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Arcanum, Twin Township, Darke County, Ohio 1857

Twin Township 1857


Business Directory of Arcanum, Darke Co., Ohio


Dry Goods Stores, Groceries and Grain Dealers  


S. D. Smith Lot 32, George Street Jesse J. Faramore?, Physician & Surgeon Lot 15, Main Street
J. Thomas & Son NW corner, Main & South Streets C. Bartling, Cabinet Wareroom? & Undertaker No. 15 George Street
Albright & Oliver NE corner, Main & South Streets Israel Steinmetz, Tailor Lot 19 George Street
John Smith Lot 30, George Street Henry Kester & Henry Glasmeir, Coopers Lot 3 North Street
J. F. Rosen NW corner, Main & George Streets George Lowe, Carpenter and Joiner 36 South Street
Sprecher & Bro. Grocery, Produce & Grain Dealers Lot 31 Samuel Garrett, Boot & Shoemaker Lot 19 George Street
American Hotel by John A. Baylor SW corner, South and High Streets D. B. Baker, Waggon & Carriage Maker Lot 5 ?
Voorhes, Shepherd & Bro. Steam Grist Mill and Distillery Main Street A. Deweese, Blacksmith NE corner George & Main Streets
  John Fleck, Carpenter & Joiner Lot 2 South Street

Boarding Houses

  P. Snodderly, Brick & Stone Mason Lot 1 South Street
S. C. Baker
John Fleck
Lot No. 1, Main Street S. B. Thomas, Carpenter & Joiner East end of South Street
P. Snodderly Lot No. 1, South Street James Battern Station Mgr. G. & M. R.R. Lot 5? on G. & M. R.R.
    Adam B. Steinmetz, Tailor Lot 19 George Street
    John C. Bowman, Mason & Brickmaker West end George Street
Residential Directory
  George Sprecher Lot 22 George St.   J. F. Rosen Lot 10 ? Addition  
Rev. W. J. Peck At the Parsonage
No. 3 South St.
Henry Kester Lot 9 ? Addition
S. D. Smith Lot 33 George St. John Bolen Lot 24 South St.
Edward Dougherty, Clerk Lot 15 George St. M. Floyd Lot 23 South St.
Nathaniel C. Bliss Lot 13 George St. James Battern Lot 16 George St.
Robert Shepherd Lot 9 Main St. D. B. Baker Lot 6 George St.
William Shepherd Lot 18 Main St.

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