1919 Finfrock Family Reunion left third of photo

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1.33. 81. Louis Everett Lott (son of Harriett Risser/Samuel A. Lott)
3.35. Thad Barr (husb. of Pearl Henning Barr)83.
4.36. Mary Elizabeth Barr (dau. of Glen & Orpha Barr)84.
25.73. 89.
26.74. 90. Minnie Henning Shockney (dau. of Elizabeth Finfrock Henning)
27. Matilda Finfrock Risser Stephens (dau. of George Henry Finforck/Anna Mary Bowersox)75. 91. Pearl Henning Barr (dau. of Elizabeth Finfrock Henning)
28.76. Samuel A. Lott (husb. of Harriett Risser Lott)92. Glen G. Barr (son of Pearl Henning/Thad Barr)
29. Harriett Risser Lott (dau. of Matilda Finfrock/Jacob Risser) 77. Clara Stephens Rhoades (dau. of Matilda Finfrock/John Stephens)93. Harry Belmont Shockney (husb. of Minnie Henning Shockney)
30.78.??maybe Bonney Louise Lott (dau. of Harriett Risser/Samuel Lott)94. Orpha Swallow Barr (wife of Glen G. Barr)
32.80. Mamie Olive Lott?/Myrtle Ray Lott? (wife of Louis E. Lott) 

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