
Scherer, Lloyd William Hollandsburg, Ohio route 1
Schlechty, Joseph Dwight Union City route 1
Schlechty, Vivian Earl Saratoga
Schlotzhauer, Donald Adam Ridgeville
Schmidt, Arthur Louis Union City
Schmidt, John Albert Union City
Schmidt, Walter Barney Union City
Schneider, Charles William Union City
Schockney, Leland Winchester route 3
Scholl, Robert Lavern Winchester route 4
Schrader, Lowell Edwards Lynn route 1
Schrader, Rollin William Farmland route 1
Schricker, Clayton Stewart Union City route 1
Schroeder, Carl Anton Winchester route 2
Schroeder, Louis Henry Ridgeville
Schull, Donald Kenneth Union City
Schuller, Louis Fred Union City
Scofield, Fred Carrol Union City
Scofield, Howard Union City route 3
Scott, James Carlos route 1
Scott, Kenneth Robert Lynn route 1
Scott, Thomas Leroy Ridgeville route 1
Seagraves, Donald A. Winchester
Segrave, Hanford Calvin Modoc route 1
Segraves, Charles Fenwick Winchester
Segraves, John, Jr. Winchester
Seidner, Gail Leon Ridgeville route 1
Seidner, Lester Tracey San Diego, Calif.
Seifman, Charles J. Winchester
Seigler, John Mark Union City
Sell, James Frederick Farmland route 1
Shade, Charles William Arrol Lynn
Shade, Glen Henry Winchester route 4
Shafer, Harold Glen Winchester
Shafer, Henry D. Lynn route 2
Shafer, James Edward Farmland
Shafer, James Thomas Winchester route 3
Shafer, Robert Russell Union City
Shaffer, Cleo Burel Farmland
Shaffer, Dallas Robert Ridgeville
Shaffer, Fielden Herbert Modoc route 1
Shaffer, George Raymond Winchester
Shaffer, Harley Wayne Farmland route 2
Shaffer, Harmon Howard Saratoga
Shaffer, Paul Ridgeville route 1
Shandy, Charles Marion Winchester route 4
Shaneyfelt, Charles Spitler Ridgeville
Shaneyfelt, Glen Henry Winchester
Shaneyfelt, Reney Erman Winchester
Shaneyfelt, Robert William Union City
Shank, James Wallace Winchester route 1
Shank, Joseph McArthur Farmland
Shank, Lee Roy Farmland
Shannon, Arthur Milo Union City
Shannon, Clarence Russel Union City
Shannon, David Eugene Winchester
Sharp, George Raymond Modoc route 1
Sharp, Gerald Lester Modoc route 1
Sharp, Merritt Allen Modoc route 1
Sharp, Orville Leroy Hollansburg, Ohio route 1
Sharp, Paul Kenneth Modoc
Sharp, Raymond Eugene Lynn route 1
Sharp, Richard Reed Modoc route 1
Shaw, Charles Kenneth Farmland route 2
Shaw, Donald Benjamin Lynn route 2
Shaw, Fred B. Farmland route 1
Shaw, Merle Wallace Farmland route 2
Shaw, Walter Leroy Union City
Shawyer, John Earl Winchester
Shelley, Charles Edgar Union City
Shelley, John Earl Union City
Shelley, Lloyd Basil Union City route 1
Shelton, Rudy Nuby Huntington Park, Calif.
Sheppard, Roger Eugene Lynn route 2
Sheppard, William Julian Lynn route 2
Shierling, Cleo Allen Winchester route 4
Shierling, Francis Earle Winchester route 4
Shinn, Everett Dalton Winchester
Shires, Martin Daniel Winchester
Shirley, Nilt Leman Winchester
Shock, Roy Eugene Brookville, Ohio
Shockney, David Henry Winchester route 2
Shockney, Robert Allen Union City
Shockney, Theodore Thomas Union City
Shook, John Albert Carlos route 1
Shore, Herman David Modoc
Shreeve, Kenneth Richard Union City
Shuemaker, Adelma Buryl Parker
Shump, James Otto Winchester
Shurte, Esta Leone Union City
Sickels, George Robert Winchester route 1
Sickels, Joe Henry Winchester route 3
Silvers, Chester Donald Union City
Simmons, Carl Dayton Winchester
Simmons, Dave R. Winchester route 1
Simmons, Donald Edward Winchester route 4
Simmons, Eugene Everett Winchester
Simmons, Howard Charles Winchester route 4
Simmons, Lowell Lavern Winchester
Singer, Denver Oscar Farmland route 1
Sipe, Gail Osborn Union City
Sipe, Harold Martin Winchester route 4
Sipe, Harry Alva Winchester route 4
Sipe, Kenneth Leo Union City
Sipe, Lester Lape Winchester route 4
Sipe, Merritt Eugene Ridgeville route 3
Sipe, Richard Arthur Saratoga
Sipe, Robert Floyd Union City
Sisson, William Russell Winchester
Sites, Philip Franklin Farmland
Sites, Robert Eugene Farmland
Skinner, Walter William Winchester route 3
Slaughter, Ward Richard Farmland route 1
Slick, Chauncey Way Hollansburg, Ohio route 1
Slick, Ralph Worwich Lynn route 1
Sloan, Robert Earl Lynn route 2
Small, Delbert Fredrick Parker route 1
Small, Francis Marvin Parker
Small, Leroy Junior Parker route 1
Small, Thomas Marion Parker
Smart, Lewis Ephriam Redkey route 1
Smiley, Henry Frederich Ridgeville
Smiley, Horace Omer Union City route 2
Smiley, Lowell E. Union City
Smiley, Merritt Eugene Union City route 2
Smith, Alva Lewis Winchester
Smith, Ancil Jerome Cincinnati, Ohio
Smith, Charles Collison Modoc route 1
Smith, Charles Henry Carlos
Smith, Delbert Lee Ridgeville route 2
Smith, Donald Darwon Winchester
Smith, Ellis Edward Winchester
Smith, Everett Robinett Winchester
Smith, Floyd Benjamin Winchester
Smith, George Washington Parker
Smith, Harold Royce Union City
Smith, Harry Charles Winchester
Smith, Harry H. Winchester
Smith, Harry Schuyler Winchester
Smith, Herman Leese Losantville
Smith, James Carl Winchester
Smith, James Delbert Winchester route 1
Smith, James Henry Union City
Smith, James Quentin Winchester
Smith, John Pershing Winchester
Smith, John William Union City
Smith, Kenneth Leighton Parker
Smith, Opal Winchester
Smith, Orda Hervet Parker
Smith, Paul Sherwood Union City
Smith, Robert David Winchester
Smith, Wendell Stout Winchester
Smithson, Harry Robert Farmland route 1
Smithson, Rex L. Farmland route 1
Smithson, Richard Carroll Farmland route 1
Smithson, Wallace Dwain Ridgeville route 3
Smithson, William Edward Parker
Smock, John William Calvin Winchester route 3
Smock, Robert Franklin Winchester route 1
Snell, Andrew Union City route 1
Snider, George Arthur Union City
Snider, Herbert Elroy Union City route 5
Snodgrass, Donald Vern Winchester route 3
Snooks, Fred Junior Union City
Snyder, Clarence Leroy Sidney, Ohio
Snyder, David Winterrowd Union City
Snyder, Donald Edgar Union City route 4
Snyder, Everett Amos Lynn
Snyder, Glenn Bernard Winchester
Snyder, Harold Cedric Winchester route 2
Snyder, James Everett Lynn
Snyder, James Monroe Farmland
Snyder, John Eugene Union City
Snyder, Lloyd Leroy Lynn route 1
Snyder, Lowell Ullery Union City
Snyder, Ralph Amos Lynn route 2
Sommerville, Clarence Sheldon Farmland
Southard, Emual Orville Winchester
Southworth, George Robert Winchester
Southworth, Merle Leroy Winchester
Southworth, Ray Harold Winchester
Spake, James Theodore Oblong, Ill
Sparks, Paul Winn Winchester
Speagh, Herbert William Union City
Speed, Stephen Otis Winchester route 2
Spence, Robert Omri Union City
Spencer, Forrest W. Lynn
Spencer, Kermit Winchester
Spencer, William Robert Winchester
Spicer, Paul Edward Louis Union City
Spille, Henry Rein Union City route 4
Spradling, James Franklin Union City
Spradling, Paul Winchester
Spradling, Robert Samuel Winchester
Spray, Edmond Elsworth Parker route 1
St. Myers, James A. Grant Union City
Stack, Paul J. Winchester
Stafford, Cloyd Cleoto, Jr. Ridgeville route 1
Staggs, Herbert Ralph Farmland route 2
Staggs, John Avin Ridgeville route 2
Staggs, William Benjamin Winchester route 2
Staids, Edgar Neal Winchester
Stamps, Estel Losantville route 2
Stanley, Clinto Levi Lynn route 2
Stanley, Clyde Deloe Farmland route 1
Stanley, Elwood Johnson Lynn route 2
Stanley, Oliver Perry Parker
Stanley, Warren Giffe Union City
Stanton, Mark Jay Redkey route 1
Starbuck, Edgar Dale Ridgeville
Starbuck, Elihu Clay Ridgeville
Starbuck, Robert Leroy Ridgeville
Starbuck, Roger Verl Fountain City
Starr, Bilis E. Ridgeville route 3
Staudt, Greeley Kiestar Engle Union City
Stebleton, Robert Lee Union City
Steed, Virgil Clarence Lynn route 2
Steele, Thorald Dixon Winchester
Stegall, Leslie Idonal Lynn
Stegall, Paul Earl Winchester
Steiner, Emmett Lavear Union City
Steiner, Richard Sidney Connellsville, Pa.
Stentzel, Laurence LeRoy Union City
Stephens, Ervin Leroy Lynn route 1
Stephens, Howard C. Modoc route 1
Stephens, James Edwin Losantville route 1
Stephens, John Wesley Union City
Stephens, Ora Elvin Farmland
Stephenson, Floyd Issas Albany route 1
Sterling, Jesse Osborn Winchester
Stevenson, David Leroy Carlos
Stevenson, George Derrel Carlos
Stevenson, John Melvin Carlos
Stewart, Alva Otho Union City route 2
Stewart, Cecil Carlton Winchester route 3
Stewart, Charles Robert Ridgeville
Stewart, Fred Jay Ridgeville
Stewart, Grant Leon Ridgeville
Stewart, Herman Eugene Winchester route 4
Stewart, Leonard Edwin Ridgeville
Stewart, Ralph Kenneth Union City route 2
Stewart, Wayne Mathey Ridgeville
Stidham, Thurston Ford Union City route 4
Stiehl, William Christopher Winchester
Stilwell, Samuel Alfred Winchester
Stocksdale, Larkin Hannon Union City
Stocksdale, Paul Woodrow Union City
Stoeltlag, Vergil Kenneth Winchester
Stoker, James Warren Winchester
Stoker, Raymond Milton Winchester
Stone, John Oscar Ridgeville
Stoner, Thurman Wilson Saratoga
Stonerock, Eddie Harold Winchester
Stouder, George Herman Winchester
Stouder, Nava Leroy Winchester
Stout, John Harold Parker
Stout, Maurice Everett Lynn route 1
Strahn, Donald Park Winchester
Strait, Lester Leroy Greenville, Ohio route 4
Straley, Donald Leon Winchester
Straley, Geralde Herbert Saratoga
Straley, Russell Union City
Stringer, William Dennis Winchester
Stuck, Richard Eugene Union City
Stuckey , William Ormsby Lynn route 2
Studebaker, William Benton Union City
Stults, Cecil Earl Ridgeville route 2
Stump, Herman Kenneth Winchester route 1
Stump, Lester Elsworth Union City
Stump, Robert Eugene Union City
Stump, Robert William Winchester
Stump, Virgil Reed Parker route 1
Styles, Earl William Winchester route 4
Suarez, Alfred Winchester
Suitts, Clarence Oral Union City route 1
Suitts, Kenneth Eugene Union City route 1
Sullivan, Hamilton Lee Modoc
Sullivan, John L. Modoc
Sullivan, Robert Emmett Union City route 2
Summers, John Franklin Farmland route 2
Summers, Ralph D. Lynn route 1
Summers, Ray Edward Winchester route 1
Summers, Richard Neal Winchester
Summers, Stephen Dorrest Winchester
Sumwalt, Edward Lee Parker
Sumwalt, Harold Monroe Farmland route 1
Sumwalt, Lavern J. Winchester
Sumwalt, Marvin Leon Farmland route 1
Sunday, Hubert Lee Farmland
Sutton, Dale Franklin Union City route 2
Sutton, Gerald Edwin Union City
Sutton, James William Union City
Sutton, John Edward Union City
Sutton, Joseph Brubeck Union City
Sutton, Kenneth Edwin Union City route 3
Sutton, Murl Clarence Union City route 5
Swaim, Gilbert Edgar Union City
Swain, Thomas Alason Carlos
Swank, Ralph Emerson Union City
Swartz, Lyle Dean Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Swindell, Charles William Carlos
Swindell, John Morris Carlos
Swindell, Thomas Robert Carlos
Swingley, Charles Sheridan Parker
Swingley, Howard Leland Parker route 1
Swingley, Jacob Albert Farmland
Switzer, John Herman Winchester
Talley, Charles Alfred Farmland
Talley, Edwin Lee Farmland
Talley, Lawrence Otley Saratoga
Taylor, Daniel Melvin Winchester
Taylor, Oris DeWayne Losantville route 2
Taylor, Squire Lesley Lynn route 1
Teaford, John Kenneth Union City
Teegarden, Charles Austin Winchester
Teegarden, Harvey Virgil Union City route 2
Teegarden, James Earl Winchester
Teegarden, Ralph Lowell Parker
Teegarden, Wilbur Sylvester Union City route 2
Temple, Kenneth Leon Union City route 4
Tharp, Charles Tillman Winchester
Tharp, Dwight Leon Union City route 4
Tharp, James Henry Winchester
Tharp, Jay Wilbur Ridgeville
Tharp, Orville Lester Winchester route 1
Tharp, Roe Dell Ridgeville
Tharp, William Harrison Union City route 4
Thatcher, Carl Melvin Winchester
Theurer, Raymond Harold Winchester route 1
Thomas, Cherrill LaVern Ridgeville route 3
Thomas, Clyde Leroy Carlos route 1
Thomas, Harold Edgar Modoc
Thomas, Kenneth Leon Modoc
Thomas, Paul Everett Carlos route 1
Thomas, Paul F??? Lynn
Thomas, Ray Gilbert Lynn
Thomas, Robert Devo Modoc
Thomas, Walter Richard Lynn
Thomas, Wilbur Henry Lynn route 1
Thompson, Carl Andrew Winchester route 3
Thompson, Donald Edwin Union City
Thompson, Harlan Leon Winchester
Thompson, Ivan Sepal Winchester
Thompson, Jay Clifford Union City
Thompson, Leonard Leroy Winchester route 3
Thompson, Nolan Cedric Winchester route 2
Thompson, Norman Lee Charles Lynn
Thompson, Paul Edwin Lynn route 2
Thompson, Robert Charles Lynn route 1
Thompson, Robert Vernon Farmland
Thompson, Rubert Roy Winchester
Thompson, Walter Lee Ridgeville
Thonemus, Arthur Winchester route 2
Thornburg, Arnold Bowen Union City
Thornburg, Calvin Max Union City route 1
Thornburg, Carrol Leroy Winchester route 3
Thornburg, Cecil Marcell Union City route 4
Thornburg, Edwin Gene Winchester route 2
Thornburg, George Franklin Union City
Thornburg, Glenn Holder Farmland
Thornburg, Howard Parker route 1
Thornburg, Laurel Ivan Winchester route 4
Thornburg, McDowell Restore Winchester
Thornburg, Noel Emerson Parker
Thornburg, Oliver William Winchester route 3
Thornburg, Ralph Farmland
Thornburg, Ralph Landis Winchester
Thornburg, Riley Elmer Winchester
Thornburg, Robert Donald Farmland route 2
Thornburg, Robert Thomas Winchester route 2
Thornburg, Robert Vernon Farmland
Thornburg, Tarlton Louis Winchester route 4
Thornburg, Warren Clark Winchester
Thornburg, Wilbur Parker route 1
Thornburg, William A. Saratoga
Thornburg, William Rolland Farmland
Thrasher, Winfred Watson Ridgeville
Thurston, Eugene Lea Lynn
Thurston, Everett Columbus Winchester route 2
Tibbetts, Carl Frederick Union City
Tibbetts, Phill J. Union City
Timmons, Forrest D. Union City
Timmons, Robert Winchester
Tinkle, Cecil Allen Phoenix, Ariz.
Tipple, George DeVon Winchester
Tipple, Glen Lester Anderson, Ind.
Tipple, Grayson Maywood Union City
Tipple, Lloyd Emerson Union City route 5
Tipple, Omer Eugene Union City
Tipple, Paul Everett Union City route 5
Tittle, Edward Huntt Ridgeville
Tittle, Loal Mayne Ridgeville
Tittle, Stuart Keith Ridgeville
Tobin, Robert Eugene Union City route 5
Todd, William Herman Union City
Tomboeken, Reman Winchester
Tomboken, Robert Winchester
Tomlinson, Frank Raymond Farmland route 1
Toney, Elvyn Owen Indianapolis, Ind.
Torres, Joe Union City route 2
Torres, Leno Union City route 2
Toschlog, Earl George Modoc route 1
Toumey, John Iliff Ridgeville route 2
Toumey, Sylvester Lloyd Ridgeville route 2
Towell, Robert Samuel Ridgeville route 3
Towens, Raymond Erwin Winchester
Towne, Donald Roger Winchester
Towns, Fay Winchester
Townsend, Arthur Lee Winchester
Townsend, Howard W. Farmland route 2
Townsend, Walter Howard Winchester
Trimble, Harold Stanley Winchester route 3
Trinder, William Henry Losantville
Tritt, Charles William, Jr. Union City
Trobridge, William Glenn Union City route 1
Truitt, William Dallas Detroit, Mich.
Tucker, B. I. Winchester
Tucker, Jessie Winchester
Tucker, Robert William Ridgeville route 3
Turner, Dorian Lee Union City
Turner, Ernest Henry Winchester
Turner, Nimrod J., Jr. Ridgeville
Turner, Ronald Ernest Union City
Turner, Turp Winchester route 4
Turner, Warren Eugene Union City
Tuttle, Howard Oliver Muncie, Ind.
Ullom, Cleo Marcellus Parker
Ullom, Everett Franklin Ridgeville route 2
Ullom, Walter R. Winchester route 2
Unger, Loring Luellen Farmland
Unger, Paul George Ridgeville route 1
Ungericht, Robert Dwight Union City
Vail, Walter Eugene Winchester
Van Note, William Ambrose Winchester
Van Skyock, Evan Eugene Union City route 2
Van Skyock, Hubert Harrison Union City
Van Skyock, Roger Bailey Ridgeville
Van Skyock, Vaughn Everett Union City
Van Tyle, Omer Virgil, Jr. Lynn route 2
Van Vickle, Joseph Union City
Van Winkle, Wynn Winchester
VanPelt, George Albert Parker
VanSkyock, Evan Eugene Union City route 2
VanSkyock, Roger Bailey Ridgeville
Vanlandingham, Richard Herman Farmland route 2
Vaughn, Asa Lynn route 2
Vega, Gregory Saratoga
Vermillion, Conrad Marshal Lynn route 1
Vermillion, Kenneth Ugene Lynn route 1
Vernon, Arthur Union City
Vernon, Lewis Norton Union City
Vest, Foster Miller Winchester
Vincent, Leslie Everett Parker
Vining, Chester Leland Union City
Virgile, Pasqkuale Connellsville, Pa.
Virgillo, Joseph Frank Winchester
Virgin, Chester Burl Winchester route 2
Volk, Lawrence George Grover Hill, Ohio
Wade, Charles Edward Lynn route 1
Wagner, Albert Fay Ridgeville route 3
Wagner, Bernard Leroy Winchester
Wagner, Clarence Leo Winchester route 2
Wagner, Elmer Hale Winchester route 2
Wagner, Ernest Gilbert Farmland route 1
Wagner, John Phillip Winchester route 2
Wagner, Kenneth A. Union City route 3
Wagner, Thomas Henry Ridgeville route 3
Waitley, Alvin Burton Kenton, Ohio
Waldo, Robert Clay Parker
Walker, Daryl Lewis Ridgeville
Walker, Elmer Augustus Parker
Walker, Harold Cicero Parker
Walker, John Roland Parker
Walker, Roland John Parker
Wall, James Lee Winchester
Wall, James Wilbur Ridgeville route 3
Wall, Oren Leo Samuel Winchester route 3
Wall, Verne Wayne Ridgeville route 2
Walling, Herbert Leo Union City route 1
Walling, Herman Leroy Ridgeville route 3
Walling, Lester Lee Union City route 2
Walsh, Henry Fremont Union City route 1
Walt, Myron Lesley Lynn
Walters, Robert Wayne Winchester
Waltz, Trenton Ridgeville
Waltz, William Lee Winchester
Wampler, Russell Dwight Union City
Wann, Merrill Noble Winchester
Ward, Chester Nelson Carlos route 1
Ward, David Winchester
Ward, Harold Eugene Winchester
Ward, Lee Charles Winchester
Ward, Norman Edward Winchester
Warner, Cecil Francis Allentown, Pa.
Warner, Merritt Duane Winchester route 4
Warren, Arthur Union City route 1
Warren, Paul Emerson Winchester
Warren, Raymond Addington Union City
Warren, Raymond R. Union City route 2
Warren, Robert Gail Union City route 4
Warren, Wallace K. Ridgeville route 2
Warren, Wallace Wayne Winchester
Warring, Levi Armand Winchester
Warstler, Wallace Leo Ridgeville route 3
Washler, Joseph Edward Winchester
Washler, Louis Raymond Union City route 1
Wasson, Elmer Chester Union City
Watkins, Charles Clifford Winchester
Watson, Dwayne Winchester route 3
Watson, Eugene Samuel Winchester
Watson, Fred Lyman Winchester
Watson, Lorris Junior Winchester route 4
Watson, Richard Mason Farmland route 2
Weaver, Allen Burdeal Union City
Weaver, Harry Lee Union City route 4
Weaver, Willard Murrell Union City
Webb, Walter Warren Winchester route 3
Webster, James Franklin Union City
Webster, Keith King Farmland
Webster, Robert David Union City
Weddle, William Thompson Ridgeville route 3
Weekley, Earl Oris Farmland route 1
Weekley, Wade Franklin Redkey route 1
Weimer, Robert Lee Winchester route 2
Weiser, Raymond Everett Lynn route 1
Weist, Clarence Winchester route 2
Weist, Robert Charles Winchester
Welch, Alva Mathews Union City
Welch, Donald Eugene Lynn
Welch, Emmett Joseph Union City route 4
Welch, James Michael Union City route 4
Welch, John Thomas Union City route 4
Welch, Kenneth Charles Lynn route 2
Welker, Cecil Leon Modoc
Welker, Charles Raymond Ridgeville
Welsh, Warren Curtis Union City route 4
Wendell, Edgar Fredrick Farmland route 2
Wendell, Frank Henry Farmland route 2
Wenger, Herman Francis Union City
Wenger, Marvin Eugene Union City
Wenger, Virgil Robert Union City
West, Ernest Leary Winchester
West, Orville Carroll Winchester
West, Ralph Martin Winchester
West, Roy Carlos route 1
Westfall, Sherrel Oren Union City
Westlake, John Daniel Lynn route 1
Weyrick, Earl Newton Union City route 5
Wheeler, Charles Reed Pendleton
Whistler, Ralph Leroy Union City
White, Claude F. Parker
White, Harry Albert Winchester
White, Howard Ashton Farmland route 2
White, Howard David Winchester
White, Martin Luther Carlos route 1
White, Ralph Herbert Winchester
White, Wilbur Allen Ridgeville route 3
White, William Benjamin Winchester route 3
Whited, Leonard Burton Winchester
Whitehead, Ernest Luke Parker route 1
Whitehead, Ronald Leroy Carlos
Whitenack, Merrill Winchester
Whitenack, Orphens Z. Ridgeville
Whitesel, Carlton Leroy Union City
Whitesel, John Raymond Union City
Whitesel, Lawrence Earl Winchester route 4
Whitesel, Robert Edgar Union City
Whitesel, Simon Reid Union City
Whitesell, Dale Wayne Union City route 4
Whitsel, Perry Allen Union City route 2
Whitted, Claude Bruce Winchester route 1
Whitted, George Dee Winchester route 1
Wicker, Lewis Elva Lynn route 1
Wicker, William George Lynn route
Wickersham, Duane Eugene Union City
Wickersham, Floyd David Union City route 4
Wickersham, James Bernell Harrisville
Wickersham, Russell Modoc route 1
Wigger, Glenn William Union City
Wigger, Marvelle P. Union City
Wigger, Paul Vernon Union City
Wigmore, Gene Byran Modoc
Wigmore, William Clayton Winchester
Wiist, Richard Lee Winchester route 4
Wilhelm, Francis Charles Winchester
Wilkinson, Floyd D. Losantville
Wilkinson, Rodrick Garold Carlos route 1
Wilkinson, Walter Albert Carlos route 1
Williams, Clyde Christopher Lynn
Williams, Francis Wilbur Union City
Williams, Gerald Leroy Farmland
Williams, Isaac Runion Thomas, Jr. Winchester
Williams, James Monroe Farmland route 2
Williams, Robert Leonard Parker
Williamson, Bernard Keith Union City route 3
Williamson, Raymond Alta Winchester
Willis, Cleo Marvin Parker
Willis, Clyde Emerson, Jr. Union City
Willis, James Alfred Union City
Willis, Kenneth Leon Winchester route 1
Willis, William Walter Union City
Wilmore, Carl Edwin Lynn
Wilmore, Frank Wesley Lynn
Wilson, Franki Nicholas Union City
Wilson, Grover Robert Carlos route 1
Wilson, Joe Winchester
Wilson, Kenneth Marion Winchester route 3
Wilson, Max Worth Winchester route 1
Wilson, Norman Bertel Winchester
Wilson, Ralph Marion Winchester
Wilson, Robert E. Union City
Wilson, Roger Woodrow Winchester
Wilson, Wilbur Woodrow Winchester route 2
Wilt, Robert Rayborn Winchester
Wine, Ernest Leroy Winchester
Wine, Howard Luke Winchester
Wine, John Carl Winchester
Wine, Lester Orvin Modoc route 1
Wine, Walter Raymond Winchester
Wingate, Harold Leroy Ridgeville route 1
Winkle, Earl David Ft. Recovery, Ohio
Winkle, Thomas Franklin Winchester
Winn, Vernon Edwin Union City
Winner, Clayton William Ridgeville
Winner, Edwin Leota Ridgeville route 3
Wise, Carl Edwin Lynn route 2
Wise, Harry Arthur Union City
Wise, John Carl Winchester
Wise, John Walton Lynn route 2
Wise, Joseph Loren Farmland route 1
Wise, Lloyd Bowen Lynn route 1
Wise, Merrill Chenoweth Lynn route 2
Wise, Otho M. Lynn
Witter, James Paul Winchester route 2
Witter, Ralph Emerson Winchester route 1
Witter, Ulric Stegall Lynn route 1
Witters, Samuel Guthery Union City
Wogerman, Albert Skummers Union City
Wolfe, Cleo Earl Ridgeville
Wolfe, Glenn Martin Winchester
Wolfe, Kenneth Hurtis Winchester route 1
Wolfe, Robert Allason Winchester
Wolfe, William Harold Union City route 4
Wolford, Elmer Leland Losantville
Wolford, Harold Wayne Winchester route 3
Wood, Charles Raymond Parker
Wood, Emery Forrest Parker route 1
Wood, John Eugene Parker route 1
Wood, Robert Eugene Parker
Wood, Russell Cecil Farmland route 2
Woodard, Larkin Winchester route 2
Woodbury, Clarence Sylvester Union City
Woodbury, Claude Kenneth Winchester route 4
Woodbury, George Alfred Union City
Woodbury, George Clarence Winchester route 4
Woodbury, James Eugene Union City
Woodring, George Marion Farmland route
Woodring, William Ronald Farmland
Woods, Cecil Dwayne Winchester route 2
Woods, James Oliver Union City route 4
Woods, Morris Glenn Union City
Woods, Raymond Charles Union City
Wooters, Charles Ray Ridgeville
Worley, Earl J. Carlos
Worrick, Fred C. Lynn route 2
Worth, Roland Neil Lynn
Wright, Claude Asa Winchester
Wright, Cleo Nelson Farmland route 1
Wright, Clesse Wilbert Lynn route 1
Wright, Freddie LeRoy Farmland route 1
Wright, George Albert Farmland route 1
Wright, Harold Robert Farmland route 2
Wright, Howard Union City
Wright, John Paul Farmland route 2
Wright, Lamar Francis Winchester route 4
Wright, Richard Edison Winchester route 2
Wright, Wayne Marcelious Winchester
Wynn, Theodore Roosevelt Winchester
Wysong, Carroll Donald Winchester route 2
Wysong, Edgar Ridgeville
Wysong, James Edmund Winchester route 3
Wysong, Robert Anderson Winchester route 1
Yates, Raymond Earl Lynn
Yeatts, Harold Elbert Lynn route 2
Yoder, Albert Union City route 4
Yoder, Aloa Burnard Union City route 3
Yoder, Glen Union City route 4
Yoder, Harold Leon Losantville
Yoder, John Henry Union City
Yoder, Robert Arthur Union City
Yoder, Roy Edward Union City route 2
York, Basil Sears Lynn route 1
York, Milford Lynn
York, Virgil Hulen Lynn route
Yost, Ernest Clinton Winchester
Young, Leslie Emal Parker
Younger, Donald Carl Winchester
Younger, Irvin Franklin Winchester
Younger, James Harold Winchester route 1
Younger, John Paul Winchester
Younger, Paul David Winchester
Younger, Philip Strominger Winchester
Zaharako, James Pete Union City
Zell, Joe William Parker route 1
Zimmerman, Horace Forney Winchester
Zook, Clarence Leroy Ridgeville route 3

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Listing of Randolph County Army & Army Air Forces
Personnel Who Died during World War II

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