History of the Lineage Families of Darke County, Ohio

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The Pioneer and First Families of Darke County, Ohio program was initiated by the Darke County Genealogical Society as an out growth of a similar program at state level. Early supporters were Lois Baker, Regina and Ruth Schieltz, Shirley Hughes, Alice Huffman, Doris Aultman and other.

Organization meetings were held in conjunction with Society meetings, and Toni Seiler was pressed into service (in addition to her duties as Director of Garst Museum) to formalize the program based on guidelines agreed to by the Society.

Additionally, the program was to fall within the values which determined the operation of First Families of Ohio, a program of the Ohio Genealogical Society. 

The county program was formally organized in 1986 and the initial response was so great that two induction ceremonies were held in 1987, the first on March 15 and the other on December 13.

The year 2000 seen the creation of two new Lineage Family categories, Civil War Ancestor(s) and Century Ancestor(s).