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M. Laverne Galeener-Moore


On Wednesday, June 1, 2005, I received the following e-mail from Melanie Moore, Laverne's daughter:

Hi, I'm Melanie Moore, M. Laverne Moore's daughter. I wish I didn't have to tell you but we lost Mom last night. She died very unexpectedly of what the doctor feels was a complication of her knee surgery that she had on the 17th of last month. She was fine in the morning, cheerful and looking to get back walking asap. But I guess she had a blood clot break loose from the surgery site and travel into her lungs. It was a huge shock for all of us as she was so healthy except for her knees. We'll certainly miss her.


This picture was actually taken in the year 2000 and it was the start of our Antarctia trip. Mom absolutely loved this trip and got to celebrate her 70th birthday while crossing the very rough seas of the Drake Passage. It was one of our most fantastic trips.

Melanie Moore

Published in the San Jose Mercury News on 6/5/2005
M. Laverne (Galeener) Moore

M. Laverne (Galeener) Moore Died age 75 on May 31, 2005 from complications from knee surgery. Preceeded in death by her loving husband, Alan Johnston Moore. She is survived by her son Steve Moore, daughters Linda Cummins, Melanie Moore and Julie McKown; and grandchildren Andrew Wozny, James McKown, Lana McKown, Zane Moore and Audrey Moore.

Laverne was nothing if not colorful her entire life and delighted in the unexpected and unknown. She was, in turns, a World Record Flag Pole Sitter who was afraid of heights but did it on a dare; starter of a union for a telephone company who was promptly fired for being a "troublemaker"; an Arthur Murray dance instructor who met and married her, til then, ultra conservative husband, Alan, ten days after their first meeting (he used to say that it was the one decision that he never had to ponder over).

Laverne decided to get serious in her married life. She served on the Berryessa Board of Trustees from 1961-1977, retiring as President of that Board. She was colorful as ever in this role, once deciding to "weed" the Board's headquarters in her prune-picking pants when she felt no one was maintaining the yard properly. It stayed maintained after that. She also worked as Executive Secretary to Olympic swim coach George Haines for 10 years, loving to take Olympic hopefuls from every country on sight seeing tours of her beloved California.

Laverne went on to new pursuits after retiring. She became an author, producing a rapid number of books with a genealogical flair. Her best, "Collecting Dead Relatives", was always her favorite as well as a favorite with her readers.

She also became a world traveler, always wanting to see what was "over the next hill". She loved small expedition ships, delighting in her adventures aboard them, whether it be Anarctic vistas or Siberian ice fields.

Laverne spent the rest of her life enjoying every minute of her time on this earth. As she made memories for herself she left others with endearing memories of her. In lieu of a funeral, she asked that friends and family raise a toast together and remember some of those moments.