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by Emma Beachler

I came across this letter or essay written by Emma Shultz Beachler. Many people will remember her delivering the Greenville newspaper to their door in Ansonia. As I pointed out this trait in her biography, she was always trying to help people out. Dale Motschman


     It was when I lived in Indiana. My neighbors had seven children, all girls. The mother was sad because she couldn't afford present's for them that year. I told her that I would get them all Christmas.

     I went home and told my husband, John, to take me to town because I was going to play Santa Claus for the neighbors children.

     We went to Greenville, Ohio, where I bought dolls for the two smallest children and some head scarf's for the others.

     They were so happy when I took them. Later when we moved away, one day I received a letter and a package in the mail. It was from the older girls. They thanked me again for the presents that year. They said that if it weren't for me they wouldn't have had a Christmas that year.

     I sat down and cried for joy and was glad I could help a nice family. I always try to find a family I can help and love. 


Contributor: Dale Motschman


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