Darke County Photographic Cemetery Readings
Compiled, Photographed, and Indexed
by Roger Spencer & Rebecca (Houdeshell) Stephens

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Brock (New), Kershner, Old Brock aka Boyd, Scheidler Cemeteries
York Township, Darke County, Ohio

Please Note: Photographs of the stones in the books are grayscale, not color photos.  The above photographs are color for easier online viewing.  Newer books do have color covers.

Book #25 is the 3rd and final book completed for 2008 in the Spencer & Stephens Photographic Cemetery Readings. This final book of the year focused on the 4 cemeteries in York Township, Darke County, Ohio -- Brock, Old Brock aka Boyd, Kershner and Scheidler. Brock cemetery was the largest cemetery we have documented in a number of years. The surnames with three or more burials are: ALEXANDER, ALLISON, ANDREWS, ARMSTRONG, ARNETT, ARY, BAILEY, BANKS, BARGA, BARNES, BERNHOLT, BERTRAM, BIRMAN, BLACK, BLAKELEY, BOYD, BRAND, BRANDT, BRINING, BROWN, BURNS, CARTER, CLARKSON, COHEE, COONS, COPPESS, COTTRELL, DAVIS, DERR, DERSHEM, DICKEY, DRAKE, DUNWOODY, EWASTRIDGE, EMRICK, FIDLER, FIELDS, FRANTZ, FROEBE, GARRISON, GAVIT, GIBBONS, GILBERT, GILMORE, HAGEDORN, HARBISON, HARPEST, HARTZELL, HATHAWAY, HESS, HOBBS, HODGE, HOLSAPPLE, HOWARD, HOWE, ISENHOUER, JENKINSON, JOHNSON, JONES, KARN, KERSHNER, KIMBLE, LAMBERT, LAMY, LANICH, LEHMAN, LONGCRICK, LYONS, MARKER, MARTIN, MCCLURG, MCGLINCH, MEEDS, MEYER, MICHAEL, MILLER, MOSES, MUNN, MYERS, NEARGARDERN, NISONGER, NOTTINGHAM, OLIVER, OLLMETZER, PEPPLE, PLESSINGER, REDINBAUGH, REHMERT, RHOADES, RIEGEL, ROLL, RUE, SCHLECHTY, SCHLIMMER, SCHUMACHER, SEIBER, SELANDER, SHAFER, SHEETS, SHEPHERD, SHERRY, SHIMP, SHIVERDECKER, SILVERS, SINK, SMITH, SNYDER, SONDAY, SPENCER, STAMM, STANTON, STARR, SUPINGER, SWALLOW, TAYLOR, TEGTMEYER, THOBE, UTZ, VANDEGRIFT, WALLACE, WARNER, WEAVER, WENTWORTH, SHITED, WINBIGLER, WOODS, YORK and YOUNT.  The surnames in Old Brock aka Boyd Cemetery with three or more burials were: ARNETT, BEEMER, BOYD, BURNS, FAEHL, FORT, MEDFORD, MILLER, STONER, and WENTWORTH. The surnames in Kershner Cemetery having three or more burials were only of KERSHNER individuals. Scheidler Cemetery had only one single stone and that individual was a SCHEIDLER. This book contains over 1,200 pictures of headstones and cemetery views and has 318 pages.

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