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Index to 1857 Darke County, Ohio Wall Map

Many names are difficult to read and have spelling variations. In many cases 2 and 3 letter initials represent a business, for example: B. S. S. could be Blacksmith Shop, S. M. - Sawmill,  S. S. M. - Steam Sawmill, H. S. -Hardware Store or Harness Shop, B. S. M. - Boot and Shoe Maker.

Adams Allen Brown Butler
Franklin German Greenville Harrison
Jackson Mississinawa Monroe Neave
Patterson Richland Twin Van Buren
Wabash Washington Wayne York

Community Maps

Arcanum Beamsville Castine Dallas
Ft. Jefferson Gettysburgh Gordon Greenville
Hill Grove Hollandsburgh Ithaca New Harrison
New Madison Palestine Union City Versailles
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