Index to Darke County, Ohio Will Book A-1, 1818-1836

(Read from the indexes on the microfilm;
some entries incomplete or incorrect)

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The page numbers given are the beginning page of the will. There may be multiple pages. Ask for the entire record.

Adams, George104
Adams, Thomas131
Berry, Thomas168
Blocher, David178
Brandon, David164
Brandon, John151
Brandon, Magdelena206
Brandon, Walter116
Brodrick, Solomon044
Bryan, Nathaniel L.147
Campbell, Robert081
Carson, Thomas181
Cline, Fredrick125
Cox, Jacob024
Cox, John122
Croft, John166
Crumrine, Michael049
Davisson, Josiah118
Death, John194
Devor, John085
Duvall, Daniel159
Fleming, Alexander109
Gray, David020
Gray, Joseph057
Green, Isaac162
Hall, Samuel149
Harlan, Jacob186
Hershey, Nancy143
Hittle, Nicholas202
Holland, Isaac200
Huddle, Frederick238
Jay, Isaac182
Jones, Thomas153
Kettring, Martin094
Laurimore, Hugh191
Marshal, Nicholas184
Martin, Christopher Sr.001
Mastial, Wm.216
McAnully, James171
McClure, Alexander076
McClure, Samuel Sr.006
Miller, John030
Millet, John114
Millet, John145
Newkirk, Garrett132
Noll, Henry Jr.204
Potter, Hiram207
Prentice, David214
Reeder, Mary129
Richardson, John189
Roberts, Daniel140
Robeson, David176
Robins, Richard040
Rush, John Sr.011
Rush, Peter016
Russell, William212
Shank, Frederick172
Sipe, William218
Smith, Jonathan155
Stewart, William100
Swisher, John195
Taylor, Joseph198
Tillson, Luther072
Townsend, Noah197
Ulery, David174
Westfall, John053
Wiggens, John219
Wilt, George034
Young, Mathew090
Yourus/Yorus, Cornelious187

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