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Cemetery Names List
Alphabetical listing of cemetery names

Index books by Anita Short & Ruth Bowers 1968

Cemetery Other Names Active Location Lat/Long Book Page
Beech Grove   No SE¼ of Sec.2 on west side of SR503 just north of Hollansburg-Arcanum Rd. 395924N
1 1
Castine (New)
Spencer & Stephens Book available for purchase
Yes At east edge of Castine on SR722 north line of Sec.35 T10 R2e 395548N
1 2
Castine (Old)
Spencer & Stephens Book available for purchase
No East side of US127 just north of Castine in Sec.26, No lane, can be seen from highway in winter 395618N
1 14
Harter   No Northeast of New Madison on SR121 SE1/4 Sec. 7 395829N
1 51
Mills Foutz No West side of Weaver's Station Road Sec.5  395941N
1 88
Otterbein   Yes NW corner of Sec. 28 at Otterbein-Ithaca Rd. and Preble County-Butler Twp. Rd. 395642N
1 120
Railroad   No US127 just north of Darke-Preble county line in Sec.35 395506N
1 129
Wilt   No Southeast of New Madison on SR726 (Eldorado Pike)  395655N
1 129

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