Index to Darke County, Ohio Will Book B-1, 1818-1838

(Read from the indexes on the microfilm;
some entries incomplete or incorrect)

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The page numbers given are the beginning page of the will.
There may be multiple pages. Ask for the entire record.
Note: Many entries below duplicate those in Book A-1

Adams, George080Adams, Elizabeth & William
Adams, Thomas109Adams, George
Berry, Thomas146Berry, Elizabeth
Blocker, Joseph156Blocker, Henry
Brandon, David143Brandon, Henry & Zimry
Brandon, John127Brandon, Jacob & Long, Stephen
Brandon, Walter092-------------
Brodrick, Solomon038Brodrick, Mary
Brown, Magdalen185Robinson, Samuel & ?Sthul, Michael
Bryan, Nathaniel L.123Byran, Mary E.
Campbell, Robert059Lambert, Jonathan
Carson, Thomas159Carson, Nancy & Putman, Ernestus
Caskey, John138Caskey, Dav
Cline, Fredrick102Cline, Hannah & Fox, Ambrose
Cox, Jacob022Cox, Jacob & Martin
Cox, John098Bepler, John B.
Croft, John144Boperman, Solomon
Crumrine, Michael042Crumrine, John & Harter, Peter
Davison, Josiah094Davison, Anna & Absalem
Death, John173Wagoner, Daniel (guardian)
Devor, John063Devor, Margaret
Duvall, Daniel135Duvall, Absalom & Harden
Fleming, Alexander085Martin, Christopher & Walker, John
Gray, Daniel017Gray, Jane & John M.
Gray, Joseph048Gray, Thomas & Kerr, William
Green, Isaac140Green, Andrew J. & Tillson, Luther
Hall, Solomon125Hall, Isaac C.
Harlan, Jacob165Harlan, James & Harman J.
Hershey, Nancy119Hershey, Jacob & Christian
Hittle, Nicholas181-------------
Holland, Isaac179Chenewoth, John
Huffman, Michael G.204-------------
Jay, Isaac161Oliver, Milton & Pearson, Allen
Jones, Thomas129Jones, Collin A. & Hasket, Thomas
Kettring, Martin071Eakins, Benjamin
Lanham, Philder G.211Judd, William B. & Marks, Nicholas
Marshall, Nicholas163Pillow, Jacob M.
Martin, Christopher Sr.001Martin, Christopher & William
McAnulty, James148McAnulty, Joseph & Elizabeth
McCluer, Alexander055McCluer, Thomas & Nancy
McCluer, Samuel005McCluer, Nathaniel S. & Samuel
McCon, Harrison210Briggs, David
Miller, John027Miller, Elizabeth & Jacob
Millet, John089Millet, Mary
Millet, John121Millet, Mary
Mortiad, William193Mortiad, Charity & Arnold George
Newkirk, Garret111Smith, Isaac R.
Noll, Henry Jr.183Noll, Henry Sr.
Oliver, William206Oliver, William R.
Potter, Hiram186Potter, Moses
Prentice, David191Brandon, John
Reeder, Mary106Hains, Job
Richardson, John169Jones, Asa
Robbins, Richard035Philips, Hezekiah
Roberts, Daniel117Roberts, Hannah & Wright, William
Robeson, David154Robeson, William
Rupell, William189Rupell, Anna
Rush, John009Rush, John
Rush, Peter013Rush, Mary & Asa
Sebring, Hugh171Fulkerth, Byrely, Pierce
Shank, Fredrick150McGriff, William
Sipes, William195Wharry, John
Smith, Jonathan132Smith, Jane
Stewart, William076Beck or Back, John & Walker, John
Swisher, John174Brandon, Henry S.
Taylor, Joseph177Taylor, Modest R.
Thomas, Daniel199Thomas, Charles & Love, David
Tillson, Luther052Tillson, Gerhsam P.
Townsend, Noah176-------------
Ullery, David152Ullery, Leonard
Westfall, John045Westfall, Jacob
Wiggins, John197Whiggins, Phillip & Putnam, Ernestus
Wilt, George030Wilt, Catharine & Daniel
Young, Matthew067Young, Anna
Yourus, Cornelius167Yourus, Jane & Morrison

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