Index to Darke County, Ohio Will Book B-2, 1845-1847

(Read from the indexes on the microfilm;
some entries incomplete or incorrect)

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The page numbers given are the beginning page of the will. There may be multiple pages. Ask for the entire record.

Baker, Henry042
Banta, Jacob062
Barber, Hollet003
Bartell, Frederick045
Baughman, Mary103
Beam, Jacob018
Bender, Francis065
Best, Elias094
Brawley, John038
Brown, Phillip006
Chalmers, John014
DeCamp, William027
Deal, Paul080
Earhart, George081
Edsall, Millicent005
Fligney, Frances105
Flory, Emanuel033
Gilbert, Elanor101
Gray, Catharin037
Green, Zachariah078
Hall, Amos064
Hardman, Sarah083
Harlan, Valentine040
Hartzell, John012
Haybarger, Leonard013
Hill, William031
Hindsley, John107
Jackson, John016
Jay, James068
Jones, Charles077
Kepner, Benjamin087
Kessler, Benjamin084
Kirby, Joseph022
Long, John K. (or R.)099
Mack, Elizabeth066
Martin, Christopher074
Messner/Mepner, Michael011
Moor, William023
Morrison, Aaron035
Nealigh, Henry020
Reed, Nancy015
Reed, Samual C.007
Renner, John026
Replogle, Phillip021
Ridenhour, Adam063
Rodabaugh, Peter072
Segment, John Martin034
Swartz/Schwartz, George025
Swisher, Henry079
Thompson, Daniel088
Thompson, Robt097
Wasson, David070
Wasson, Mary017
Weaver, Peter010
Westfall, William090
Wise, Jacob043
Wise, Sophia009

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