The Posterity of John Philip and Maria Barbara Fernsler (Farnsler, Fensler, Fansler)
Compiled by Clerice Z. Fisher and Ronald E. Fernsler

This text covers the ancestry and descendants of Philip Fernsler, who was born in Zttlingen, Germany in 1704, and arrived in Philadelphia in 1727.  He married Maria Barbara Georg in 1731. Some of their descendants spell the
name Farnsler, Fensler or Fansler.

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The book, which is fully indexed, contains 1104 pages, and 96 photographs, with biographical sketches on each family member we were able to trace.  Some of the female lines included in the book include the surnames: Barlett, Case, Comins, Davidson, Frick, Geib, Hoover, Imboden, Keesbury, Keifer, Krall, Kreps, Lisle, Ludwig, Marshall, Martin, Miller, Moore, Moyer, Nafzger, Poorman, Reist, Ristenbatt, Rohland, Shanaman, Smith, Snyder, Spohn, Stager, Stephens, Tharp, Walters, Williams, Zehrbach, and many more.

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Our plan has always been to sell the book at printing costs, so we are asking for paid in advance orders (checks will not be cashed until we have received the books). We feel this will be the least expensive way to make the family history available to you in a quality, long life book.

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