Shawnee Prairie Preserve

Darke County Park District, Nature Education Center
St. Rt. 502, Greenville, OH

The Nature Center sign you will see when
heading west out of Greenville on 502. It is a little over a mile from town.
Closer view of the same sign.
View of the Center and parking area as seen when coming up the drive
Inside the building:
The door of our gathering place is marked with a red arrow to rear of the picture. Offices are on the right of the lower floor. Wheel chair access is to the left of the entryway (out of view of the camera).
A view of the large meeting room.
Another angle of the meeting room. The seating can be arranged any way that we want it. Additional tables are availabe.
More meeting room...
The kitchenette area with an opening for serving if we want to handle some items that way. Michael, get your crock pot out with that Darke County pot pie a cookin'!
Another view of the kitchenette with all the amenities of home.


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