The Joh. Georg and Eva Harter Family

250 years in the United States

compiled by Robert D. Harter

We think that Georg Harter was from the Frankfort, Germany, area, and that he arrived in Philadelphia in September, 1749. In 1769 we pick him up in the Fredrick County, Maryland, church records, where he appears with wife and children. From there the family moved to Franklin County, Virginia, about 1792. Finally the children migrated to Darke and Preble Counties between about 1805 and 1817. Descendants are now scattered throughout the US. Continuing the work of Byron Harter, I have attempted to identify as many of these descendants as possible. I have now (Feb. 2006) published Byron and my collection in a two volume set of over 1000 pages containing over 22,000 names. Many familiar Darke County names are included among the list. The work is extensively documented and thoroughly indexed. You can find a complete list of included names at:

The two volume set is available from Masthof Press, Morgantown, PA, for $88 plus shipping. Masthof can be contacted by email at or their phone number is 610-286-0258.

I am also making the book available on CD in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader format. The cost for the CD is $30, shipping included. You can order through PayPal or contact me (rharter at for my current mailing address if ordering by check.

Bob Harter