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Darke County Boundaries 1839


Was erected in March 1839, and was taken from the north end of Jackson Township. It included all of Township 14 North, Range 1 East, except the north tier of sections, which was then included in Gibson Township. April 12, 1848, this tier of sections was taken into the township as Gibson Township was thrown into Mercer County.


Was laid off in March 1839, being taken from the north end of Brown, and contained the following territory: all of Townships 14 North and 15 North, Range 2 East, except one tier of sections from the east side of each. In 1848 Township 15 North was thrown into Mercer County.


Was formed in June 1839, by taking all of Township 8 North, Range 4 East, that is in the county, and the eastern tier of sections of Township 9 North, Range 3 East; which territory was part of Van Buren Township.