Darke County Photographic Cemetery Readings
Compiled, Photographed, and Indexed
by Roger Spencer & Rebecca (Houdeshell) Stephens

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Holsapple Cemetery
Darke County, Ohio

Please Note: Photographs of the stones in the books are grayscale, not color photos.  The above photographs are color for easier online viewing.  Newer books do have color covers.

Book #8 - The 13th cemetery to be read in the series of photographic readings done by Spencer & Stephens and the second cemetery to have been completed in Wabash Township, Darke County, Ohio is Holsapple Cemetery [see also Shooks and Rismiller, etc.]. This 8th publication in their ongoing endeavor contains approximately 515 pictures of stones and cemetery views. Surnames with 5 or more burials: AINSWORTH, ARNETT, ARNOLD, BIRT, BROWDER, COLE, COTTRELL, DUNWOODY, EDSALL, FORD, FOSTER, FRIEND, GIBSON, GILBERT, GARRISON, HARDMAN, HARTZELL, HOLSAPPLPE, JENKINS, JONES, KERNS, McCABE, McCLANNAN, McDOWELL, McGLINCH, METZCAR, MILLER, NEAL, NORRIS, PATTON, PEPPLE, RICHARDSON, ROSE, SEBRING, SHANER, SHARP, SHERRETS, SINK, SMITH, SNYDER, STARR, SUPINGER, and WAGGONER.

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