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Sarah (Ashley) Markwith

This is a photo of Sarah (Ashley) Markwith's tombstone, first wife of James Jones Markwith, son of pioneer John Markwith of Greenville.
She was the daughter of Alanson Ashley and Jane Bolton.

She was born Mar 21, 1821 In DeLisle Darke County Ohio. She married James Jones Markwith on April 1,1838 In Ithaca, Ohio. She died on the 23rd of November 1846...at age 25 years. . She was survived by her only son, the Rev. Morrison Muckridge Markwith, born on the 29th August 1839 at Ft. Jefferson, Darke County Ohio.

She lost two infant daughters.\Elizabeth born Nov. 7, 1841 who died April 7, 1843 and Mary Jane, born Oct 11, 1844 and died Apr 22, 1847.

I am the great-great grand-daughter of Morrison M. Markwith. His daughter, Sarah Catherine Markwith Schubert was my great-grandmother.

Vicky Schubert Krogg