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Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 10:39:31 -0500 (EST)
From: Jane Torres <jetorres@indiana.edu>
To: Hugh Henning, Adele Corbin, Alan Albright, Bob Harter, Joe Bosserman, Joe Weber, Wally Garchow, Dan Wenger, Jack Wise
Subject; Darke Co., OH

Sunday was an interesting day. I received two new contacts from Darke Co. researchers (Hi Alan, Jack!). One was purely an accident as I had found him as a Lebanon Co. researcher on the WebSite for DeedMapper. As it turned out, he is a Darke Co. WISE researcher. 

So, while I was in the shower later that afternoon, it came to me that I should make a distribution list of the DCO researchers who I'm familiar with and send it out to everyone (I have some of my best ideas in the shower!). My mind temporarily went wild as I realized that I could even start a Majordomo DCO list if I wanted to. But that thought was tempered by the fact that I know some of us do not have the type of connections to be able to receive list-type mail.   Depending on your e-mail program, it will display the distribution list in the address area or only appear to have been sent to you, so I thought that I would share with you now who we are and (when I know) what we're interested in. If you know of other e-mail DCO researchers, let me know and I'll add them to the distribution list (Wally, would Jim Davis be interested?). For those who say that genealogy mostly a hobby of women, we have certainly proven them wrong! Of the ten on my list, eight are men! And, probably most of us regard our research in terminology other than "hobby." Obsession comes to my mind!

In alphabetical order (after all, I DO work in a library!):

Alan ALBRIGHT, of (guessing) Los Angeles, CA. 
Alan is one of the two new contacts made on Sunday.  He is searching the ALBRIGHT name of Twin twp. I found this especially interesting as that it the location of my HOUK and SHEPHERD lines and the ALBRIGHTs were closely tied to them. Alan has found a gold mine of information about his line in Joe Vance's book, "Philip and Anna Christina Clapp, Their Ancestors and Descendants" and even more in very recent correspondence with Joe. There seems to be lots of surname information in this book. I think I'll check it out!

Joe BOSSERMAN, of Covington, OH 
I later refer to Wally GARCHOW as a "seasoned" researcher, well Joe is a genealogical sage! He is intent on providing various methods of conveying his work and knowledge to others researching the Miami Valley area. Through his efforts the Miami Valley Genealogical-Computing Association (hope I didn't blow the name too badly) was born and has spawned the Miami Valley Genealogy Index, a searchable computer index  that has been mounted in several public facilities in the Miami Valley area. And, he has also just published the 1820 & 1830 census index for Darke Co. Thanks a bunch Joe!

Adele CORBIN, of Cincinnati, OH 
Adele, like me, works and has a family. She also, unlike me, is taking classes and she __still_ finds time to work on her genealogy. Her main family interests are in Wayne and Adams twps. The families are: WARD, TAYLOR, RADABAUGH, and CREVESON.

Wally GARCHOW, of Sacramento, CA 
Wally is a seasoned Darke Co. researcher who's main interest lies in the Versailles area. Wally has an excellent grasp of Darke Co. history and the families who resided there. He has the knack and being able to see the implications behind the data. Boy, do I envy that ability. I collect and collect, study and study, ponder and ponder, then often-times get nowhere. And, most importantly, he's become a good friend of mine.

Bob HARTER, of Durham, NH 
Bob was brought up in Darke Co. near Glen Karn (please correct me Bob if I'm wrong as I'm working from memory). He just informed me that he has his HARTER line completed back to the immigrant ancestor. He also has a line that may possibly tie in with one of my collateral/allied lines (ONKST) but we haven't confirmed that as of yet. Bob's research has centered around German twp.

Hugh HENNING, of Dayton, OH
Hugh is probably a cousin of mine although we haven't nailed that fact down yet. His G-Grandfather, Joseph HENNING, family, and mother ([Elisabeth) moved from Montgomery Co. OH to Darke Co. He's not been too active recently in research as he's quite involved with the new little sprout in-the-making of his own family tree. Becoming a first time Grandpa is evidently great fun!

Joe WEBER, of Bedford, IN
Joe is just down the road from me but we haven't met as yet. He like, Wally, is searching in the Versailles area for his French COUCHOT family. The families from that area appear to be quite interesting but I must admit, it's like stepping into another dimension when you leave the families of German descent and go just about 25 miles north and step into the French settlements.

Dan WENGER, of (guessing again) Santa Cruz, CA
It had been a while since I had corresponded with Dan until I caught up with him about a month ago. I was reading my Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society journal and saw that they were having the annual Wenger reunion. Made me think that perhaps Dan would be attending... As I read on I found that not only was Dan attending, he was presenting! Dan's WENGER family was located in Washington twp.

Jack WISE, of New Braunfels, TX
Sorry but I don't have too much information on Jack who was the other Sunday contact. I'm anxiously awaiting his correspondence on his WISE/WEISS Pa>Oh line in Darke Co. Just guessing, it sounds like a Brethren line to me.

Z-Me (Jane Torres, of Bloomington, IN) ("Z" so I could be last)
My area of interest is mainly in Washington and Jackson twp. Both sides of my paternal family came from PA (one stopped for a couple of decades in Mont. Co., OH) to Darke Co. and stayed. No further westward migration. One of my maternal lines, HOUK/SHEPHERD, were found in the Arcanum area, and the another is a strong Quaker line (ALLEN) which ties into the MENDENHALL family. My greatest genealogical skill seems to lie in the procurement of Darke Co. resource material. I hate to think of the money I have spent on books! The name I'm eternally chasing is HENNING. Know about any?

Just thought it would be interesting to share some information on others who are poking around in Darke Co. I know of several other Darke Co. researchers who are not on-line, and one who is on the verge of being on-line. If and when Michael RECK of Dayton, OH (another DCO researcher with several lines in our county) comes on-line, I'll let you all know. If you know of anyone else to add to this list, let me know and we can have sort of a DCO Clearinghouse of Researchers!

Now, for the fine print... If you would all just send me a $100 bill... JUST KIDDING!!!! Seriously, I tentatively announce that I'm going to Greenville this weekend (weather permitting) and plan to be at Garst Museum on Saturday. They are only open from 1-4 so my time will be short. If you have anything that you would like for me to get photocopied (hopefully the machine will be in-service and Vern available) or look up, let me know. Please be minimal with your requests as I'm hoping to get some of my own research done. If your request is too involved, perhaps I can leave it with Vern...  Let me know!

Must close now. If you have any thoughts on how this distribution list could benefit us as researchers with a common interest, please share them.

Take Care, Jane Barr Torres

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